NCAA Finals thread

Kurt —  April 2, 2007

If the Lakers had their choice of any players in tonight’s game to join the team next year, my two top choices would go to Ohio State players — Greg Oden (sorry Drew) and Mike Conley.

But basketball remains a team game, and Florida not only has four starters with NBA talent but they play well as a team. The whole is better than the sum of their parts. They pass well, find the open man and rotate well on defense. They can beat you any number of ways, but it starts with the fact they shoot well — 59.1% on two pointers over the course of the season. If Oden’s shot blocking can change that, Ohio State has a chance.

But I don’t think he can, Florida will make the extra pass and find the open man. Which is why I’ll take the Gators to pull away in the second half and win handily.

But then again, I’m coming in third in my office pool behind a guy who cares more about any Chelsea midfielder than the entire NCAA field, so take it with a grain of salt.