Fast Break Thoughts

Kurt —  September 28, 2007

Unless there is some sort of actual breaking news (and no, this doesn’t count), this post and comment section will be a Shawn Marion/Lakers trade free. The previous post comments is where that talk can continue.

• I’m a few days late to this, but it is still worth more discussion.

From his first Summer League with the Lakers, conditioning has been an issue with Andrew Bynum. While his footwork, moves and other fundamentals improved in the last couple years, his physical conditioning seemed to lag behind (you could still see the baby fat). That led to him getting tired (particularly in back-to-backs). And tired leads to sloppy. Which is why it is great to see the off-season focus on conditioning for Drew. It would be a huge boost for the Lakers if he can take a big step forward in his third season — and he is capable of it. (Thanks to Chise for the link.)

• Mitch Kupchak also praises Bynum’s work ethic in an otherwise pretty bland Q&A (what did you expect from the official team site, a Mike Wallace interview?). Part two of that interview is now up.

• Back when there were just a handful of NBA blogs (three years ago, which doesn’t seem that long but in blogging terms its virtually an eon), Matt from Blog-A-Bull (then Bulls Blog) came up with the idea of a Carnival. A chance to link to other NBA bloggers. I’ve hosted once, and it’s a great way to find out about new blogs. The 50th NBA Blog Carnival has been done, and it’s appropriate that Matt is the host.

• Speaking of new blogs….

Kevin Broom has written for RealGM, is active in the NBA statistical online community (he was one of the first to try to improve defensive figures) and bottom line is a guy who just knows the game. When the Lakers traded for Kwame Brown, Broom (who lives in Washington DC) was one of the first guys I talked to. Now he has his own blog, and as you would expect it’s really good. (Hat tip to the omni-present Tom Ziller.)

• A preview of the Southwest Division — in Festivus format, of course. (Another Ziller creation.)