I Shot the Logo

Gatinho —  July 29, 2007

“Wen Roberts, 70, the longtime official photographer for the Lakers, Kings and Inglewood Forum, died Monday at his El Segundo home of complications from… Lou Gehrig’s disease, his wife, Mary, said.”

Coca-Cola, Nike, the NBA logo

“Alan Siegel, who designed the logo to complement the Major League Baseball logo that Jerry Dior had designed in 1968. Siegel confirmed that West was his model; he said that he had found a photo of West driving to the hoop in the files of the now-shuttered Sport Magazine and that he had tweaked the image when he created the NBA logo.

Wen Roberts believed that he took the photo of West that was used for the NBA logo; West himself told me that he thought the image came from a Roberts photograph. …all those visual images we have of the Lakers –- Elgin hanging in the air, Wilt’s dominance, Goodrich squaring to shoot, and, yes, Mr. Logo himself, Jerry West, driving to the basket –- speaks to the exquisite artistry of Wen Roberts.”

There is a quasi-controversy concerning tht NBA logo. Who is it? For whatever reason, the NBA doesn’t want to admit officially that it is Zeke from Cabin Creek, the GM’s GM. West believes it has to do with offending other players, but the creator of the NBA logo has admitted openly that it was West’s image that he used as his simplistically tight marketing gem…

and it was derived from the artistic eye of Wen Roberts…