Here comes the Suns

Kurt —  April 16, 2007

And I say it’s all right.

Things look a little brighter after a win where Kwame Brown was back anchoring the middle and ended up +17, and Jordan Farmar got the start and was a team best +18. Kobe scored 50 but shot an incredibly efficient 78% (eFG%). The second-unit showed the potential of being that game-changing energy unit of the bench that teams could not match. Most importantly, the ball movement was back in the offense. It looked fun again.

Now take a deep breath. That win was against a team that is going to have a lot of ping pong balls in a few weeks, and was without its best player and other key parts. And the Sonics still shot 54.7% (eFG%) for the game and 50% from three. However, after the last few games I’d take any win. And not having to sweat out the game against Sacramento (which knocked off the Clippers yesterday) is a big relief.

The short- and long-term questions about this team and its makeup remain, but that can all wait. For today, the Lakers looked good last night and the playoffs are on the horizon.

After the last month, Laker fans deserve one day to relax in the sun. Tomorrow, we can start worrying about the Suns (or maybe the Mavs).

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  1. It always feels good to win, and it always feels good when it’s the Sonics on the losing end. Maybe I just have leftover bad feelings toward Karl, Payton, Schrempf, and Kemp, I dunno.

    Can we talk a little bit about Joey Crawford? Did he lose his marbles completely?


  2. I only saw the highlights, but that Joey Crawford thing seems to be nuts. If this were some rookie jawing from the bench, but Tim Duncan? He’s not exactly Rasheed Wallace.


  3. All the ‘pundits’ seem to be taking Tim Duncan’s side in this thing. So, naturally, I wonder what exactly did Tim do? Players can get under officials skin by being very devious and indirect. Joey Crawford has a reputation for a very short fuse. I don’t put it past Duncan to make some off handed remark for the first ‘T’. Then I noticed he just kept smiling in a way that said, “You dumb a**, you couldn’t see your mother if she were in front of you.” This smile came back on his face each time at a point where a free throw was missed or some other event.

    I can see Crawford continuously looking over and seeing Tim just grinning at him repeatedly.

    In a group of people with highly developed ‘I’m offended’ antenna, I have seen this type of expression start a fight. I just assumed this is what happened.

    After listening to all the media types jump on Crawford – and being a real media lover myself – I just jumped at the chance to defend the guy.


  4. Here is an interesting exchange from the Dallas bloggers:

    MOK: Would the Mavs rather play the Warriors or Lakers in the first round – considering their record in LA over the years?

    EDDIE SEFKO: Neither one of them sounds like a “reward” for winning the No. 1 seed, do they? No matter what anybody says, Kobe Bryant still makes opponents shiver ever so slightly and if Lamar Odom is playing well and Luke Walton is healthy, that’s a pretty stout group. The best scenario, of course, would be the Clippers. If that team sneaks into the playoffs, it’s strictly for a cameo appearance. If not, give me Nellie and the Warriors. It’s just better to avoid that Lakers circus because you know ABC would take as many of those games as possible, particularly if the series gets interesting.

    Of course they forgot Kwame in the middle. Poor Clippers – they just can’t get no respect.


  5. The second technical was completely ridiculous. I hope this “Spurs” some changes in the way the game is called.


  6. I really do think that players whining is getting out of hand. Tim Duncan is the king of whining along with Rasheed Wallace. But unfortunately Kobe comes in a close second as well.

    Players’ egos have gotten WAY out of control. They think they can complain about every call, wave their hands through the air like kids, and treat the referees like total garbage.

    It probably just became too much for Crawford to handle.

    While Duncan is one of the more respectful players in the league… he takes advantage of his status.


  7. DR,

    The reason why Kobe complains so much is because the refs let players get away with stupid fouls on him, like the one on him in the 3rd quarter by Lewis (last night’s game) where the jackass hits him on the arm while going up for the layup. A man can only hold in his emotions too long before he explodes. No matter anyway, it pissed him off and set him on his tear.

    If Kobe was anything like the flopper Nash, Bell and the softie Duncan and still complained it’d be one thing, but he isn’t so he gets a pass from me.


  8. On one hand I love to see Duncan get called out for his constant complaining, even though he gets the “clean guy” treatment from the leauge. On the other, Joey Crawford is a loose cannon, he cost Dallas a title (see last year, Game 5), and I dont want him doing any of our games…unless he throws Nash and Amare out, then he can ref it


  9. Players that constantly complain are annoying but do not fundamentally alter the outcome of a game. Officials that feel the need to put their “stamp” on the court do alter the outcome of the game.

    I know which problem I’d rather have Stern and Jackson focus on.


  10. Rob –

    You’re right. I would rather see something like a heavy fine than the best player on a team get kicked out because of the issue.

    They seem to have no problem suspending Kobe and fining him after the fact.

    It’s funny how everyone jumped to Duncan’s rescue when this happened, but were quick to take the league’s side against Kobe. Funny how that works.


  11. DR,
    Right on. If they are fining/suspending Kobe, they must have something on him. If they are ‘tossing’ Duncan, they must have something against him. Hummmmmm!

    White hats and black hats. I thought that concept went out when Hugh O’Brien decided to wear a black hat when playing Wyatt Earp (Earp actually did wear a black hat – in the old west).

    As a society we really do have a problem dealing with greys. Why should sports be any different.


  12. You guys are right on with the Kobe double-standard. But that shouldn’t shock any of us. I’m just happy that one of the NBA “Untouchables” has been targeted, as this is more likely to generate heat on the officials than the Kobe-hunting earlier this year. None of us has any real love for Duncan, but as fans we all want him on the court playing.

    PS – I apologize for my overuse of quotation marks in today’s comments. Must have a fever or something.


  13. Lets not forget last years game 7 second half in Phoenix with the fans in Phoenix chanting “Kobe Sucks!” and Kobe holding his hand up to his ear to encourage them to yell louder. That was a moment that the Lakers and their fans should use as motivation to get revenge on them for last year


  14. sorry skigi, completley erased the last 3 games of that series from my memory and i hope the lakers did too. if they need any motivation, they can read the quote in which amare essentially says they will make quick work of us in the 1st rd.


  15. How about this for motivation-

    Quoth Amare Stoudamire-
    “I don’t think it would go seven,” Suns center Amare Stoudemire told reporters in Phoenix a day before the game. “I think we would take care of them pretty quick, hopefully, if everything goes as planned.”

    Ten to one Phil uses that quote in his meetings. A LOT.

    And I can think of one player in particular who might be just a TAD incensed that they were being written off…


  16. ding dong the witch is dead?


  17. warren (philippines) April 16, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    Oh my trade proposals are crap and matt even suggested Chauncey Billups is the answer next season. You cannot even be sure McHale would trade KG even if Lamar Odom was in the deal, now you trade all our crap to Detroit? WOW you must be a bigger dreamer. I’m only being realistic in my proposals. Plus, the other player involved must have reason enough to leave town and it isn’t just because we’re the Lakers.


    The best way to improve the team would be doing a sign & trade for Chauncey Billups involving some combination of Vlade, Cookie, Mihm, Sasha, Bynum (if necessary) and draft picks (we have 3 in this year’s draft). It could even be structured as a three-way with Sacramento sending Mike Bibby to Detroit, if the KIngs are willing to deal with us (which they might not be).

    I would be hesitant to deal Kwame unless we get back another interior defender.

    Our biggest problem this year, in my opinion, was the lack of a consistent number 2 scoring option, followed by a lack of consistent play both offensively and defensively from the point. Billups addresses both of those issues. Plus he’s a very good 3-point shooter.

    Our defensive energy was also an ongoing problem, but that’s usually the case with young teams. Getting rid of the cancer that is Smush and bringing in Chauncey would dramatically improve both our offense and defense overnight. Combine that with continued improvement from our young players and we would be a much, much better team next year.

    Comment by matt — April 16, 2007 @ 10:40 am

    way to go matt.


  18. warren (philippines) April 16, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    no offense matt, your insights are good. But simply not this one.


  19. What’s wrong with that?

    Billups would fit in perfectly for our system. He’d bring in much needed defense at PG and offensive impact. He, along with a couple of FA’s/draft picks would probably be the final pieces to this team.


  20. Billups dribbles too much to play in the triangle.


  21. Just thought I’d share a recap of tonight’s Town Hall Meeting with the Lakers front office. The question of Kevin Garnett came up. I’m blatantly stealing this recap from a poster over at LakersGround.

    “The only REALLY interesting thing was one of the questions was about Kevin Garnett. Bill McDonald was “MCing” and he asked Mitch about it saying that he knows he can’t say much because of league rules. Mitch said he had an answer all worked out, but then had heard that Fox was taping the meeting so he had to come up with a new one. He said “I can’t speak about players or even mention their names . . . so this is all PURELY ‘hypothetical’ . . .”

    He then went on to say that in this business when there are rumors, 90% of the time where there is smoke there is fire. He said if you KEEP hearing rumors, there is probably some validity to what is being said and that something is probably going on. Hint Hint. He then said that if there was a “Player X” and that could help the team, they were going to try and get him but it is hard to get such a player “especially if they are in your conference . . .” hint hint. Basically he tried to say, without really saying, that the Lakers were after KG and hoped to get it done – VERY VERY vague, but that was the gyst of it. Though he made it clear it would be very tough. FA might have to be the route, Bill McDonald pointed out. I liked what we we “didn’t hear”. It was better than just brushing the question off. “


  22. warren (philippines) April 16, 2007 at 11:40 pm

    We are talking of REALISTIC possibilities. Why would Chauncey want to be in LA? or DUMARS trade him to LA? there is absolutely no reason. If Billups just want the BIG BUCKS, why not simply sign the new contract and stay in Detroit? After all hes already got a home there. And why in the heck would Dumars want Chauncey out? I’m puzzled with the logic.

    Whereas, KG is really really frustrated in Minny. He hasnt realized it yet or maybe he has, but he is simply too professional enough not to publicly admit it, that there will never never be a championship in Minny in his remaining years. A tandem with Kobe would be the ultimate. The big kid just wants to win it. Not when he’s 40, where he’ll emulate a Karl Malone wherein he can hardly contribute anymore. Or to be a bystander and win by the sidelines. He’s too proud. He’s too professional and he’s too damn a winner to accept winning without his usual 110%. So, win it WITH Kobe being the helping hand, dominating the boards, exploding with energy. His unselfish self will be Kobe’s best compliment.

    … to be continued.


  23. warren (philippines) April 17, 2007 at 12:00 am

    Second point, I am offering trade insights using players that are troubled with their current teams. They will be the ones with most reason and motivation to move. The biggest emotion I am riding on is Frustration.

    Much like Jermaine Oneal in Indy. I’d prefer Garnett on my team but he’s from the West – JO isn’t. In terms of utility, JO could be your poor man’s KG. Him and Lamar Odom has got to be one of the best frontcourt tandems in the league. Plus Donnie Walsh wont wake up at night in this trade because they meet only twice a year. Much like what he did to Ron Artest then Peja Stojakovic.

    I am not saying this is a sure thing, but at least it can be considered for arguments sake. Not a Superstar Mr Big Shot I-am-the-Leader type of guy who has NO REASON and NO MOTIVATION to be in LA.

    Third, A guy like Pau Gasol is but a logical choice to improve our roster without parting with Lamar Odom. However, my inclination to this trade has declined to the intriguing prospect of a Gasol-Oden Turbo Memphis squad.

    Fourth, Jason Kidd. This guy had more than a bag packed last Feb until Rod Thorn decided – NO DEAL. The deal was supposed to include Andrew Bynum who was a Jersey native. But it was the mid-season and it was quite rushed.
    This off-season, Andrew might not be so off limits anymore. The reason why the deadline trade didn’t push through is that we would be losing Kwame and Bynum in the process. Not to mention Mihm’s expiring contract and that would leave us with Ronny Turiaf at Center.

    I believe that if we pursue Kidd, we might have to use the Mid-Level on a homeless big man. Jamaal Magloire is a prospect. He could fill in the void if the Kidd deal pushes through as it would mean that we would lose Bynum and Mihm in the process.

    Fifth, though many might question the source on this one, (what the heck its for arguments sake) Marcus Camby is rumored to be on the block. Brian Cook and Mihm plus a draft pick might do the trick.

    Though my comments are impossible to some, I am merely presenting solutions to this mediocrity of sorts that we’re in. Smush Parker may be re-signed but he has to accept that he is only good for a Back-up role, even to Jordan Farmar.


  24. I think the odds of Billups leaving Detroit after the season or KG asking for a trade are both about 1 in 50. If the opportunity presents itself go after it, but the Laker brass needs a more realistic option for next year.


  25. (21) (22) KG traded to the Lakers has always made sense. After being a Wolf for so many years, he must realize the obvious advantage of Los Angeles over the alternatives. He has to know about the Lakers trading for Wilt, Kareem, and Shaquille and winning championships.

    With Odom, Bynum, and VladRod, the Lakers can offer Minnesota an entire quality frontcourt for now and for the future–adding in or subtractng whatever else is necessary to make a deal.

    Minnesota might ask the Lakers to add in players like James. The Lakers might add in players to meet contract requirements.

    Will it happen?

    I haven’t a clue.


  26. warren (philippines) April 17, 2007 at 1:04 am

    Right on DrRayEye.

    We are talking here of stuff that we, the enthusiasts think is a good, yet possible move to make. As to the steepness of the probability of it happening its already out of our hands.

    May I also suggest that we do a “find KG a new home” on the prospect of Jermaine O’neal. Though I must reiterate that KG is still my top choice. But I think the idea of JO is a more probable thing to happen than that of KG. But I must concede, that, should KG opt out in ’09, Beefing up our payroll would mean we can only get KG thru the Mid-level exception of ’09.

    We’d be sorry we got JO when KG could have been available with a year’s wait. Jermaine O’neal is fairly younger than KG but maturity and experience dictate KG is the obvious choice. But then again, what if KG doesnt opt out? we’d be sorrier if we didnt get JO this summer.

    my impossible dream line-up:
    pg – Farmar / James / Smush
    sg – Kobe / Sasha /
    sf – Walton / Evans /
    pf – KG / Turiaf /
    c – Kwame / Magloire ??


  27. Hi Warren,

    I like your fresh thinking, and a trade for Jermaine is conceivable–but the Lakers are not nearly as free wheeling as you are. They make changes about as fast as tectonic plates move.

    There are benefits. Other than Smush, the chemistry of our Laker team remains great, and that is partly due to the consistent support of coaches and management.

    My own thinking is still game to game, and I’m still savoring the win over Seattle from a strategic point of view. That first quarter with Farmar starting was the most enjoyable quarter to me since before our debacle. Couple that with the defensive performance a few days ago against Phoenix despite the Smusher/Bynum starting and without Kwame at all, and, well . . . . . . .. .

    hope springs eternal.

    After everyone who has given up on this team finishes ridiculing me, after everyone who has insulted the players adds me to the list, after Lee Klein says that my myopia has gotten worse, after Stoudamiare has already advanced Phoenix to the second round, let me say that at the very least . . . . .

    I hope that the Lakers Moon the Suns, and look West toward the Philippines rather than East toward Phoenix where we can watch Suns go down!


  28. Don’t really understand the love for Magloire. He had maybe one decent year (the All Start nod said more about the weakness in centers in the East at the time than about any level of stardom) and has been a sketchy contributor the rest of his career, even when he had chances to stand out. Why would we want him? What has he shown that we should want?


  29. What abt Bonzi Wells as a Mid level exception FA ?? Before I get run out of town,lemme jus say Bonzi might be the post up option that Lamar was purported to be in the Triangle but never quite turned out to be..Plus He’s HUGE on the boards..And please no ridiculous Rad-Man type 5 yr contract but a more manageable 3yr/15 mil should do the trick..And Charlie Bell down in Milwaukee might be the perfect fit for the Triangle as a 6″4 combo guard..He might be available cos the Bucks seem more intent on signing up Mo Williams for a long term deal..And Bell’s a decent defender and an adequate long range threat as well…It might be a bit of a reach cos the dude is averaging 13.5 pts a game..We might also look at Earl Watson from the Sonics..The thing is all us Laker fans are so caught up with the idea of getting K.G or JKidd that we forget that in order to compete v also need role players that fulfill their particular needs,without pouting (I’m looking at you,Smush)..The best part of the scenarios above is that none of these guys require us to trade away our core group..


  30. Quick question…does anyone know the last time the Lakers played at “full strength” (minus Mihm) prior to the Sonics game? Vlad had been out for a while, and obviously Kwame/Lamar/Luke had missed before that as well.
    Also, I’d be interested to hear the Lakers record when at full strength. I’m sure it’s misleading, given the way we are playing now, but I could use any positive reinforcement I can get at this point.


  31. Charlie Bell is a name I’ve seen thrown around quite a lot when it comes to the Lakers picking up a free agent PG. Whether or not he’ll be available for the type of money the team has to spend on free agency (meaning the MLE and that’s it) remains to be seen. I like the idea.

    As for Bonzi, I’d rather pass. I still think he’ll be holding out for a big contract, and as a Laker fan, I wouldn’t be interested in spending any more than Houston did on him. Considering how he parted ways with Houston, and all the troubles he had there this season, I’m not sure the Lakers would be take a chance on him unless they got desperate.


  32. Jerry West has announced that he will be leaving the Grizzlies this summer… come back to the Lakers Jerry!


  33. Wow, Joey Crawford was suspended by the league. THAT is protecting your players. I truly wish Kobe was treated the same as Duncan.


  34. They suspended Joey for the Duncan incident and REFUSED to even discuss the Kobe thing while he was in NY???

    There really isn’t anything else to say.

    KOBE – I don’t care what else you do – DON’T gripe at the officials for the rest of this year. Now you know the remaining officials will be looking to ‘justifiably’ punch Stern’s ticket. The only player they can ‘safely’ take out is KOBE. The league won’t question any action against KB. Since he is awfully close to a technical game suspension, he really must be on his best behavor.


  35. My reasoning for saying the best way to improve the team is by getting Chauncey Billups is this — simply, he meets more of our needs than almost any other one player.

    Veteran leadership, quality offensive play at the point, quality defense at the point, consistent second scorer, good 3-point shooting, a veteran PG to give Jordan time to develop — all things we need, all things Chauncey gives you.

    Why would Chauncey want to leave Detroit? Because there have been persistent rumors for the past year that the chemistry in the Pistons clubhouse is terrible. There have been rumblings that some of the players aren’t too fond of Flip Saunders. He might just want a change of scenery.

    Why would Chauncey want to come to LA? If he does want out of Detroit, he will want to play for a contender. I think he’s smart enough to realize that his addition to the Lakers would make us a contender. And a good 3-point shooter could have a field day playing next to Kobe.

    Of course Dumars wouldn’t want to trade him. But as I’ve said before, if a free agent tells the GM of his team, “I’m leaving, trade me or lose me”, the team will almost always do a sign & trade rather than lose the player for nothing.

    I realize Vlade, Cookie, Sasha and Mihm are not the most desirable trade assets. That’s why I included Bynum and draft picks in my speculation – Bynum and draft picks are not crap.

    Here’s an example of a 3-way trade that could conceivably work:
    – Kings get Vlade, Mihm (re-signed), Bynum and 1 or 2 picks
    – Pistons get Mike Bibby
    – Lakers get Billups.

    In that scenario, the Pistons get an All-Star point guard to replace Billups, and the Kings, who are looking to shake things up this summer, get cap relief, Bynum and picks. The Kings almost traded Bibby at the deadline for a lot less than that. They could even spin off Vlade to a team that needs a forward (like the Nets if Vince leaves).

    Is that scenario likely to happen? Of course not. Chauncey might want to stay in Detroit, the Kings might not want to help a division rival, etc., etc.

    Is it possible? Yes. I would even venture to say that it’s plausible, in that all 3 teams involved get something they need.

    Warren, it sounds like you took my comment as a personal insult. That is certainly not how I intended it. If it came across that way, than I apologize. I was simply answering your question about what I thought the best way was to improve the team this summer.

    I agree with you that Garnett, J. O’Neal or Pau would all be great options, and could all be available.

    At the end of the day, I also agree with Kurt – the odds of Billups leaving Detroit or Garnett finally requesting a trade are not good.

    But I stand by my comment that getting Billups would be a great way to improve the team.


  36. (35) Matt,

    Your vision of Chauncy for the Lakers is outstanding. I agree that he could make a huge difference–especially compared to “you know who.”

    On the other hand, your three way trade to get the job done is wacky–to be kind. The Laker player package that you propose is close to what we might offer for KG or Kidd . Getting either of them (or Jermaine, for that matter) has always either been pricey or impossible. On the other hand, at one time Chauncy could have been picked up for chump change.

    I think that the Lakers are either looking for a proven unique superstar or a Billups in the making (or on the cheap).

    Compared to what you propose, Ron Artest, even with his baggage, looks like a real steal as an alternative that we may have turned down already.


  37. I dunno, I don’t really think Artest is the answer either. Quite a talented guy, but don’t take the “baggage” issue too lightly. It’s not a moralistic “oooh that nasty thug” thing, it’s a practical matter. When was the last time adding him to a team led to a [I]sustained[/I] improvement? Sure didn’t in Sac.


  38. USC’s Nick Young just declared for the draft. He could be around when the Lakers pick, and you know how Mitch loves skinny guys who can shoot…..


  39. Id like it if they got Nick Young. He could play some two and let Kobe transition to the position he probably should be playing (both offensively and defensivley) the small forward spot. Actually, if Gabe Pruitt comes out he may be more useful. Tall PG with excellent speed, can shoot the 3 ball, wouldnt be a bad fit in the tri at all.


  40. Marc Stein reported that if the Pacers are open to trading Jermaine O’Neal he’d pretty much only want to go to the Lakers..i’m not sure if he had a trade clause or anything


  41. He doesn’t have a trade clause, but he has ARN TELLEM!


  42. warren (philippines) April 17, 2007 at 9:54 pm

    As DrRayEye has said, centers dont come cheap. They cost at least 4M and we have seen teams pay 8M for no production.
    (see Adonal Foyle)
    Rasho Nesterovic, Erick Dampier, Raef LaFrentz, etc.

    See, I do not insist that we acquire Jamaal Magloire. Im just saying he could fill the void if a trade pushes through. Because the trades will surely part us with 2 of our centers Mihm and Bynum due to lack of trade firepower. Vlade Radman and his valuable 5.6M can be traded for Nazr Mohammed too. (yet another discontent player out of the rotation and will surely not be able to get PT).

    All I’m saying is that these are our options. Refuting them or agreeing to them or even revising them is healthy for our forum.

    I ain’t personal with anybody. Im not insulted by any of the comments too because I know I could be wrong too. I’m here way down south of the Phils, what do I know right?
    I treat this forum as a team would – to trade and exchange useful ideas that MIGHT reach big daddy Jerry Buss’ ears. Who knows? Anyone of us could be the one that suggested the “xyz” formula for success (not necessarily a championship immediately).

    Im cool with u matt :0


  43. i proposed a trade awhile back that had the lakers siting pretty.

    If you recall, the trade included indiana, portland, and L.A.

    The major players were bynum, brown, miles, randolph, and O’neal

    ill post the complete trade if you’d like, but i’m sure most of you will scoff’ at it.

    alls well that ends well!


  44. FOX radio announcer Steve Hartmann, bereft of his usualy sidekicks, fires Ultra loose buckshot salvos that spread insults and disparaging remarks across Lakerdom like Bull compost. Such salvos, which leave few unscarred, stands in marked contrast to the thoughtful exchanges on Forum Blue and Gold.

    Here, we analytically discuss the value of Luke and Kwame. Steve suggested that Luke and Kwame be let go ASAP so we could build a “true contender” rather than maintain hopeless mediocrity–using apparent “logic” invented on the spot. Selected and screened listeners go much further with demeaning comments.

    We carefully consider possibilities. Steve inflames emotion.

    Even if Hartman is only carrying out a typical Fox News style ploy to draw listeners through simplified rhetoric, it can leave scars and raise ethical concerns. I’d prefer that his personal “canon” was a little less loose.


  45. I listened to Steve Hartman when he was paired with Chet Forte and then ‘Philly” Bill Warndell. He has a photographic memory and was not particularly outrageous. That has come since FOX took over the station and two Laker spokesmen have joined him on “The Loose Cannons”.

    Now he is so loud and abusive that I choose to listen to the other 2/3 sports stations for So Cal. I suggest the other bloggers do the same.


  46. Hartman has one job — attract listeners. One thing that appears proven in radio (from FM morning DJs through political through sports talk) is that loud and obnoxious draws listeners. He’s playing the role he is supposed to.

    I, and I think others here, just choose not to play that game.


  47. Guys like that are why I avoid talk radio althogether. If you want the radio equivalent of the intelligent (mostly), thoughtful debates that go on here, try NPR. It’s the only radio I listen to these days (other than music).


  48. I don’t know, DrRayEye, I think Artest is a bigger cancer than Smushy. And thanks for the warning on Hartmann. I’ll avoid him.