Comfort With The Familiar

Kurt —  April 19, 2007

Before the season started I had picked the Suns to end up NBA champions (beating the Cavs). That’s not the choice I’d make today, but it is still a long shot that the Lakers are the team to end the Suns playoff run.

Still they have a chance in part because this is the squad the Lakers may be most familiar with — after last year’s playoff series and through the games this season, the Suns are a team the Lakers know how to play against. The Laker players know what roles they have to play. This is better Suns team than the one the Lakers led 3-1 and took to seven games last year — primarily because of a guy named Amare. But the basic game plan remains the same from that series. Familiarity with an opponent is helpful come a seven game series.

I’ll post a first breakdown in the coming days, and we’ll get into all the details before Sunday (feel free to start in the comments here). But we all know them, and the Lakers do too — on offense and particularly on defense. We’ve discussed it a lot in the last year.

The question is execution.