The Kevin Garnett Blogger Derby

Kurt —  March 12, 2007

What would, or should, the Lakers offer to get KG?

It’s a question the Lakers could face this summer, because it’s not hard to see Garnett finally going to management and asking out. I still doubt he does it, but it could happen.

So, what would you give up? I’m asking because this blog has joined a little contest — along with Jeff from Celtics Blog and Matt from Blog-a-Bull — to come up with the best offer we can then compare it to offers from the most mentioned contenders in the hypothetical bidding war. We have to have answer by Thursday then Henry Abbot from True Hoop (and his commenters) will weigh in with a decision on Friday.

(Yes, I know what this blog is about is less speculation and more analysis, but two things swayed me: 1) breaking down the beat up Lakers of the last few weeks is not much fun [even if the Lakers are getting Odom and Walton back Thursday]; 2) this sounded like fun.)

So, I’m looking for a little help with what the Lakers should offer up (and they have to be legitimate offers that clear the trade checker). There’s no doubt that Lamar Odom would be at the heart of the deal, it’s hard to let him go but for KG it’s part of the price.

The real question is: What about Bynum? The same question from the trade deadline. Even Kevin McHale is going to ask for him, maybe make him a requirement. Throw him in and the chances of the deal happening go up exponentially. But remember to think long term — without Bynum the Lakers are built for the next four years only, the window is open and we should be serious title contenders (if the right role players can be found to fit around the big two). But after that it will be like the Bulls just after the Jordan era — four or five years of the lottery, a complete and total rebuild.

Could we make a deal work with Odom, a sign-and-trade for Walton and someone else (Cook, maybe Sasha). Do you need Walton to make KG and Kobe work together? What about other ideas?

Here is my proposal, as a starting point:

Lamar Odom
Kwame Brown (and his expiring $9 million contract to help with the rebuild)
Brian Cook

Is that the best we can do? Put up suggestions and tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll put some of the options into the polling area to the right, and everyone can vote. I’ll post the official offer up on Thursday.

Let’s have some fun, we deserve it right now.

The poll is up on the right, with DrRayEye’s suggestion just added. So vote and vote often, just like this was a Chicago Alderman election.