Let Us Shed A Tear Together

Kurt —  June 30, 2007

So long, Brian Grant’s contract. Godspeed.

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  1. Ah, good riddance. Also we officially say goodbye to Aaron McKie’s, Smush Parker’s and Shammond Williams’ contracts. Luke Walton’s as well, though he might actually be back.


  2. Farewell, Brian Grant’s Contract. We had many wonderful….we had a lot of….the memories were…ah, screw it. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


  3. Ahhhh …
    Brian Grant’s contract, the grease that sped Shaq out of town and the Lakers into the lottery.


  4. ding dong, the hitch is gone. I just hope Mitch doesnt bring in another one this off-season…

    That said, there’s no one in the NBA I’d rather be than Brian Grant. Except maybe Michael Finley. (Allan Houston is a close third)


  5. warren (philippines) July 1, 2007 at 1:16 am

    Farewell… Perhaps we can trade for Kmart now? Or Raef Lafrentz…


  6. warren (philippines) July 1, 2007 at 1:36 am

    to continue a little bit from the previous thread…

    I am looking hard at the situation at Memphis. I did one post over this at Lakers Topbuzz.


    I must say they were pretty unlucky on how the lottery turned out. They might want to consider a full rebuild to keep pace with Conley’s development.


  7. “The same sources said the Lakers turned down a trade request from Phoenix that would have brought four-time All-Star forward Shawn Marion to Los Angeles for Odom and a second player to make the deal work financially.”

    How do people feel about this if it’s true? Trade machine says Odom for Marion works straight up, so I’m not sure who the second player would have been (Sasha maybe?). At first glance, Marion seems like an obvious upgrade. Healthier, more athletic, better shooter, better defender. But he is more expensive, and it’s unclear how much Nash/D’Antoni inflate his value. Would he be as productive in a different system?

    I guess in the end I would be pretty dissapointed if they did pass on this opportunity. It feels like a symptom of the front office’s tendency to stay put which I think none of us are too fond of. I understand the need for patience, but sooner or later you gotta take a chance. Then again, it’s entirely possible that this is bunk and someone’s leaking scoops on the the Lakers’ inactiveness as a way to piss Kobe off to their own advantage. Or maybe we were worried about his opt-out. Or maybe we have something involving Odom in the works already. We’ll see I guess.


  8. Drama aside, if they were going to spend the past three years paying Grant that much… they might as well have spent it on Shaq.


  9. Renato Afonso July 1, 2007 at 6:54 am

    Yep… Good times…. No Grant contract, no McKie and no Smusher…

    I’m happy!


  10. yeah renato!

    no Grant, no Mckie, no Smush,
    no free-agent 2007-2008 plan, Yes Kwame Brown, no All-star Caron Butler…

    still happy?


  11. 7) shaq wanted 30 mil a year from the lakers.


  12. good riddance.


  13. Marion may, may, be a small upgrade over Odom, but it is not the kind of jump in quality this team needs to make. We’re just exchanging #2 players, and we get a worse contract. We need an additional #2 or #3 guy (or, another #1 guy to pair with our existing #1). Easier said than done, but that’s the jump this team needs to try to make.


  14. Although Heisler doesn’t spin it this way, the Warrior “trade” for Garnett is going through the same fatal loops as the others. The Warriors won’t accept the “poison pill” and they want to move Harrington and keep Biedrens.

    I think these “deals” are coming from McHale, not the other teams. If they pass, then Garnett needs to go “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.”

    All this suggests that the Garnett train is slow freight.


  15. Warren (6)- That is an interesting trade. If Memphis is seriously looking to move Gasol then they would have to completely rebuild. If they were actually considering trading him to Chicago, I think the Lakers could offer a better package than Chicago is willing to. If Chicago trades for Gasol they will likely not go any higher than Gordon, Nocioni (sign and trade), Noah. LA can beat that offer by taking another of their big contracts off their hands in Miller. Memphis however, has an overload at PG so I’m not too sure how keen they would be on taking Farmar. You could however include an 3rd team that needs a PG. Miami for instance. Here is how that trade would look.

    Miami- Get Farmar/Crittenton (LA), Cardinal (MEM), Give Wiilliams (MEM)

    MEM- Get 2008 1st rnd pick (LA), Brown, WIlliams (MIA), Bynum, sasha, Evans, Mckie (sign and trade); give, Gasol (LA), Miller (LA), Cardinal (Miami)

    LA- GEt Miller Gasol, Give Brown, Bynum, Sasha, Evans, Mckie, Farmar.

    Miami gets a PG that they desperately need. they get rid of Williams who at this point is almost untradeable. Memphis Gets a good Center prospect in Bynum, A good reserve in Evans, and A lot of expiring contracts after next season. mckie would have to agree to a sign and trade. That would have to be a 3 yr contract but only the 1st one is guaranteed so MEM can just buy his 1st yr out and get another expiring contract. You might have to add some picks for Miami, maybe a 2nd rnd pick next yr and maybe a conditional 1st rnd pick between 2009-11.

    If MEM is really looking to rebuild that would diffnately be a gread deal for them. They would get rid of all 3 of their big contracts. That would give them lots of money in 2009 to go after some free agents; and 2009 looks to be a good year for FA.

    I think it might work and is better than what Chicago would be willing to offer for Gasol. Bynum is a better prospect than Noah is. Plus they get all those expiring contracts.


  16. 13) I agree the upgrade isn’t tremendous, and this team needs something bigger, so I’m not furious at the missed opportunity or anything. Passing especially makes sense if we think we can exchange Odom for KG or something, while Marion’s opt-out would make that impossible. I guess I’m just getting irritated with the trend of stagnancy. Take the Randolph firesale for example. We couldn’t beat the offer of Francis/Frye? I still think Odom/Kwame for Jack/Randolph would have made a ton of sense for all parties. Again, maybe our pieces are already committed elsewhere bigger and better and I’ll look back at this post and laugh. I sure hope.


  17. Kapono is in Toronto for $6M per year…


  18. Lakers re-sign Walton to 6-year, $30 million deal.



  19. Luke Walton reaches 6-year $30 million contract agreement with Lakers, according to ESPNEWS.


  20. I like the Walton agreement (maybe 4 years at 20M instead of 6 would be better) while I think 6M per year is overpaying for Kapono.


  21. (20) 6M is way overpaying for Kapono. He is a 1 dimensional player. I also agree that signing Walton was a good move. I also agree that 4 yrs at 20M might have been better. He is already 27 after all. But at least they are not paying way too much for him.


  22. right lakersfan81, even tough i think that Walton fits in laker sistem as in no other team, that in some ways makes his market value decrease.
    But considering his willing to stay in LA and the fact that pushing Walton to get less years in the conctract (allegating that he wouldnt get that kind of contract out of the lakers) would only make the locker room more problematic.
    and thats something mitch and PJ have to resolve.
    Look is a great professional and a fan favourite, they are doing a good job keeping him.

    and about the trade you proposed (15) with Memphis and Miami…
    why would memphis get all this bunch of guys at expiring contracts? I mean, If I where some of these guys, its obious for all of them they are been traded just because of the expiring contract and they mean a shit to the team cuz on paper no one is suposed to resign with memphis next seaon.
    moreover they won’t have much playing time so bye bye contract years and a possibility for a good contract next season.

    how’s gonna be the attitude of these guys?
    Swift comeback last year wasn’t a sweet one, would J Williams be happy? let me think… no
    Neither Kwame who’s still young and with a good year could get some team to pay him, not with a benching year…
    Sasha could be valuable to them because he can shoot (at least thats what they say from practices…)

    I would like to keep Evans, he’s athletic and can play some D, was a nice pick up trading Cheik Samb (a guy I’ve seen here in Barcelona and believe me, I would never think of signing him for now for a pro team in spain, so jumping to the NBA arrrgg damage to my hears) for Evans. I did even aplause to Mitch for it

    but keep on it, I’d love to see Gasol on gold. He’s an inteligent player who can pass and shoot and is getting more agressive year by year

    PS. I was in LA by the last Lakers-Grizz game just after Kobe’s superman streak. I went to see the game at the staples center and I was holding a Catalonian flag with “CATALONIA ALWAYS WITH YOU, PAU” written on it and the guys from my back where screaming and insulting me for it.
    I hope that if Pau would get (hipoteticaly) traded to the lakers the guy shouting “Go back to Spain” will shut his mouth 🙂


  23. Also very pleased with the Luke deal. Although this adds to my growing suspicion that management knows something is coming that we don’t. It seems like with the uncertainty we’re facing, the flexibility of being able to sign-and-trade Luke could have been important to make something happen down the road. Closing the door on that possibility, while I’m happy it’s happened, seems slightly odd doesn’t it?

    Also, I know we’ve discussed it before, but just for the record, this doesn’t impact our MLE at all, right?


  24. chopperdave-no it does not the MLE is for teams that are over the salary cap so that they have some money to sign players to fill roster spots. Signing a player whose contract just ended on your team does not affect the MLE. I do however have another question. Does signing a veteran to the veteran minimum go against the MLE?


  25. Xavier- You make some good points. The only expiring contracts they are getting are Williams and Brown. Williams does not have much value right now apart from his contract that is up after next season. Brown also does not either. if Brown is not used in a trade he will not be signed by the lakers, at least not without taking a substantial pay cut. if Memphis needed a PF or a back up center they could resign him, but again it would have to be at a substantial pay cut. They also have about 7M (i think) right now to use to sign free agents so they could pick up a good front court player for that price.


  26. Here’s an apples for apples hypothetical deal that I think the Grizzlies might accept from us–especially considering the changes in the West:

    Odom and Bynum for Gasol and Swift.

    They get their Oden (Bynum) to pair with Conley and a team oriented star (Odom) at about the same level as Gasol. We get more experienced with a consistent inside threat and better inside defense. The numbers work.


    I have no knowledge that such a deal is even remotely being considered. I’m merely trying to suggest that a win-win trade deal for Gasol is credible.

    Is it a deal that WE want?


  27. 28) No. Those two could net us JO as of today. JO > Gasol. If we can get Gasol while keeping Odom I’m for it.


  28. chopperdave,

    You don’t think too much of Stromile Swift? He’s a quality veteran who can play defense. He’s played center.

    JO cost more that $20 million. Gasol costs less than $13 million. JO has declared that he wants to be a free agent after one year–no matter who signs him. Both JO and Gasol are power forwards with great inside presence.

    If we keep Odom, what position does he play?


  29. “If we keep Odom, what position does he play?”

    Point Center?


  30. No, not too sold on Stromile. Kwame’s already got the corner market on overpaid draft-bust stiffs with an aversion to rebounding. Agree that the cheapness of Gasol is appealing, but not if we’re paying the difference on Swift. And having both Gasol and Lamar wouldn’t be a problem. Gasol can play C or PF, while Lamar can play PF or SF. There’d be plenty of room for the both of them.


  31. Wow, if Kapono is worth $6MM a year, I;m worth at least $600K. I, too, can do nothing but shoot well when the entire defense collapses on my all-world SG and C teammates, leaving me so wide open I could knit a scarf before they rotated around to me. He’s not gonna get as many open looks in Toronto playing with Bosh, vs. playing with Wade and Shaq.

    Luke was a good signing. Not spectacular, but we’d all be screaming the-sky-is-falling if they had let him walk.


  32. From Sun-Sentinel

    If there is any disappointment about finding depth at point guard, it is how the Heat’s potential draft treasure seemingly has been brushed aside as the Lakers’ trash.

    In the wake of the draft, Heat General Manager Randy Pfund acknowledged that Javaris Crittenton was very much on the team’s radar as its No. 20 selection approached.

    Instead, the Georgia Tech point guard was taken at No. 19 by the Lakers — but hardly embraced.

    “We do need help in the backcourt, but he is another young player. We’ve got a young point guard that we like,” Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said. “I’m sure Jordan [Farmar] is wondering right now, ‘Why did the Lakers do what they did?’ But that stuff gets sorted out during training camp and during the season.”

    Amid the Kobe Bryant soap opera, Crittenton thus was reduced to a bookkeeping issue for the Lakers.

    With the Heat, he would have been the future, pre-empted the debate about the NBA readiness of Daequan Cook and perhaps eliminated the need to consider the merits of the likes of Pargo, Atkins and Francis.

    For some reason I feel good 🙂


  33. drrayeye,

    The Rockets signed Swift as a free agent a couple years ago because they thought he’d be the perfect complement to Yao. Instead he was a flop, and they were happy to be rid of him one year later. For his career he averages about 1 assist per 3 turnovers. Not a guy with a high basketball iQ. Pass. I like Gasol a lot, but only if he can be obtained without giving up Odom.


  34. warren (philippines) July 1, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    I don’t like the Odom-Gasol trade. Theres no point in getting Gasol if Odom is not around anymore… Much like the scenario for JO. In all the sense, I’d much rather have JO if it meant trading Bynum and Odom altogether.

    The idea is to upgrade from Kwame, Bynum to Pau Gasol. In return, we take in Mike Miller too (who can actually help us as well as a very good 3 ptr). We can then have Luke Walton come off the bench for us – the more appropriate role for him at this point.

    The attack will be Javaris, Kobe, Miller, Odom, Gasol. And I like what lakersfan81 suggested. It actually works for all 3 teams.

    Again, it would make all the sense for Memphis to get Bynum at this point.


  35. From the LA Times:

    “The Lakers have also reached out to free-agent guard Steve Blake, who was with Denver last season and could turn out to be the efficient veteran ballhandling guard they’re seeking.

    “They’re really interested,” a league source said.

    Blake, 27, was traded early last season from Milwaukee to Denver and averaged 6.4 points and five assists in the Nuggets’ high-scoring offense. Steady but not flashy, he is a pass-first player who can hit open shots. At 6 feet 3, he also has decent height.

    There’s a good chance he won’t re-sign with Denver, and the Lakers are desperate for a ballhandling guard.”


    The Walton signing was critical — not because he is remarkable, but because the Lakers are likely to sacrifice serious depth to bring in a “star” of some shade. We only have one midelvel and signing Walton didn’t affect our using it, so he was our one chance to add/keep a quality player for free. If we had lost him, it would have been much harder to move Odom/Bynum/Kwame in various deals and still have decent pieces to build with.


  36. I agree with the whole “don’t trade Odom for Gasol” idea. In fact, I’d only really include Odom in a trade for Garnett. For anybody else, we need to keep Odom to still be a good team.


  37. Warren has put considerable effort into describing the Grizzlies situation. Xavier has helped us further appreciate Pau Gasol–and the topic has exploded.

    There have been several suggested blogger trades that seemed somewhat fanciful. Kwame is a money feature, but the timing of a trade involving Kwame is very bad. I’m not sure that GMs will take Kwame in trade at a fair value until they learn about his health after surgery.

    Lakerfan81 would have us trade away both of our centers and all of our point guards for a starting 5 that would now feature two shooting guards, two power forwards, and a small forward.

    Warren would also start two shooting guards and two power forwards, but his fifth “starter” is likely to be a rookie point guard that will spend most of the season in the development league.

    Fantasy only goes so far in the real world.

    The main reason I proposed Gasol/Swift for Odom/Bynum is to see if I could find a deal that might happen. I think I did. Gasol could start as a power forward for Odom’s minutes, and Swift could be a backup center for Bynum’s 10+ minutes per game. And vice versa. Both teams could win.

    I now believe that Memphis could be persuaded to trade Gasol. It’s hard for me to imagine a practical Memphis/Laker deal that doesn’t involve Lamar. If Memphis does, I’d think about it.

    Maybe 3 years from now we’ll start one Gasol as a center and the other as a power forward!?


  38. 38. “Maybe 3 years from now we’ll start one Gasol as a center and the other as a power forward!? ”

    and by this time Spain, not just me, would be Purple and Gold!!!!

    I’d like to trade for Gasol and I think the trade should be mainly for Bynum and fillers aka Brown + 2008 1st round pick

    I wouldn’t give up much more for him, maybe Vujacic who’s FA next year and can play the SG, so if it doesn’t work for memphis he’s gone next year

    Gasol would play the C, he’s got a nice pass for a big and can shoot the ball, if Odom starts again agressive getting to the hole that would be a nice 1-2 punch in the inside. then add Kobe and ghhh I like it


  39. I agree with you drrayeye (38). I was trying to come up with a trade scenario that would outmatch a trade from Chicago. I think Chicago offering Deng/Gordon and Nocioni (sign and trade) + Noah/Thomas (though I assume they would rather trade Noah) would out bid the lakers. If Memphis is looking to rebuild then taking their two biggest contracts might make a deal that sounds better for them.I was trading either Crittenton or Farmar. Miami was interested in Crittenton and might want him. Which wouldn’t be too bad becuase Farmar is more ready than Crittenton at this point. I would still start Walton in my scenario and have Miller come off the bench at Guard/Forward. I also agree that Brown’s trade value is not too high. I think it will go up towards the trading deadline. But if Memphis does trade Gasol. They may want to hold onto Miller for scoring purposes for another year. Your trade works but I still think Chicago could outbid the lakers. But they may be going after Garnett and if they can get PJ Brown to agree to a sign and trade then I think they have a good shot at getting him. I would do your trade over the JO trade at the same price though. O’neal is talented player but a higher price and says he is going to opt out after next year no matter what. Also Gasol is more of a post threat than O’neal and requires a double team more often. Also my trade scenario makes for a good offensive team but is still lacking defense in the front court.


  40. i dont like kevin garnett, i hate j. oneal, and shawn marion just stinks.
    am i the only one here who loves lamar odom’s game and doesnt want to trade him for anyone? id rather keep lamar and get another star than keep kobe, if it comes to that. there it is, boom. my lineup (if kobe must go, along with another move or two):
    Pau Gasol,
    Lamar Odom,
    Luke Walton,
    Ben Gordon,
    Kirk Hinrich
    + a defensive stopper/rebounder
    …class guys.


  41. 42. Possibly the lamest comment in the history of this site. First, nobody here hate’s Odom but he has limitations. And there is no way to compile the lineup you suggest. And, oh, it’s not worth it.


  42. Haha. First of all, I never said anybody hates Odom. I said that I love him, and would rather have him than KG or O’Neal. An unpopular opinion, I know. The lineup was an ideal Kobe-must-go situation, but I realize its impossible for many reasons.

    There’s actually nothing I’d rather see than Kobe staying with a lineup of:
    Mo Williams.

    In my opinion, this would be both competitive AND beautiful to watch. I don’t want the Lakers to trade guys I like to become the Yankees of basketball – and I was wondering who else feels that way.