Here comes the Suns

Kurt —  April 16, 2007

And I say it’s all right.

Things look a little brighter after a win where Kwame Brown was back anchoring the middle and ended up +17, and Jordan Farmar got the start and was a team best +18. Kobe scored 50 but shot an incredibly efficient 78% (eFG%). The second-unit showed the potential of being that game-changing energy unit of the bench that teams could not match. Most importantly, the ball movement was back in the offense. It looked fun again.

Now take a deep breath. That win was against a team that is going to have a lot of ping pong balls in a few weeks, and was without its best player and other key parts. And the Sonics still shot 54.7% (eFG%) for the game and 50% from three. However, after the last few games I’d take any win. And not having to sweat out the game against Sacramento (which knocked off the Clippers yesterday) is a big relief.

The short- and long-term questions about this team and its makeup remain, but that can all wait. For today, the Lakers looked good last night and the playoffs are on the horizon.

After the last month, Laker fans deserve one day to relax in the sun. Tomorrow, we can start worrying about the Suns (or maybe the Mavs).