Fast Break Thoughts

Kurt —  June 15, 2007

• Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs and their fans — this was the best team in the NBA after the All Star break and it’s a deserved title. What is really impressive about the Spurs — and speaks a lot to their defense — was how they won games and series of widely varying styles. Run and gun Phoenix, grind it out with Utah, shutting down superstars, whatever they had to do the Spurs did it well.

And, as Reed pointed out, they could be doing it for a while.

• This is the thing that made me laugh the hardest the past week.

• Regarding the SB Nation mock draft — check out all the latest at host Indy Cornrows.

First, here are the picks so far:

1. PORTLAND-Greg Oden (Blazers Edge)
2. SEATTLE-Kevin Durant (Sonics Central)
3. ATLANTA-Al Horford (Impending Firestorm)
4. MEMPHIS-Mike Conley (Clips Nation commenter mp)
5. BOSTON-Yi Jianlian (Green Bandwagon)
6. MILWAUKEE-Brendan Wright (With Malice)
7. MINNESOTA-Corey Brewer (I Heart KG)
8. CHARLOTTE-Al Thornton (Charlotte Blogcat)
9. CHICAGO-Spencer Hawes (Blog-A-Bull)

Sacramento traded the 10th pick to San Antonio for Luis Scola, and the 28th and 33rd picks.

I have worked it hard for a trade (numerous talks and potential trades for JO, Duhon, Randolph and others), and something still may happen, but it looks unlikely. The trade demands are high. It looks as if I’ll be making the pick this weekend. (Note, that as this is a mock draft I am only making trade offers involving the 19th or other picks, the Lakers front office has more potential options.)

Now, the big board is a little bit behind the actual picks (just a couple slots), but I can tell you that Javaris Crittenton will not be available at 19. So now I’m hoping Nick Young free-falls (or Joakim Noah). Unlikely. This brings us around to two favorites of the board — Rodney Stukey and Sean Williams. Both come with risks, but personally I’m leaning Williams right now. Anyone want to make a case for Thaddeus Young or someone else instead?

At this pace, my pick likely will come up Saturday evening or Sunday, look for an update then.

• This was the funniest thing I saw written on the Soprano’s finale — what if it had been on broadcast television? (Hat tip to LAist.)