KG and other Fast Break Thoughts

Kurt —  June 21, 2007

Do you think the guys at are happy today?

• There appears to be at least a little fire with the smoke of a Kevin Garnett to Boston rumor. Nobody is covering this like the always-good Jeff at Celtics Blog.

Mitch Kupchak needs to be calling McHale, at least putting offers in the mix, and this is one move where I think throwing Odom in the deal seems wise (and maybe Bynum if needed). But I think the Lakers (with Kobe in the fold) have a better chance to sign KG if he opts out at the end of the season than if he gets traded. In a trade he is more likely to end up in the East. (I know some commenters on this site have questioned the conventional wisdom of “don’t trade a superstar within your conference,” and it’s worth questioning, but there is no doubt that the mindset exists.)

If I’m McHale, trading KG means a total rebuild (not a retooling ala the Lakers with Kobe — see, reading Free Darko is paying off) and in that case the idea of Jefferson (a real stud), the #5 pick and a little more is very tempting — very possibly more so than the better-but-older players the Lakers can offer.

We’ll be watching this.

• Trade watchers, how about this deal?

• One week to go to the draft, and draft night we will having a chat thread going here so we can all mock the Atlanta picks together.

• There was some support on this blog for drafting Javaris Crittenton, the 6-5 point guard out of Georgia Tech. Well, Kevin at Clipperblog has seen a lot of him and says “he’s not my guy.” And yes, he knows the Clips need a PG.

• One of the more interesting draft things I read recently was Chad Ford on the “tier system.” (This story used to be free, but they may have moved it behind the Insider wall.) The system works like this: Teams break down all 60 players on their draft board into groups of four or so, based on roughly equal talent. For example, the top tier in this draft has two guys, Oden and Durant. Ford said there is consensus that the second tier is Corey Brewer, Mike Conley, Jeff Green, Al Horford, Yi Jianlian, Brandan Wright. Within that tier you rank the players based on needs of your team — a team needing a PG may have Conley at the top of their tier, those needing a big may have Horford third.

The point is that on draft night, if there is a player left from a tier or two above where you think the draft should be at you take said player regardless of position. However, if everyone rated in higher tiers is gone and you are picking within your tier, you take the player based on position.

This system makes good sense to me — if your scouting is solid it can keep a team from over-reaching based solely on potential.

• By the way, the SB Nation and friends mock draft continues over at Indy Cornrows, with the first round almost complete. The Second Round will take place, likely at Bullets Forever. As a reminder, I took Stuckey in the first round (friend of the site Nate made the same pick at Fanhouse, I can only hope he falls to 19 in the real draft). I still have the 40th pick and have to see who is on the board then. I have traded the 48th pick in the draft to the New Jersey Nets for Hassan Adams, the logic being he is a decent defender on the NBA level and very athletic, something a little more solid than the risk of drafting at 48.