Preview and Chat: The Denver Nuggets

Kurt —  March 15, 2007

Hard drive crashes suck

I had a preview ready to go for tonight’s matchup, complete with numbers and some analysis that I thought was pretty good, but it now lives in a limbo land (the same with the final on the KG trade ideas, but that will be up later tonight).

Anyway, what the story said is that Iverson is scoring at about the same pace he was at in Philly, but he is shooting a little high percentage. While Carmelo has gotten some bad national press, his numbers seem to be about the same as well. And Camby has been thriving.

For the Lakers, we could see the old starting lineup of Smush, Kobe, Walton, Odom and Kwame back tonight, which would be a welcome sight. Cook is out because, well, only one power forward at a time on the Laker roster.

I hope the days of frustration will start to fade for Laker fans. That said, Smush is still the starting point and that made Goo wax poetic in the comments (and sing this to yourself as a Christmas classic):

You can just shoot
Or you can just drive
Your points will follow suit
I’m telling you why
Smush Parker is coming to town
He’ll lunge for a steal
Or get caught in a screen
Watching him play defense
Makes me lunge for morphine
Smush Parker is coming to town
He watches when you’re shooting
Though he’s 15 feet away
He hacks at every shot you take
So just try a few pump fakes!
O! Just wait till he pouts
Then you can just blow by
Tell your mom to watch the game
Cause you’ll score a career high
Smush Parker is coming to town!