Lakers/Suns Chat: Game 4

Kurt —  April 29, 2007

It comes down to defense.

In game three not only did the Lakers switch (or occasionally trap) on the pick-and-roll, not only did they play better man defense, but they cut off diagonal and other passing lanes. They limited Suns options, and they are going to have to do that again.

Thanks to Gatinho for posting something from an interview on 570am Web site — here’s what Phil said about the defense:

Kwame… “bottled up their screen roll opportunities… We made Nash have to turn back away from the offensive end of the floor so he had to control the ball and that was the difference in the ball game. He then had to recover and reset the offense. Which gave us a chance to recover on our men.”

They need to do it again. And do it for 48 minutes. That’s my one concern, the Lakers have not been a team in the last few months to have consistent efforts back-to-back (or even quarter to quarter). We have to hope the playoffs are different.