NBA Blogger Previews

Kurt —  October 1, 2007

Again this year, a bunch of NBA bloggers are previewing all the NBA teams. It is organized by one of the best, Jeff from Celtics Blog. It starts with the Celtics, which has more bloggers than they have good players. It’s a group of optimistic bloggers, they all predict between 48 and 50 win (although if I were a Celtics fan, I’d be optimistic too).

We get to the Lakers on Oct. 28, with me, the very clever Don from With Malice and Ed from the Lakers Library. Here is the entire schedule.

But check back often, this is a great place to keep up with — admittedly optimistic — views of what is happening with the NBA.

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  1. Wow… ‘clever’ used as an adjective to describe me! 🙂
    Could be a first in blogfrica for me!
    Looking forward to it…

    Cheers guys…