65 To Enjoy

Kurt —  March 17, 2007

Kobe had the kind of performance you just need to sit back and watch a few times.



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  1. And this doesn’t even include his best shot of the night, the half-courter while fouled by Roy that was waived off.

  2. He makes it look so easy.

  3. Man, so many Kobe-haters out there still talking shit about this guy, even after last night. Unbelievable. Check the blogs and ESPN message boards. Guy gets roasted for anything he does.

    Truly a night i won’t forget. This one and that 30 point 3rd quarter against Utah were my favorites this year. I love how he was being double-teamed off the inbounds play in OT. Stu couldn’t help but crack up when he saw the guy guarding the passer leave to find kobe.

    I’ll be watching this clip many times.

    I know there are permanent issues for this Laker squad, but I am going to sit back and enjoy that performance for a little bit without any negativity brewing.

  4. That was beautiful! This is why we keep watching and don’t lose hope

  5. In the LA Times today, Michael Cooper is quoted as saying the only decent defenders on the team are Luke Walton and Smush Parker.

  6. It seems impossible, but sometimes I take Kobe for granted. In the midst of the Lakers’ recent woes, I forgot. I forgot how lucky I am to watch this guy night-in night-out. I forgot the thrill of him making shots other players wouldn’t even attempt. And I forgot that in 20 years times I’ll be telling my kid, “Kobe’s game was a work of art. That’s why they’re retiring both his numbers.”