Lakers/Suns Chat: Game 3

Kurt —  April 26, 2007 — 106 Comments

It says a lot about this Laker team that the coaches are still tinkering with player substitution patterns and lineups well into the first round of the playoffs.

They can overcome that if we see a Laker team that’s a little angry tonight, one with a little fire in its belly. They need to be physical with the Suns — at both ends of the floor. Don’t give up uncontested lay-ups on defense; pound them inside on offense (wherever the mismatches are).

And if anyone is not showing that fire, bench them.



106 responses to Lakers/Suns Chat: Game 3

  1. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    Losing games 1 and 2 is but “normal”. Its homecourt. I expect LA, to win games 3,4 and 6 as well. This time it’ll be 5 on 6. Crowd is ours.

    Its up to them if they can win it in either game 5 or 7. (If it ever gets to that)

  2. Well, that is not the start we needed.

  3. Good, two on Amare.

  4. If you’re going to switch the pick-and-roll, then you have to bring quick help for Farmar in the post with Amare. Quick help on defense is not something the Lakers have been good at so far.

  5. Thats what I’m talkin about Warren!!!! Show some optimism! This series is far from over. It is clear that you know what you are talking about in terms of the game, we would just like to see more of that in your comments as opposed to trade scenarios that don’t make much sense.

  6. Let’s get Shammond in to cover Barbosa!

  7. We’re in for another tough night. KB24 100% rest of the team less than 20% – fg%. Wow!

    I hope the others recover soon or else another game 2 in the making.

  8. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 9:07 pm

    Assists update : SUNS 10 – Lakers ZERO

  9. Odom is trying, he’s going to the hole hard, but he’s not right. He’s 1-6 to start. Somebody else (in addition to Kobe) is going to have to pick up the scoring.

  10. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 9:10 pm

    I’m starting to think the Lakers have a problem offensively. NO SET OFFENSE. Nobody scores at all almost. ‘cept Kobe of course but he makes his own shots… Off night and they’re toast.

  11. Now, Kobe 4-5 rest of the team 1-13. Ugh. And you’re right Warren, they are not running the offense well.

  12. The Suns are shooting 81% from the field the Lakers 25%. All time record in a quarter for the Suns? Were is the D?

  13. Only two Lakers have scored a field goal. KB and LO. Were are teh others? Missing, I guess.

    I’m still hoping for a miracle though!

    Go Lakers!!!!! Please!

  14. After all THAT, the Lakers still don’t wake up to start the game …

    Luke has sadly fallen off the radar in this series. His ankles have him nailed to the floor, which is a distinct disadvantage against the athletic Suns. He needs to use his famed understanding of the game to find ways to contribute.

  15. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    whats up with 17 pts in the 1ST???

  16. A 3 from Cook and an offensive foul on Barbosa. Hooray!!! Keep it coming please!!!

  17. Jazz won. I hope La does the same.

  18. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    EY pg, can u c d game?

  19. Lakers are getting their fair share of the shots. Actually its 23 FGA for the Suns versus 29 by LA. Also 10 offensive rebees for LA as against 0 for the Suns. I hope the LAkers can capitalize on their attempts.

  20. Warren,

    Nope, I’m in the net. Getting by through the play by play and boxscore updates.

  21. a couple of defensive 3 second calls already? must be a new defensive scheme hehe

    but at least the lead’s down to 7

  22. and wait up is it just the yahoo box score (im working on the net) or is there really no smush parker sighting yet?

  23. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 9:36 pm

    ok, Me too man. Where u from?

  24. I’m a huge fan of charging calls when a player jumps in a guys way. Jesus h.

  25. crap i have to go in 10 minutes and i can’t help but see a similar situation in game 1 and game 3, an on fire kobe in the first half and a poor shooting lakers squad

  26. Lakers doing a better job of late, having settled down on both ends of the floor. Doing a better job on the pick-and-roll. They are getting the ball inside on offense.

    And they are making shots.

  27. How much do the Lakers want those first two minutes and all those missed free throws back right now?

    Sadly, though, it took those things to finally put the fear in ’em.

    Also, if that was charging on Kobe, then it was charging on Amare that one time against Kwame. Looked kind of the same to me.

  28. The Lakers are playing VERY solid D right and they are absolutely hustling to get loose balls and rebounds. Can they sustain that energy for the entire game?

  29. Can I just say how ecstatic I am that Odom got on Marion on that last shot? That’s the kind of play where the Game 2 Lakers would have just conceded Nash to do whatever the hell he wanted with the ball

  30. Before that last time out in the second, on the TNT feed, you could catch a glimpse of Kobe demonstrating to Kwame what he wanted him to do. The first offensive play after that, Kwame held the ball low, made a quick spin, and got the lay-in with the right hand. Nice.

    Also, I want to go on record giving props to Lamar Odom for his last month or so of play. It hasn’t always been pretty, but he’s been battling out there, despite every once in a while having his left arm go practically dead at his side. Hopefully that big three and the semi-block of Marion at the end will help his confidence in the second half (but not just his confidence in taking more long jumpers!) …

  31. You see, it’s all about fire and effort. The Lakers could have played like this in the first few games, but instead played scared and tentative. I’m loving the swarming D, and I’m also loving Kwame in the post. Before the game Phil said he didn’t think Amare was a good post defender and that despite the few blocks he got in game 2, they were still going to attack the inside. So far seems to be the case. I think Phil is also realizing that Luke doesn’t have much in terms of mobility right now. Farmar is really the guy that got these guys going. He started the hustling and the attitude that the Lakers are now playing with.

  32. Warren,

    I’m from Manila. My server went down for about 5 minutes. Its already halftime when it got going. Talking about timing!

    Anyways, that was a good run made by our guys. I hope they can nurse it or even improve on it in the second half.

    Defense will be the key. I hope they keep up the energy they are currently displaying.

    High fives to everyone!!! Go Lakers!!! GO!!!

  33. 15 O Boards…THAT’S what I like to see

  34. DR, there have been a lot of ridiculous calls in this game so far, but that was by far the worst. Kobe had the same look on his face that he had last year when he dunked on Nash and thought Crawford was calling a charge. Only this time, the look was warranted. And then I have to hear Doug Collins talk about the stupid charge circle. No wonder Doug sucks as a coach, he doesn’t even know the rules. Getting your feet set outside the circle means nothing if you don’t have your position established before the offensive player starts his shot.

  35. 15 to 1 on the offensive boards in the first half

  36. They started playing with some real desperation, but nomuskles has the question — can they keep it up?

    Also, the Lakers were beasts on the offensive boards. Good to see.

  37. You can really see what a difference that running out at three-point shooters makes, even against the Suns. On a couple of consecutive plays, Marion traveled and Bell stepped in to take a lower-percentage (for him) mid-range shot. That makes all those uncontested threes in the series so far all the more frustrating.

    But, hey, Luke must’ve read my earlier comment during halftime! 🙂

  38. Damn, this defense is good to see.

  39. It will make my night if Kwame dunks it just once… please Kwame.

  40. I think Kobe said something about kittens after that last and-one …

  41. Well…that ankle injury isn’t going to help

  42. There it is!!!

  43. Well that shut me up…way to go UPS

  44. I think Kwame knows what Amare feels like on offense now.

  45. I will take a hammer to kwame’s ankle if thats what he needs to dunk the ball..

  46. Kwame with 8 points with a FT coming up ever since I thought he was done for the night.

  47. UPS.!!! I guess we’re finding out what Brown can do for us!

  48. I like the penetrate and dish style we’re playing on offense. Beating the Suns at their own game. Love it!

  49. My server went down again. Tsk! I’m glad that we’re ahead when it got going again.

    Forcing turn-overs and/or keeping the Suns into a jump shooting team will make us win the ball game.

    I hope our guts just keeps it up!

    Go! Go! Go!

  50. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    We have done the job in the 1st 3 quarters. Now its time for the 4th.

  51. Nothing from the bench yet. I feel that if we get at least 6 to 8 points from the bench in the 4th, we will win the game. Otherwise, a big explosion from KB or LO will do the trick. A coupe more of points from Kwamw will also help.

    Defense must also hold-up!

    Let’s finish strong ELAY!!!!!!!!!

    Hooley, hooley, hooley, hooley!!!

  52. Clock control!!!

  53. OK. That’s 2 from Drew. 6 more bench points please!!!

    Defense! Defense! Defense!!!

  54. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 10:47 pm

    1st – 31
    2nd – 20
    3rd – 19

    Phoenix points. Thats defense and rebounding talking…

  55. Stay with the game plan… continue to move the ball.

  56. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 10:48 pm

    Guys I went on a limb yesterday and predicted a Laker victory by 8. I hope I’m wrong. MAKE IT TEN !!!

  57. No more 3’s from the Suns please!!!

    Rotate! Rotate! Rotate!

    Knock Leandro out now!!! I mean, please put a body or two on him.

  58. Whoa, Shammond just gave up on Barbosa there! Thankfully, we collapsed on Leandro hard in the paint, and he ended up (barely) missing the layup.

  59. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    Oh no. Smush is in again!

  60. Keep moving the ball!!!!!!!!

  61. 40 minutes of solid basketbal…just 8 more

  62. Don’t stop taking it inside!!

  63. What a small line up we have! Smush and Shammond at the same time? I hope this doesn’t cost us the game!!!

    Is Kwame done for the night?

  64. The refs are calling a weird game tonight. Currently, neither team can get a call!

  65. Can Phil please take control of this team? They need to control the clock and play team basketball.

  66. What is phil tryng to make us understand? Game is on the line and Smush is in and taking some shots. I hope Phil’s gut feel will be correct.

    Go please Lakers Go!!!

  67. “Parker and Williams are in the game for defense.” Never thought I’d hear that …

  68. If we come out victorious, and even if we do not, I owe a thannk you to Lamar. He’s playing his a$$ off.

    Smush is not a liability because there’s more rotation and team defense, but he’s been a liability offensively. Along with Shammond. I don’t want to see Kobe lose trust in his teammates.

  69. Refs love Kobe. They wait until the crowd decides if there was a foul or not. But only at Staples Center… are they afeard of Jack er somethin? Lakers suck and so do NBA refs.Kobe is a badass but his team suck ass. Team him up with KG and someone who can distibute… then you might have a chance. Good luck against ANY of the TX teams!! If you can get past Steve 🙂

  70. And Shammond and Smush were taking shots why? We need more Odom, Kwame (and obviously Kobe) in the final minute.

  71. Thats not basketball Steve. Play defense buddy.

  72. I really hope Phil is correct. 0 of 4 from Smush and Shamu in the last few possessions.

    Defense is holding-up… Oh no, another 3 from Leandro.

    Oh, God! Please help!

    KB, its your time!

  73. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 11:14 pm


  74. 54 seconds to go.

    Defense! Defense! Defense!

    Body up on the Suns. No easy 2 nor 3.

    Go Go Go!

  75. Finally a win?

  76. 74 – Because the intelligent Suns recognize they are awful right now, and give them open shots. The Lakers have no choice but to take the.

  77. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 11:17 pm


  78. Sweep this, Suns fans.

  79. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 11:19 pm

    DAMN! I missed my prediction by 2pts.

  80. Anticlimactic.

  81. Lakers dodged, what, 7 bullets there?

  82. The Lakers win!!! The Lakers win!!! Oh, what a game!!!

    Thank you for the Divine Intervention!

    Where did that idea came from? Smush and Shamu in the crucial stages of the game. Whatever Phil is thinking, he sure had me, if not us, surprised.

    Finally, we can read somethng new in the net.

    Thanks you guys for the company!!!

  83. Defense, luck, hustle, strategy.

  84. Smusher should have kissed his arms just like Nash did on that last play- everytime I look at Nash that stupid gesture he did comes back to haunt him. GO LAKERS!

  85. I know there’s an unwritten rule to not run up the score and run out the clock — and it was a bone-headed move by Smush to even try it — but doesn’t Phoenix’ practically alley-ooping to Pat Burke and fans losing their heads in the fourth of Game 2 when they’ve already pulled the Lakers’ proverbial pants down on National TV make it OK to at least get one last second dunk? Why can’t you just say, “hey, that was disrespectful of you” and take it out on the court in the next game?

  86. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 11:38 pm

    that dunk you’re saying could’ve meant my prediction would be coming true. 8 points I called it. The final box showed JUST 6. Darn.

  87. warren (philippines) April 26, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    Jordan Farmar looks like an angry CHicano here.

  88. Smush had brainlock at the end there. There’s no need to try and dunk the ball just because he’s been having a bad couple of weeks. D’Antoni let him know about it too.

    Turns out that Doug Collins’ keys to the games were somewhat on target (The lakers obviously got off to a lousy start). Turns out that Kurt’s keys were more on target–Hustling on defense, stopping barbosa, and kobe scoring, and staying physical.

    The difference in defensive philosophy was evident. The Lakers decided to switch a lot of the pick and rolls, even if it left shammond guarding stoudemire until they could get someone coming from the help side to rotate over and balance out the mismatch. A lot of times the big man guarding the screener would drag down with him as the screener rolled. This opened up space for the man with the ball to shoot, but Phoenix was unable to capitalize tonight. Lakers can try the same defense again on Sunday, but if Phoenix starts knocking down the midrange jumpers, that p&r defense won’t work nearly as effectively.

    Does anyone buy Doug Collins’ comment at the end that Games 1 and 3 were played at the Lakers pace, thus we should have some confidence going into game three? I still get the feeling that the Lakers are going to have to play their best basketball of the year and the Suns are going to have to have some self-imposed struggles or stumbles in order for the Lakers to win out. Playing with energy is great, but the talent level of the Phoenix Suns is better at almost every position, with the exception of SG. It seems like the Lakers are going to need every single break to win this series.

    Lastly, I am one of Kwame’s biggest non-fans. I think the guy has been a negative addition to the Lakers since day one, but he did a great job tonight. Hustled to get boards, made some nice cuts, and got some good production. Just wanted to give him his due and see if Kurt will give us his +/- when he does the recap/preview. I still don’t think Kwame has a future in basketball, but if he keeps playing like he did tonight, he’ll be okay.

  89. was anybody else having a heart attack watching Smush and Shammond play down the stretch? Top it off with the TNT announcers telling us that they are in there for defensive purposes… that was nerve racking!

    GO LAKERS!!!!! One game at a time, carry this over to sunday!!

  90. 89 points is DAMN impressive.

  91. skigi, Shammond did play good defense, and Smush had a pretty good night. I guess any night he doesn’t do anything real stupid (save for the meaningless dunk) is a good night.

    Sunday will be interesting.

  92. KD in daaaa hooooussse!!!

    Game 1 was played at the Lakers pace, but they went cold in the fourth and let barbosa take over

    Game 2 the game was at the Suns pace and the Lakers got blown out

    Game 3 played at the Lakers pace and the Lakers won.

    The Lakers will be in every game that they keep the Suns under 100. And that’s all we can ask for at this point.

  93. AM, yes, the Laker defensive choice on the p/r will lead to a lot of Suns midrange chances, but really I think that’s the best option with them. You have to clog the paint and you can’t let them shoot threes. Midrange is the best option.

  94. Kurt,
    I did notice that Shammond and Smush were playing well and that was why Phil kept them in there… I was just nervous because they could have had 2 or 3 bad minutes and lost the game. Also, we resorted back to “stand around and watch kobe” offense in the 4th with so many non scoring threats besides him. If Kobe had gone 1-10 again, we would have lost again. Then again, if Kobe would have had 15 in the 4th of game 1, we would be up 2-1 right now.

  95. Let’s all be happy for the win. Let’s bask to the glory even just for an hour or two. We deserve it. Then let’s hope and pray that our guys play at the same, or at greater, intensity come next game.

    Go Lakers! Go Forum Blue and Gold

  96. Skigi,

    I didn’t think the rest of the Lakers resorted to the “stand around and watch Kobe” offense; it was more Kobe who resorted to the “hey you guys, stand around and watch me” offense for a few possessions. Thankfully, he gave that up, but it was really maddening to see him play so intelligently for the middle quarters, and then give that up to try to take over the fourth quarter. He’s really got to learn how to become a bit less predictable strategically speaking, to match his peerless inventiveness tactically.

  97. Are we going to go down the Kobe bashing road again? This is stupid.

    I was screaming at the TV in the last half of the 4th qtr for all the Laker players to move and cut across the key – Kobe included.

    This has happened too often for it to be anything but habit and coaching. We will never know if Kobe will pass the ball if the other players (specifically Odom and Luke) don’t move without the ball. Standing at the 3pt line just makes defense so simple any NBA player could do it in their sleep. Moving also will free up Kwame for dunks (duh!!!).

  98. chris henderson April 27, 2007 at 2:11 am

    fun game, exciting game, finally…
    now we have some belief in ourselves, so Sunday should be another great game to watch.
    congrats Kurt, your forum is really building an audience, I think I’m #100 for the night.
    and it could keep growing…and growing…
    no, that’s the energizer bunny, sorry.
    anwyay, congrats to our team too!
    keep on believing in yourselves, listen to the coaches and keep on hustling on D, and crashing the boards!

  99. chris henderson April 27, 2007 at 2:13 am

    you’re gonna have to adjust your counter to handle 3 digits in the # of comments…
    yeah! 101…and counting!
    I can see the big banner ads next year!

  100. warren (philippines) April 27, 2007 at 2:40 am

    You got delegation from the Philippines too ! LOL

  101. 91. Warren, nice pic of Farmar, LOVE the “Ross Perot” ears he’s got going on there!

    92. nomuskles, if NBA GMs will hand out contracts to stiffs like Jerome James, Jim McIlvaine, Georghe Muresan, Shawn Bradley, etc., etc., than Kwame definitely has a future in basketball. Not saying he’s gonna be great, but if you’re 7 feet and have a pulse, someone in the NBA will sign you.

  102. Not to mention Adonal Foyle.

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