Wish List

Kurt —  October 1, 2007

This afternoon, after talking with the media, the Lakers will hop on a plane and head to Hawaii for training camp. It’s a time of the season filled with optimism.

In that vein here is my with list of what I hope to see and hear about over the next several weeks.

• A focus on defense. I hope to hear players talking about it at media day. I hope to hear about the focus on defense first in camp. I hope to see better defense starting with those first couple of preseason games against the Warriors.

• The slimmed-down Kobe bringing some of his defensive energy from Vegas this summer to Hawaii (then back with him to the mainland again). And that energy rubbing off on his teammates.

• Someone to step up and take charge of the center position. Ideally Andrew Bynum, but I’ll take it from anyone.

• Phil Jackson looking uncomfortably out of place in a Hawaiian shirt.

• A stronger, more savvy Jordan Farmar bringing defense to the point guard position along with improved shooting (particularly from three).

• That Derek Fisher’s daughter gets the care and help she needs here in LA. I’m not worried at all about what he’ll bring to the team.

• Lamar Odom getting healthy enough to play.

• Nobody else getting injured.

• Baron Davis staying healthy through camp and through those first two preseason games.

• Radmanovic finding his comfort zone within the triangle, getting to the open spots and shooting like he is capable of.

• Ronny Turiaf playing well, getting the attention of the coaches and getting more minutes.