A Wonder to Watch

Kurt —  March 24, 2007

Kobe’s streak hits four, and (as ESPN’s Marc Stein said [insider]) with Golden State and Memphis up next, the streak could reach six.Forget the defense (the Lakers have), Kobe’s amazing play is simply one of those times we should sit back and be amazed. This is fun to watch.

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  1. chris henderson March 24, 2007 at 11:11 am

    what’s even more amazing, didn’t these last 2 games come on a “back to back” on the road?
    it really is exciting, streaks are the one thing that brings in even non-fans of a game to watch, no matter what sport, if it’s a team or individual, the pressure mounts as the streak lengthens, more drama, bigger audience.
    so that means Sunday against GS, all eyes will be on Kobe’s streak, not the Lakers streak, that’s no where near as impressive.
    it certainly is fun to watch, and exciting, nervous, anxious, all of the above, and we real laker fans also want the team to continue to win, so how do we feel about the “streak”? hmmm???…
    we know as b-ball fans it’s probably not the best thing for the team, but one the other hand, 4 wins in a row, and ending the season strong can’t be bad.

    what we are seeing is an athelete in his absolute prime, this may be the only time he is able to push beyond the body’s normal limits and keep it going without paying dire consequences eventually.
    so we might as well sit back and enjoy it, and not take for granted as we enjoy it, that this is history in the making, could be something folks talk about for years to come. it’s national news today, if he keeps it going, it’ll become international news.
    the other amazing thing to me is that he’s finding a way to get these points within the Lakers offense, no ballhogging, or playing for the record, it seems like he is very aware that he is under the public scrutiny, the always critical audience where Kobe can do nothing right, even they can’t come out against him at this time in his historic run. it’s all just friggin’ … amazing!
    words can’t describe it.


  2. chris henderson March 24, 2007 at 11:25 am

    …and another thing, Kobe is doing this now with teams knowing he’s going for 50, and they don’t want it to happen against them…notice how many times the Hornets had 3 guys chasing him all over the floor?
    we know GS is going to try to “lock him down”. they want to be the team that “stopped the streak” as the Hornets wanted, tried and failed to do.
    it’s hard enough to be able to score 50 within the team’s offense, then add to that the pressure of a streak that has everyone’s attention, the pressure that every shot has to count, every minute on the floor has to count, then add to that that the opposing team will do everything in their power to shut you down…
    well, that’s what I call, “against all odds”.


  3. I dont really care if Kobe pursue the record

    I know that GS will triple-team him
    lamar, luke and smush know that too
    so they better get ready to shoot.

    as they start hitting the open shots kobe will have the floor spread and will hit the 50’s again.

    too optimistic?
    maybe, but when kobe is that hot anything’s possible


  4. Let’s just shoot for 5 in a row, then 6. Wins, I mean. Kobe layed down the bridge, it’s time for the team walk across it.

    I was gonna say “lay down the bricks”, but Kobe isn’t laying too many bricks these days.

    getting up to 37-32 is crucial. We gotta keep this momentum, though. Last year, our team gelled with 15 games to go and it seemed a bit more organic. Right now, it seems a little forced. But one thing is for sure, Kobe got Lamar and Kwame’s confidence back up. That probably is the key to all of this. Everyone’s standards just shot right back up due to this absolute tear he has been on. Very reminiscent of that 40+ streak he had in 2003.

    Beautiful stuff, it really is.


  5. With the way GS runs there should be plenty of possessions for Kobe to get to 50. The problem is they are really hot right now, and can put up 120-130 pretty easily, if the Lakers continue with the no defense approach everyone better be hot.


  6. The good news is that even if Kobe is from another planet, he’s the “ringer” that plays for the Lakers. The bad news is that our Laker team is very poor at protecting his artistry. We sometimes need every point if we are to win–and sometimes we lose anyway.

    It’s very hard not to compare with UCLA in the NCAA’s. Their “Kobe,” Aaron Afflalo, is supported, and his scores are so well protected, that UCLA has been able to win even when Afflalo doesn’t have the magic touch. When Afflalo was “on” against Kansas today, UCLA preserved his scores in a second half lead–and closed the game out with a significant victory margin.

    A Laker team that did the same for Kobe would be truly awesome.


  7. Cary D makes a good point about Lamar’s confidence. LO has quietly been having some solid offensive games (averaging about 17/11/6 over the last 4), and it helps that Kobe has been drawing all the attention of not only the opposing players, but of the media as well. The real test, of course, will be whether Lamar can keep it going when — if — Kobe comes back to Earth.