I Shot the Logo

Gatinho —  July 29, 2007

“Wen Roberts, 70, the longtime official photographer for the Lakers, Kings and Inglewood Forum, died Monday at his El Segundo home of complications from… Lou Gehrig’s disease, his wife, Mary, said.”

Coca-Cola, Nike, the NBA logo

“Alan Siegel, who designed the logo to complement the Major League Baseball logo that Jerry Dior had designed in 1968. Siegel confirmed that West was his model; he said that he had found a photo of West driving to the hoop in the files of the now-shuttered Sport Magazine and that he had tweaked the image when he created the NBA logo.

Wen Roberts believed that he took the photo of West that was used for the NBA logo; West himself told me that he thought the image came from a Roberts photograph. …all those visual images we have of the Lakers –- Elgin hanging in the air, Wilt’s dominance, Goodrich squaring to shoot, and, yes, Mr. Logo himself, Jerry West, driving to the basket –- speaks to the exquisite artistry of Wen Roberts.”

There is a quasi-controversy concerning tht NBA logo. Who is it? For whatever reason, the NBA doesn’t want to admit officially that it is Zeke from Cabin Creek, the GM’s GM. West believes it has to do with offending other players, but the creator of the NBA logo has admitted openly that it was West’s image that he used as his simplistically tight marketing gem…

and it was derived from the artistic eye of Wen Roberts…




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  1. Typical of the self-effacing Sir West.

    But for perhaps E Baylor
    ( and I very much doubt it ),
    who could be offended
    by what is now one of the worst-kept “secrets”
    in pro desportes?

    Even if you didn’t know who it was,
    it’s a great, classic silhouette.

    Thank you, Mr. Roberts.

    – 5 –


  2. Looks to me like KG is finally traded – to Boston. I hate to start the comments on this note but I think KG settling gives us perspective on what to do now.

    The question would now have to be: Will we do the same to get JO? There are only a few back to the basket players who are effective down low… Will we risk the future like Boston did?

    Bynum + Odom + Cook salary-wise will be enough, but it would also mean we will be taking in more salary.

    I am resigned to the fact that we should now look for other deals aside from JO. Perhaps getting Pau now would make most sense. Get Mike Miller while were at it.

    Kwame + Bynum + Cook for Pau Gasol…
    Radmanovic + Sasha + 08 1st for Mike Miller…



  3. Oh and KG’s camp is reportedly asking for a 5-yr 125M extension. Wow!


  4. I don’t see why Memphis would give up Miller and Gasol, given the fact that they have a nice solid nucleus of players and might be pretty decent. They pretty much have a solid starting 5, and it appears that Mark Iavarone is more inclined to have a Phx run and gun offense, to which Kwame and Bynum would not be an ideal fit.

    Basically, if the KG deal falls through, LA is going to sit tight. I doubt the Lakers will mortgage off Odom + Bynum + young PG + salary filler at this point for JO because that is too steep of an asking price. All we can hope for is that Mihm comes back healthy, Bynum is ready to play, and that the triumvirate point guard system will work out.


  5. Pierce, Jesus Shuttleworth and KG might be enough to win the east if the rest of the team was filled out with guys from this blog. (No offense.) And, personally, I’d rather have Jefferson than Bynum if I’m a GM. But I thought with Odom the Lakers offered a better package.


  6. I really hope the KG to Boston deal gets done by today. Each passing day that Dr. Buss thinks that LA has a chance at Garnett and is hesitant to act on “smaller” deals is a day wasted in trying to build a better team here.

    I for one felt that the Lakers could offer something around the 5th best package for KG should Minny decide to deal him in a two-team transaction. So this just gets the thing over with.

    I would like the Lakers to add another “dirty-work” power forward before camp, or at least a more consistent big, and then I’m fine with the team.


  7. For the T-wolves, the ideal Laker trade would be Odom, Kwame, Bynum, Crit and next year’s #1 in exchange for KG, Blount and Hassel.

    The Celtic trade would be Jefferson, Green, Telfair, Gomes, Ratliff and next year’s #1.

    The Celts deal gives them: a) two top young talents; b) two questionable young talents; c) an okay draft pick; d) $20 million in cap space next year; and e) $15-18 million the following year, after they resign Jefferson.

    The Lakers deal gives them: a) one top young talent; b) one good young talent; c) an okay draft pick; d) $15 million in cap space next year; and e) $37-40 million in cap space the following season.

    Basically, the only argument for the Laker deal is the huge cap space in two years. I suspect McHale doesn’t want to wait two years. It’s debatable whether he should or not. Essentially, if he made the Laker deal he’d give the T-Wolves a true chance to start over with no hangover, while the Celt deal allows them to rebuild to be good more quickly, but never truly get out from under old contracts.

    Obviously, all this assumes the Lakers would take on two bad salaries as I’ve described.


  8. 6. Excellent point. KG to LA has always been a pipe-dream, it’s time to be realistic and start figuring out how to bolster the current squad and to have the soul-searching discussions about what to do with Kobe.

    I think too many Lakers fans assumed KG would come to LA and play at the MLE instead of the alleged $125 million extension.

    I wonder if someone like PJ Brown is available for the taking. He’s a rugged defender who can hit mid-range shots for a big man.


  9. Here’s a trade that might happen with some good fortune. Kwame’s expiring contract for Rasheed Wallace straight up? Any body think that this might put us over the hump? How to get the Pistons to go for it is Mitch’s job. Here’s how it would look:

    PG: Fish/Farm/Crit
    SG: Kobe/Sasha
    SF: Odom/Luke
    PF: Sheed/Turiaf
    C: Bynum/Mihm

    Looks pretty good to me.


  10. Within the next 48 hours, Kevin Garnett could be donning Celtic green .. but ..
    the trade is not imminent as had previously been reported ..



  11. Consider this:

    John Carlos Navarro (JCN), former world championship teammate of Pau Gasol has been trying to finally cross the Atlantic this year. His rights belong to the Wizards. The Wizards have been trying to trade these rights with no success. Pau Gasol has publicly indicated that he would love to have Navarro in Memphis.

    The Heat were another possibility, but they signed Smush.

    Suddenly, JCN has given the Wizards a week–or he will re sign with Barcelona.

    Now read this:


    There are multiple rumors that suggest the Lakers are in the chase. A first round draft pick might give the Lakers the rights to JCN.

    Why would the Lakers even consider it? And why did the Grizz sign Casey Jacobson to a one year deal last week just before the JCN ultimatum? Were they out of the loop?

    First, the Lakers draft Pau Gasol’s brother and send him back to Spain. Now, they consider adding Navarro.



  12. 11- why would minnesota make that trade. Gomes Vs. Jefferson? There is no way (at least there should not be) that Minnesota makes that trade unless Jefferson is involved. If I was a GM I would take Jefferson over Bynum but not Gomes over Bynum.


  13. drray (12)
    I was thinking the same thing when I read about the Lakers looking into acquiring JCN. If it is true, it makes not sense unless they are

    A. trading either Farmar or Crittenton and want a replacement PG

    B. Making a case for Gasol to come to the Lakers.

    One more thing about the Boston Minn trade. If McHale makes that trade without getting Jefferson it would be the best trade he ever made for the Celtics. If Jefferson is not included this seems a little fishy for McHale who has already gotten in trouble for shady deals.


  14. 11, 13. Seriously, if McHale makes that trade and Jefferson is not part of the deal, he should be tarred and feathered in Minnesota. The Globe writer who wrote that now has reversed course and said Jefferson is in the deal.


  15. By the way, best place for update links on the KG story:



  16. Hmm…I guess you can’t spell COLLUSION without C(eltics)…

    KG for all the “garbage” players is total collusion and the league should look into it if it is the case.


  17. I don’t think KG is color blind and green is still not his favorite color. He’s happy where he is–but the T’Wolves can’t rebuild and continue to pay his increasing salary.

    This deal smells like the T’Wolves pushing KG kicking and screaming out the door–then KG calming down and calling his agent–to make the Celts pay through the nose. Should be interesting. We’ll have to see how many pots of gold that leprechaun has been hoarding.

    If it happens, we’ll all study chemistry.

    I don’t think this one will be over until its over.


  18. Renato Afonso July 30, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    I honestly think that such trade would put the celtics back in the finals right away… You don’t even need a bench to do it in the Leastern Conference.

    Regarding the Lakers, if we ever had a shot at Gasol, JCN joining us this year is the best chance we have.

    Now, Gasol must force his exit, as stated earlier, or else he ain’t moving…

    So we send Kwame+Bynum+Farmar and get Gasol. The salaries match, Memphis gets cap space and unloads an unhappy superstar. Allowing Memphis to make the big FA signing as stated in previous posts and topics.

    Now, the Lakers need to dump something (Cook? Sasha? Cash?) and get Navarro in return, who would be a perfect fit in the Lakers.

    We all have been speculating for too long, but we can fight for a ring with equal weapons while keeping a core for 3/4 years.

    We would have:

    Fisher/Navarro/Crit splitting minutes at PG (JCN minutes increasing as seasons goes)
    Kobe/Evans (yep…)
    Walton/Radman (role players and nothing more is needed)
    Odom/Turiaf/Cook? (we can do it with them)
    Gasol/Mihm (real centers, with low-post ability)

    Anyone thinks we couldn’t a series against SA with this roster?


  19. Renato,

    I like your thinking–but not the Farmar part.

    Why would we trade Farmar to Memphis? They already have two young guys fighting for the job, and he’s our starting PG–not Derek.

    They might be interested in Crittendon–he wouldn’t play much for the Lakers this year anyway.

    They might prefer a draft pick.


  20. 19. Renato, the problem with that is that there’s a lot of offense and little defense. Very little defense. The team would be competitive, but I wouldn’t be convinced…though Kobe would…and I’d do anything to keep Kobe in LA.


  21. Renato Afonso July 30, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    Gasol plays defense… Sorry for disagreeing.

    And we trade Farmar because Navarro would be the starter in a two month span.

    Navarro, Kobe, Walton, Odom, Gasol is not a bad defensive team. If they want to be great on defense, they all have the quality and basketball IQ to do it… Remember you would have two world champions on the starting lineup, and they got the medal by playing defense.



    Done deal

    AP reports GARNETT has been traded to the Celtics


  23. 10milliondollarzen July 30, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    Boston Globe and NY Times confirms- Garnett has been traded to the Celtics


  24. Gasol plays some defense and he has gotten better every year he has been in the league. He will never be a great defensive player but he is not a bad one either. I like the Gasol trade but I don’t know how realistic it is. And I still think the Lakers will need a Defensive wing to actually contend.

    Speaking of Defense is Denver still looking for cap space and moving Camby? If they are (or ever were) maybe something built around Vlad radmonovich. They need a shooter and we could get back Diawara in the the deal too (for depth and he might turn into a good defensive player). Maybe Kwame and Vlad for Camby and Diawara. I am pretty sure the salaries match. Or maybe Sasha Vlad and Cook they would get 3 shooters and and an expiring contract in Sasha. Plus I think they get a small trade exception. But I doubt they would do that unless they really wanted to trade Camby.


  25. Renato Afonso July 30, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    It’s not a done deal yet… read the AP news again please.


  26. WTF?!? Will KG really let himself be McHale’s pawn his entire career? Has McHale convinced KG that he’s some Minnesota Martyr and therefore has to do what’s best for the franchise even at his own expense? I can’t bring myself to believe that KG’s really sold on teaming up with co-Allstars Allen and Pierce to outdazzle the Leastern Confernce. Yeah, it MAY even work (McHale’s got Ainge drinking the koolade too, I guess), but only for one year, and then is Boston really going to fork up that extension, pay THREE max players? Yeah, no biggie for KG either way, some team will pay up even a year from now, magical four-leaf clover ring or not. My point is, KG, of course you’re going to make a difference wherever you go (I’m talking to you directly at this point, Ticket).

    If the trio-of-stars strategy doesn’t work (see Casell-Allen-BigDog Bucks), it’s not like it’s unchartered territory for you to deal with. You’ll start over again, and it will have been worth the gamble… Well if the point is starting over (albeit to contend), why just shoot the moon for only one ring? Demanding to come to LA is more than just joining forces with Kobe and Phil, being in a warm climate, still allowing for the cap-assisting pieces the Wolves need via trade, and getting that badly needed fresh start. It’s about starting the right way, being in that winning culture where even in down years (every ringless year) there is still hope and most times even opportunity to somehow pull it off. Yeah, Boston has the tradition too, but we’ve got present members who were just there and still have that burning fire – and the game/coaching to back it up – to get back to that level, and then sustain it. Age of key players and cap room favor the Lakers for a longer run than what Boston is rubbing their rabbit’s foot for. The worst case is that it’s the same here as in Boston (yeah, right) and you are free to choose once again. But if it works here, it’ll work for years. Even if it doesn’t translate to a ring this season, that one year of triangle experience will still leave a big enough window for dynasty potential. Ponder, marinate, demand!


  27. 10milliondollarzen July 30, 2007 at 3:51 pm

    Boston Globe’ s Jackie McMulllen a very reliable b-ball journalist has been told a deal’s done—The AP “headlines” reports before sources agree to be named- and those headlines everywhere say that the two sides have agreed to the trade…..,


  28. Adding JCN would be great for the Lakers. He could be the equivalent to Barbosa for the Lakers. He is a savvy gunner who can score in a variety of ways.

    Gasol is a pipe dream for the Lakers at this point. I know that Warren proposes good trades and uses his understanding of both team’s needs when proposing potential deals. BUT, I think that everyone forgets that the Grizz were a 50 win team with less talent than they have now just 2 seasons ago. All they have done is swapped Battier for Gay and now have added Conley. Gasol is healthy now, and Miller is now so well regarded around the league that he is going to make the Olympic team. We need to realize that with a full compliment of healthy players, the Grizz are a playoff team. Even though they have a sorry GM, we can’t continue to think that the Grizz are going to just give Gasol away for Cap space and Bynum. Maybe in another year, but not right now. Not when they have a chance to be very good this next season.


  29. Lakers: Ticketless
    By Eric Pincus

    The Los Angeles Lakers have always held a small candle but had already accepted they were an unlikely destination for Garnett.


    A wild rumor that the Orlando Magic would be interested in Brown, willing to send Hedo Turkoglu (and Farmar from the Lakers) to the Sacramento Kings with Artest and Keith Bogans coming to the Lakers has been declared “unfounded” by a source close to one of the teams.

    It’s certainly an interesting idea but at this point remains unrealistic.

    hmm .. not really ready to hear any more rumors for while now?


  30. im sorry but Navarro can’t go to the lakers
    i love him
    as a person
    and as a player

    but Navarro CAN NOT BE A LAKER, for some reasons:

    a) Navarro can’t play D. he’s a scorer, a killer in Europe as Dajuan Wagner was in HS. but had problems defending smaller and slower guards in europe, what would the parkers, pauls, williams of the west do to him?

    b) financialy it doesn’t work. Navarro will ask far more than 1M the lakers still have from the MLE. remember he has to pay 2M from the buy-out so he might want arround 3-5M per year.


  31. forgot to remember that Navarro has never NEVER played the PG… he’s a short SG no matter what you’ve heard


  32. Mike in the Mountain West July 30, 2007 at 7:24 pm

    What does everyone think of the Coby Karl signing? Any idea how much we signed him for?


  33. I think we signed Cobe as insurance in training camp. If we do a trade and lose a PG he becomes more valuable. At best I think he is a DLeague player this year. Since he has just recovered from cancer surgery I expect him to gain strength over the coming year and may be a real prospect next year. This would be the advantage to having him play the triangle in the DLeague for the entire year.


  34. 34. This is a non-guaranteed contract, it means he gets a tryout and nothing else. Good for him, but it’s still a long shot he makes the team.


  35. Coby Karl is an insurance in case any trades will go down. At this point, its hard to imagine him actually being IN the roster.

    Now that KG has finally settled (I believe the rumors BTW), the Lakers will now have a better perspective on what to do. We should not be superstar-gazing at this stage, instead, we should be considering getting better. A lot of players can improve this team considerably without necessarily being superstars at this stage.

    Why not trade for Chris Wilcox? He can play PF as Odom slides back to the 3. Seattle is in no position to be contending anytime soon anyway… They can afford the wait for Bynum to go along with Durant and Jeff Green.

    Bynum + Cook + Sasha
    — for —
    Wilcox + 08 1st from Phoenix.

    Farmar / Fisher / Critt
    Kobe / Evans / Karl
    Odom / Walton / Radman
    Wilcox / Turiaf /
    Kwame / Mihm


  36. I remember seeing NAvarro play the PG as a junior in the 1999 world championships… maybe he hasn’t played recently though…


  37. PG in that U’16 tournament team were Carlos Cabezas and Raul Lopez, Jose Calderon was suposed to make the team but was injured and stayed home that summer. JC Navarro made the All-tournament team at the SG position and MVP of the finals
    by then, gasol was a bench player, now he’s the leader of the same core of guys, but grown and playing at the senior level.

    maybe you saw Navarro bringing up the ball (many SG do it at some point of the game) but he has no PG skills, neither D.
    in the other side, if you want him to score some other than Kobe will wow you with his impossible shots if given the confidence and allowed to shoot

    that said, I dont really think the lakers can and will land Navarro


  38. WarrenWeeLim,
    We have waited two years on Andrew; it would be a shame to give up at the critical time, just to get Chris Wilcox. Wilcox won’t make us immediate contenders either and I see not reason to part with Andrew for anything less.