Summer School

Gatinho —  July 10, 2007

Javaris gets an “A” for the Day: Young Critt got out of the blocks quickly, showing some nice handles and athleticism as well as hitting the game winner at the buzzer. Let’s see if he can build on the mini-hype tonight and show that running the Triangle in high school has sped up his learning curve and could possibly lead to some playing time during the regular season. (Thanks skigi for the link)

Blind Pig and The Pinch Post Revisited: This has been shared in this space before, but I found myself watching it again. It’s the Phil Jackson “In His Own Words” aired in the 05-06 season and it’s the best primer, other than reading Tex’s book, on the intricacies and basics of the Overload, or as we know it, the Triangle Offense.

Back to the Old School: Some of you may have caught this elsewhere (Deadspin is where I saw it), but Tom Newell, son of legendary coach and Big Man Camp originator Pete, has been running exhibitions with college, international, and NBDL players and coaches using an 11 foot rim. “Newell thinks it will decrease dunking and the emphasis on individual play and increase teamwork and passing.”

Not sure why we need to decrease dunking, as that seems to be one the most exciting plays in sport, but the emphasis on team play would benefit the game greatly. Isn’t this what basketball looked like in the 50’s?

Rumor of the Day: “Fisher, according to NBA front-office sources, is no longer even considering other teams and is on track to re-sign soon with the Lakers.” Marc Stein, grain of salt, discuss. (Thanks DYi for the link)

Recess: Jack “I can’t hit mute fast enough” Haley and a piece from this year on the Lakers’ and their Tattoos. Check out Little Wheats reppin’ the 619.

Update: Take this for what it’s worth…

“Last week, Bartelstein said guard Derek Fisher would consider the Cavs, but that may have changed. On Monday, Bartelstein said he was no longer Fisher’s agent.”

I’m guessing it could mean he is coming back and on the cheap.