A Few Weekend Links

Kurt —  September 21, 2007

Sorry for the slow week of posting, things will really pick up in the next couple of weeks as we start to head to camp. That will start with a more substantive post coming Monday, but for now here are some links worth clicking while you wait for Notre Dame to win a football game.

• It’s out early, but it’s going to be hard to top an Atlantic division preview based around Festivus, as Tom Ziller has put up at Ballhype. As a side note, one of the things I’m probably going to do more of this year is NBA-wide posts and links and notes.

• Want to see the Lakers/Bulls game this year from a luxury box at Staples? The California State Parks Foundation is auctioning one off to raise money for its very worthy causes. It won’t be cheap, but you get to write it off and the price includes food, wine, beer and the dessert cart. Check out the auction, there are a ton of cool things if you’ve got the money. Me, I just bought a house.

• In the previous post about playoff slots in the West, I struggled with where to put Denver and the Lakers. After reading your comments and thinking about it, I should have given them a different header: “Depends On How Well They Play Defense.” For both of these teams, that is the key.

• Interesting only to me note of the day: football blogger Michael David Smith and I used to work together at our day jobs. Great guy. Better blogger.

• When I first was going to start an NBA blog, I emailed Jeff over at Celtics blog for some advice. I took some of it, and learned later I should have taken all of it. Well, now Jeff has posted his advice for young bloggers up at True Hoop and if you’re thinking about getting into blogging this is a must read.