Game One Thoughts (and more)

Kurt —  June 9, 2007

• I haven’t watched every one of their games the last three weeks, but I haven’t seen a lot of brilliant adjustments through the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m curious to see what they do different in game two. Or, do they think it was just a fluke the shots didn’t fall and they are on the right path?

• Folks, that is how you defend the pick and roll. The Spurs did a great job having their big (and each of the bigs, even Horry, got their chance) hedge out on LeBron when he came off the screen, taking away his quick turns to the basket. When Bowen recovered, he stayed a few steps off and dared LeBron to beat him with the jumper. Right out of the textbook.

• LeBron and other Cavs did get some chances inside but seem bothered not getting off uncontested shots, the length of San Antonio really got to them. Gibson did well but he pulled up a lot rather than drive the lane — that guy can just plain shoot, too.

• Let me joint the chorus: Gibson needs more minutes.

• I like Cleveland’s Sasha more than I like the Lakers’.

• Great post over at True Hoop talking about the little things the Spurs do well, about their basketball IQ.

• When fans of the New York Knicks or Chicago Cubs or Green Bay Packers keep supporting struggling teams, they are lauded as “loyal, true sports fans.” When Laker fans renew season tickets at a high rate despite a less than stellar season, media members looking for an easy column/radio topic call the fans fools.

• Shammond Williams is close to signing to play with Pamesa Valencia of Spain (via Hoopshype). Maybe he wants a close up view of the America’s Cup (starting June 23 off the coast of Valencia). I hope it is a good move for him.

• Happy Birithday to my daughter Sasha, who turns 3 this weekend. (And no, we named her Sasha months before the Lakers drafted Sasha, that is a coincidence.) Big party this weekend (although, for those that didn’t already figure this out, 3-year-old parties are a little different than the ones you go to; well, save for that they both have greesy pizza).