Savor It

Kurt —  November 3, 2007

After a summer of rants and frustration and bitterness, that game against the Suns was cathartic. Sure, it was just one game, but today we should just bask in it and think of the possibilities, we’ll save the analysis for a day. So here are some of the thoughts from the comments and emails I got. Enjoy.

Fisher is really balling too. I love the swagger he seems to have. A few times Kobe wanted the ball and Fisher was directing him to go elsewhere on the court. Nice to see him taking charge,


And Kurt, isn’t it wonderful to not see Nash vs. Smush? I swear, it’s like a weight has been lifted whose enormity I never really grasped.
—Rob L.

Who are these guys dressing purple and where are the real Lakers buried that I’m going to throw some more ground on them.

Kobe in the third quarter, ahhh. Reminds of a game a couple years ago where they shredded Dallas on the road. He was picking apart the defense with pinpoint passes, keeping everyone involved…it was a display of beauty. Truly championship-era Jordanesque play.

This was the first time since then I’ve seen him do that.
—A-Hole Carolla

That was so enjoyable to watch, I have nothing else to add.
—kwame a.

This gives guys confidence and speaking of confidence, what about Radmanovic? He was on fire tonight. Bynum played well, Fisher was out of his mind, and Kwame was solid as well. Really nice overall game for the Lakers. Real nice to see.

That was pretty spectacular in all ways. Some moments that still stand out: Luke’s through the legs pass; Ronny’s dunk off Kobe’s bullet pass; all of Vlad’s 3’s; Bynum’s post moves on Amare; pretty much everything Fisher did all night. Ya it’s just one game, but it was a damn fun one.

—carter blanchard

Key to the game, I think, was defense at the PG position. They chased Nash around and when he drove into the paint, I’m glad to see so many gold jerseys collapsing on him. Let’s hope they can keep playing this style of defense.


Laker porn from buzzer to buzzer.

Let’s just sum it up with the combined stats from two players:C Kwame + Bynum 47min 21pts 22rebs 4asst
—The Dude Abides

I’ll keep saying it. If the Lakers stay healthy they will be much better than anyone expects them to be. They would have been a 50 win team last year if Luke, Kwame, Lamar, Vlad Rad, and Mihm didn’t miss 25+ games. Patience baby!