Game two and other thoughts.

Kurt —  October 12, 2007

I tried to watch all of the Warriors/Lakers game two, but I fell asleep about the end of the third quarter. I don’t think this can be emphasized enough — don’t read much into these games. Kevin at Clipperblog said it well, “The lineups throughout the course of the game are like those David statue fridge magnet that you can dress with atrociously assembled outfits.” The Lakers ran a late first half roster out there that had Kobe running the point, Coby Karl at the two and Larry Turner at the five. Fairly sure we won’t see that when the games matter.

That said, here are some notes from the game:

• On the bright side, Ronny Turiaf looked a lot better on the offensive end — great post spin move on the block early in the first quarter; next trip down nice pass in the paint that led to a foul and free throws; two possessions later Ronny gives a little up-fake to get his defender in the air, drove the lane then when the defense rotated he made the kick-out pass to Fisher in the corner for the three.

• But the bigger problem was that “Ronny the foul machine” was back with two personal fouls in the first 5 minutes, three within 7:30. Keep that up and he will play his way out of the starting lineup.

• Without Barron Davis in the lineup the Warriors actually played faster — 10 more possessions than two nights ago — but the offense looked and felt far more disjointed. Davis is their glue.

• That said, they still shot 51% (eFG%) for the game (second game in a row where they were over 50%). I still thought the Lakers defensive rotations looked a little better early on, then they broke down as the lineups became an experiment.

• I thought Bynum looked better — he showed some strength inside, both on the boards and with a couple strong dunks on passes inside. Still there are little things to be worked on (like getting a foul for a moving pick, then a leg foul when he showed on a pick and roll). I thought he looked better on pick-and-roll defense than Mihm.

• Farmar’s decision making and shooting may not be ideal, but he looks more confident this year.

Now some non-game thoughts and links.

• Smush Parker was held out of Miami Heat practice one day last week for failing to meet team conditioning standards. Just a bit of schadenfreude.

• I have incredibly high hopes for this — Basketball Prospectus. The focus is on primarily college, but if Ken Pomeroy is on board I’m reading about the NCAA. On the NBA end, Kevin Pelton is one of the writers. I’m looking forward to this.

• has its own new group blog, with plenty of talent on display. Should be interesting to follow as well.

• Festivus on the Southwest.

• Friend of the site Carter Blanchard looks back at a pivotal moment in Kobe’s career.

• Next time LeBron James blows a layup in the NBA Finals, we’ll know why.