Happy Fourth of July

Kurt —  July 4, 2007

I’d suggest everyone do as I’m doing and take a day away from fretting over the merits of Steve Blake, the MLE, trade fantasies and everything basketball to focus on the things that really matter — family, friends and remembering the people that made America great. Plus beer, can’t forget beer.

Happy Fourth, everyone!

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  1. warren (philippines) July 4, 2007 at 7:47 am

    4th of July is Philippine-American Friendship Day. It used to be THE holiday here until we got our own independence 109 years ago.

  2. I’m sure American soldiers chasing Emilio Aguinaldo thru the jungle put an end to that holiday.

  3. Hey, Kurt, you left out all the other wonderful kinds of booze other then beer! I think they feel left out.

  4. Yes Kurt, lets forget about basketball for a day and thanks god America is the most coherent country permitting you to shoot a gun at 18 but not drinking a beer til 21… (thanks for reminding me that…)
    I know it by experience
    Kurt, you know what I’m talking about uh?

    God bless America!

    PS. Aren’t you tired of watching Will Smith’s “Independence Day” by this dates?

  5. Xavier, I know what your saying. But when you a perfect country, let me know. And that country will have a ban on Will Smith movies.

  6. Except for the first Men in Black.

  7. NEWs
    West Side’s McKenzie signs with L.A. Lakers

    July 4, 2007
    BY MIKE HUTTON Post-Tribune staff writer

    Bryson McKenzie is a Laker.
    The 6-foot-11 center from Gary’s West Side High School, who barely played there or in college, signed a contract to play with the Los Angeles Lakers’ summer league team this week.

    McKenzie will head to Las Vegas to compete in the two-week session, which includes some of the best players from this year’s NBA draft.

    His agent, Ray Morris, who is also his cousin, said the league will give McKenzie a chance to showcase his talent.

    “If he doesn’t fit in with the Lakers, this is a golden opportunity for other teams to see him play,” Morris said.

  8. beer, burgers, and brats (the sausage and the kids). Happy 4th everyone!

  9. (5) mine’s not… my bad
    Spain is yet carrying political diferences from the Civil War
    but politics stay away in this blog, and I like it that way
    here we all have our voice no matter where are we from

    could we ban Steven Segal’s too, please?

  10. Too bad I’m Canadian, and all I can do is eat, drink and sleep basketball. With regard to the Lakers, they need to start making some serious moves in order to upgrade this team. Kobe’s unhappy, it’s obvious. That being said, he’s not going anywhere, happy or not. With any team, you want your best guys to be happy. So why haven’t we heard any Laker rumours since the Kobe talks have died down. Is Jermaine O’Neal ever going to go out West? That would be a great first step to rebuilding this team. Check me at http://www.clutch3.com

  11. Until the front office has something to say to Kobe I suspect we won’t be hearing anything. Even then, Kobe will probably learn things well before we do. It is our lot in life – as fans – to be frustrated by our summer of discontent.

  12. I went to a Fireworks show that was put on by some head honcho dude at ILM (Industrail Lights and Magic…Lucas Film Ltd). It was the best show I have ever seen. I guess he owns a house on the coast between Ventura (where I live) and Santa Barbara (Faria State Beach area to be exact). He rents a Barge and tug boat to position it and they launch away. There were fireworks that made big Cubes in the sky…not round…CUBES!!! how the heck did they do that…..plus tons of other stuff and the show lasted about 25 to 30 minutes….and it was free!!!! and when we were leaving…there was hardly any traffic!!!!