Preview and Chat: The Denver Nuggets

Kurt —  March 15, 2007

Hard drive crashes suck

I had a preview ready to go for tonight’s matchup, complete with numbers and some analysis that I thought was pretty good, but it now lives in a limbo land (the same with the final on the KG trade ideas, but that will be up later tonight).

Anyway, what the story said is that Iverson is scoring at about the same pace he was at in Philly, but he is shooting a little high percentage. While Carmelo has gotten some bad national press, his numbers seem to be about the same as well. And Camby has been thriving.

For the Lakers, we could see the old starting lineup of Smush, Kobe, Walton, Odom and Kwame back tonight, which would be a welcome sight. Cook is out because, well, only one power forward at a time on the Laker roster.

I hope the days of frustration will start to fade for Laker fans. That said, Smush is still the starting point and that made Goo wax poetic in the comments (and sing this to yourself as a Christmas classic):

You can just shoot
Or you can just drive
Your points will follow suit
I’m telling you why
Smush Parker is coming to town
He’ll lunge for a steal
Or get caught in a screen
Watching him play defense
Makes me lunge for morphine
Smush Parker is coming to town
He watches when you’re shooting
Though he’s 15 feet away
He hacks at every shot you take
So just try a few pump fakes!
O! Just wait till he pouts
Then you can just blow by
Tell your mom to watch the game
Cause you’ll score a career high
Smush Parker is coming to town!

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  1. chris henderson March 15, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    wonder of Lamar and Luke will start, or come in off the bench. on one hand, it would seem better to have them start since they are coming off pre-game warm ups. on the other hand, they might be better off coming in after observing a while…
    either way, I am excited to see the team getting back to full strength, having options at least, instead of only plying who has the least fouls, or showed up on time for practice, etc…
    big game tonight, I hope to see the team know how important it is and show up to play! seriously, time to get it going.


  2. At least that 1st quarter was fun, watching the team on offense. It looked like the days of yore, where offense was easy. I don’t know what happened after.


  3. Goo inspired me to come up with a Nugget specific Christmas parody:

    Top of the key–watch Camby pause
    Here comes dear old Smushaclaus
    Down to the basket with lots of joy
    AI rewards Karl’s playoff ploy

    Ho ho ho
    Who wouldn’t go?
    Ho ho ho
    Who wouldn’t go?
    With the Smusher at point guard set that pick
    then score score score
    you can do it quick

    I posted that before the game.

    Additional verses

    Set up those dishes ’cause Kleiza is swell
    Make sure that Anthony scores as well
    Play defense close so that it might be
    That the Lakers hardly ever will score a three

    Ho ho ho
    Who wouldn’t go?
    Ho ho ho
    Who wouldn’t go?
    Though Laker inside guys might force a dish
    It will help Denver make another swish

    Odom and Walton made us laugh
    Until they started the second half
    Did they forget defense or the pass
    Or did they merely run out of gas?

    Ho, ho, ho
    It’s time to go
    Ho, ho, ho
    It’s time to go
    See if we can build on our first half “O”
    and remind the Lakers where they must go


  4. Dan,

    What happened after the first quarter is that Smush’s errant passes startted to accumulate and we lost all offensive rhythm.


  5. As hard as it is getting to be optimistic… I’m still gonna try.
    I saw some hope in the first half. Yeah, we ran completely out of gas at halftime and lost the game badly, but the first half showed me that when we have our “real” starting lineup with our role players in their actual roles, we can be really good. Give our current lineup a few weeks to get into shape and into a rhythm and its on the playoffs! …. well assuming we don’t fall out of the playoffs with this landslide of a losing streak