Preview & Chat: The Philadelphia 76ers

Kurt —  March 9, 2007

The Kobe question. With the roster around him depleted and inconsistent, how long does he continue to show the trust in his teammates as he has all season? How long before he reverts to last season’s Kobe just to win games? I don’t really have an answer for that, but Phil Jackson has said Kobe is frustrated right now and I feel soon things could boil over into him just dominating the ball and the game. At least for a little while.

Kobe and Obama. I didn’t know what to say about Kobe suspension and the general population and media reaction to it, but one of my favorite bloggers, Bethlehem Shoals, did and made some very interesting observations. Shoals brings a different and intelligent perspective to seemingly everything he touches.

Kobe is back tonight. And I would think he’ll be motivated, what with the suspension and the boos he always hears in Philly. And last meeting between these two (Dec. 31) Kobe dropped 35 and shot 75% (eFG%). So it could be a big night for him.

Future Lakers? If you didn’t catch Jonesonthenba’s comment on the draft (and the reaction to it) in the comments of the last post, please do. He’s higher on the UNC kid than I am, but it’s some great stuff.

Oden? We don’t need no stinkin’ Oden. When Allan Iverson was shipped out to the thin air, I imagine a lot of Sixers fans were thinking they were prime for the Oden/Durant sweepstakes. But a funny thing happened on the way to lottery — the Sixers started playing well.

Philly has won 6 of their last 10, five in a row. Right now they would have the sixth pick overall, and they are losing more ping-pong balls every day.

It’s still AI’s team. It is just now that is Andre Iguodala. He is averaging 20 points and 7 rebounds a game the last 10. The good news is he’s not doing it very efficiently, shooting just 43.75% (eFG%) and 27% from three. The book on Iguodala is pretty simple — he’s a beast at the basket but force him to shoot jump shots and he struggles.

The other Sixers to watch. One of the reasons for the spurt of good play from the Sixers is Andre Miller, who is has always been a good floor general but has been shooting better of late. In the last 10 games he is shooting 53.8%, which is about 6% higher than he was for the first 26 games in Philly. To defend him, push him left.

Then there is Kyle Korver, who the Lakers oddly left wide open too much in the last meeting so he scored 29. Korver can drain the three (45% on the season, 49% in the last 10 games) and the Lakers just can’t help off him (and then not rotate fast).

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  1. Wow, who would have thought that we as Laker fans would be rooting for Kobe to go back to being selfish. Kinda weird. We were so happy for him for becoming a complete player but right now, its in the best interest of the team if he comes out and scores 40 in the first half and gets everybody amped. We can not afford to lose today. Must Win. We don’t want to go into the Dallas game on a 5 game losing streak.

    However, I think we’re only a win tonight and an upset win on sunday away from having everything straightened out again.

    But I really don’t see us winning both games unless Kobe gets into one of those modes where the game is completely his and theres nothing anybody on either team can do to stop it.


  2. Teams are starting to have to double Iguodala. And you left Sam Dalembert off your list, he’s been a beast on the boards had 20 last game. The Lakers are in trouble tonight.


  3. This game worries me, too. something about teams like Philly and the NOOCH really get to me. They both have scrappy young players who fight for rebounds and good point guard play. Plus, AI can man up on Kobe enough to keep Kobe from destroying the Sixers.

    I will remain cautiously optimistic we’ll pull it out. eventually, a sense of desperation needs to set in with this team that time is running out to start coming back together again. Time to start playing balls out basketball. Can’t do anything about these injuries. that Suns team last year only had 7 people getting time in the playoffs and they kept their chemistry intact for a deep playoff run.

    Any word on Luke now? what about Ronny?


  4. The tape delay is KILLING ME!


  5. Its funny – you have Steve Kerr saying the Lakers are practically world-beaters odds on favorites to upset the likes of Dallas or Phoenix. And then you have this fan (and many others I’ve been reading)…essentially giving up on the team. Bi-polar stuff..


  6. To go with every joke that will occur this weekend: Imagine the image of Kobe kicking Andre into an endless well all the while proclaiming, “This is BASKETBALL!”

    Perhaps he should save that for Nash in the playoffs if he wants to revisit his monstrous dunk he did on him in Game 2.


  7. speaking of bi-polar – did you see that game tonight?

    I don’t think any of us are giving up on the Lakers this year. There was something built-up in all of us by our 26-13 start that has been damaged badly. It’s easy to blame it all on injuries, but the bloggers here are on their shit and watch most if not all games. It’s tough for us to sit and watch the lack of effort on the defensive end and not get frustrated.

    We all know the Lakers can make some noise in the playoffs, but we can’t stumble into them like this. Have you seen our record since January 18th? It’s something like 7-17. how can we not freak out?


  8. I’m two seconds away from giving up. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I have NO WHERE near the energy or desire to run home and see the games like I did early on in the season.


  9. This is a time for analysis. Here’s one fan’s views:

    1. Thank God for Kwame!
    2. Thank God for the Vets!
    3. Brian Cook is playing his heart out.
    4. This may be Kobe’s best year as a player in the NBA
    5. The Laker coaches are not flexible thinkers. Will reality help open up thier minds?

    Starting Cook and Smush together makes no sense.

    Smush’s defensive turnstyle can get any BIG into foul trouble–and Cook is not that quick.

    Starting Shammond could give the Lakers a lift.

    They let the Smusher finish the game tonight again with predictable Smusher results. Example: just after a Laker last gasp run, the Smusher missed a driving layup badly and then compounded it when he fouled the rebounder out of frustration. Nail in coffin.

    The point guard who looks the best during this debacle is Jordan Farmar. Can’t blame him.

    I don’t think anyone (except possibly Phil) believes that Jordan’s “rookie mistakes” could make things any worse than “Smusher magic.”



    Go ahead Stu/Stern, get your little BSPN friends to further ruin Kobe’s image…


  11. 5. Laker fans are not giving up on this team. We are very frustrated. This team as currently constructed was not going to the Finals, but it’s not this bad either.


  12. Check those elbows Kobe. Keep it up.


  13. ca-born
    What’s that video? The link doesn’t seem to work right.


  14. Kobe keeps pickin on the white boys of the NBA 🙂

    throwing a bow to Korver’s grill after saying you are not a dirty player probably won’t do anything but add fuel to the fire for all the Kobe-haters of the world. He’s gotta be more careful of this.