Your 07-08 Laker Roster?

Kurt —  July 19, 2007

The Lakers have resigned Chris Mihm for the coming year, so far the terms of the deal are not public. (Hat tip to Kwame a. in the comments for the link.)

That brings 14 players under contract on the Lakers roster (once D. Fish puts pen to paper), and the team said they were only going to carry 14. So, baring any big trades, this may well be it for the fall:

PG: Jordan Farmar/Derek Fisher/Jaravis Crittenton
SG: Kobe Bryant/Mo Evans/Sasha Vujacic
SF: Luke Walton/Vlad Radmanovic
PF: Lamar Odom/Brian Cook/Ronny Turiaf
C: Kwame Brown/Andrew Bynum/Chris Mihm

(Yes, some of the SF/PF may play out differently, but this is fairly close.)

How does that lineup make you feel? As I said before, I think this roster (if it stays healthy) is marginally better than last year’s roster, maybe more than marginally. Then again, much of the West is better, too. One thing is clear, this roster is not a title contender.