Fast Break Thoughts

Kurt —  December 7, 2007

Haven’t had a chance to do the old FB&G standby of quick thoughts and other links recently, I used to think I did this too much but lately I’ve missed it. So, we’re back, baby.

• The biggest Lakers news: According to friend of the siteNate Jones, Rambis is trying to regrow his ’80s stash. More than anything else, I’ll be looking for that in the next broadcast.

• One thing of note from the last post here where trade discussions were allowed in the comments — almost unanimously Bynum joined Kobe on the untouchable list for trades. Not really a surprise after the start of this season. But, that would not have been the consensus of this board six months ago, and I think more people than not would have given up on him a year ago for a lot less than Kidd. All of which is to say, next time you blast the front office for not seeing that ‘player X” clearly will/will not develop into something, remember they were ahead of you on the Bynum curve and knew what they were doing.

• There was a great follow up thought (and way to kind of words for me) from Kelly Dwyer when looking at the last post (and the Lakers situation):

I do have to point out that “superstar on a team with just enough to make the playoffs and little else” bag isn’t going away. With the luxury tax effectively ushering in a hard salary cap, we’re going to see a lot of teams with stars that take up a third of the payroll with one large deal, a semi-star who is probably overpaid and a load of cheapies surrounding them. Prepare for a whole host of 48-win teams over the next few years. The NBA won’t reach an NFL-level style of parity, but it will move in that direction. Also, don’t be surprised to see some sort of contract restructuring language added into the NBA’s next Collective Bargaining Agreement, so guys like Kobe and KG can re-do their contracts in order to bring more help in.

• One other note. A few people suggested the Lakers go get a free agent next year — remember that the Lakers will be over the salary cap, meaning they can only offer the mid-level exception (what VladRad signed for), they cannot make a big offer. Not many teams can, frankly.

• Interesting discussion over at With Malice — who wins in a Dream Team vs. 07/08 Team USA matchup. Jeff from Celtics Blog, Henry from True Hoop and others weigh in for round one, I’m in for round two going up in a couple days. (Hint, I think it’s a closer game than you do.)

• I love watching Iverson play, especially when he’s hot like he was Wednesday night. I don’t want him on my team, but I love watching him play.

• This season’s early returns are in at NBA Hot Shots, a favorite tool of mine. Plus, colors make it pretty. Anyway, the Painted Area does some interesting early looks at why LeBron is hot and Dirk is cold so far.

• At some point I’m going to do a whole separate post on this, but I can’t say it enough — kuddos to the Lakers for the upgrades to the Web site this year. The quantity and quality of stuff has been great.