Fast Break Thoughts

Kurt —  May 23, 2007

Jim Buss said in a radio interview that the Lakers couldn’t do anything until May 23, after the lottery was finished and teams know where they stood heading into the draft.

So, it seems Lakers fans expect things to happen May 23. People, exhale. When was the last time you saw a major trade before the NBA Finals ended, let alone started?

The lottery does open possibilities for Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak, but as is the long-standing policy of this blog, ideas will only get discussed in a post once there is some substance to them (meaning reports of talks at least, not just a talk show host or writer taking guesses). And, before we all go nuts in the comments wildly overestimating how many teams are willing to take on Kwame Brown (expiring contracts are not as big a deal these days) please remember the commenting guidelines.

That said, let’s have some lottery and other thoughts:

• The first prediction for the 2011 NBA Finals — the Chicago Bulls vs. the Portland Trailblazers.

• He was mentioned as a possible defector, but if you ran Seattle, wouldn’t you try to keep Rashard Lewis and put him and Durant and Ray Allen on the court at the same time? (Or, if Portland goes with Durant — playing him at the three with Randolph at the four and Aldridge as the five — then Seattle gets Oden and they still want to keep Lewis and Allen.)

• The Sonics can’t go wrong either way. The fans in Oklahoma City are going to love either of those guys.

• San Antonio’s defense got to the guys who brought Utah to the Western Conference Finals — Harpring, Fisher and Okur were a combined 5 for 25 from the floor. Boozer and Williams are good, but they are not guys who can just take over the scoring load (ala Kobe/LeBron) for extended periods. Utah is going to have to get better balance to get back in this series.

• I don’t think Utah is going to get back into this series.

• I feel for Jeff and other Celtics fans. Much like Portland, that is a team that one big draft pick could have made very good in years to come.

• Who do the Lakers take at 19? (That is, assuming they keep the pick.) Here are three projections: Javaris Crittenton, the 6-5 Georgia Tech point guard (via Chad Ford at; Brandon Rush, the 2/3 combo player out of Kansas (via; Derrick Byars the 6-7, 2/3 combo out of Vanderbilt (via

• Balance of power? What balance of power?