One on One with the Legends

Gatinho —  December 11, 2007

Indulge me on an off day (for Kurt and the boys), so I can burden you with a little City of Los Angeles history. It’s for a good cause, and it does involve the Forum Blue and Gold.

Los Angeles mayor James R. Toberman holds the distinction of switching on the city’s first electric streetlights. He served from 1872 to 1874 and again from 1878 to 1882 and was originally one of President Abraham Lincoln’s revenue assessors.

After helping to create the “Hollywood Holding Company”, he would have a part in the building of key Hollywood landmarks including the Roosevelt Hotel, the El Capitan Theatre, the Max Factor building and, Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

However, in the early 1900’s, his 29 year-old son Homer passed away. To honor their son, Toberman and his wife Emma established $25,000 in memoriam to the city of Los Angeles. The organization that was built from Toberman’s original donation still stands to this day in memory of his son.

Toberman Neighborhood Center, then the Homer Toberman Mission, was built in Echo Park in 1903 and by 1937 the mission had moved to its current location in San Pedro. It is one of the oldest charities in Los Angeles.

Their services are vital to the Harbor community and include after-school tutoring and mentoring, family counseling, and gang prevention and intervention. And their mission has been a successful one, as Toberman was named “Non-Profit of the Year” by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles in 2006.

So how does this involve the Lakers? Well…

What do you get the Laker fan who has everything? Or how about the Bruin fan? or any fan of the history of the game? How about a chance to be in the presence of some of the greatest players and coaches the game has ever seen?

Emceed by Stu Lantz, on January 12th, 2008 at the newly built Toberman Gym will be a live auction, lunch, photo opportunities, and a panel Q and A with these legendary guests:

John Wooden: the Wizard of Westwood
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 6 time MVP and NBA champ
Jamal Wilkes NCAA and NBA champion
Keith Erickson NCAA and NBA champion
Bill Walton NCAA and NBA champion
A.C. Green NBA champion
Tex Winter: Originator of the Triangle offense
Ann Meyers Drysdale FIBA Hall of Famer and Phoenix Mercury GM
Marge Hearn wife of the Voice of the Lakers Francis “Chick” Hearn
and Bill Sharman of USC, the Celtics teams of Russell and Cousy, and coach of the ’72 championship team

So, if you’re interested call 310-832-1145 x120 to reserve your seat today. Seating is limited to 300 people and tickets are $250 each. Those looking for a truly once in a lifetime event can purchase the Green Room experience for a more private audience with the legends for $5,000.

Thanks for your support, Happy Holidays, and Go Lakers!

-S. Thompson aka Gatinho



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  1. Off Topic:- Lakers Coach Phil Jackson and San Antonio Spurs Coach Greg Popovich will wear microphones during TNT’s Thursday night broadcast of the Lakers v. Spurs game as part of a new league-mandated policy requiring coaches to wear microphones for nationally televised games.


  2. Off topic:

    (1.) Hopefully, we will get live audio of Phil or Kobe cursing out a teammate so BSPN and the Lakers blogs will have material to make up a new controversy that they can then debate into the ground.

    Kwame better get his shiztick together before Thursday. We need him in their throwing elbows and stepping on people. He is the perfect person to knock Manu and Parker on their respective azzes. Maybe this turkey Kwame can become our enforcer while Bynum puts up sick stats, that would work for me.


  3. INJURY UPDATE: Luke Walton, Kwame Brown and Lamar Odom all set out practice today. Odom is experiencing soreness in his right knee.
    Phil Jackson commented on the progress of Vladimir Radmanovic whom Phil referred to as a space cadet last year for failing to grasp the triangle offense. This season, Jackson says Vlad has returned to Earth, but his free thinking ways still make him a wild card on the floor at times.


  4. The good news is that Mihm practiced. Wow. Not likely that either of those 3 will get significant playing time.

    I guess Kwame can count the days until he hears the “Cat Calls” from Phil.

    I also noticed that Radmanovic’s defense and offense improved as well. He moved better against Golden State without the ball. And he kept forcing opponents away from the baseline and into the heart of the Laker defense (a young number 17).


  5. 1/2 – They actually edit out anything that has to do with strategy really so you end up just hearing “Let’s go!” about 30 times


  6. 4-I liked the Vlad signing from jump, I think there were two problems last year, mainly he was hurt, also he didn’t understand the offense that well. Not to rehash history, but it I would not have signed Walton. when Walton is healthy, how many minutes do people think he should play, I don’t see why he should play more than Vlad (shooting and floor spacing) or Trevor (defense and speed).


  7. Scary moment last night, when TJ Ford hit his head on the ground lat night after being hit by Al Horford. I saw the clip on ESPN it looked pretty bad.


  8. Reporting from Spain:

    Marc Gasol is rolling. The most eficient player in the ACB league had another 2 big games from my last report 2 weeks ago.
    against MMT Estudiantes (team that played the NBA Live tour against Memphis and Toronto) had 15 points shooting 80% FG and 12 rebounds 3 assist and 2 blocks for an EFF of 33.
    against Bilbao 16 points 8 rebounds route to a game-high EFF of 23.

    The league is being dominated by 3 players that you must be familiar with: Future Laker Center Marc Gasol, an almost Laker if Crittenton did not slip to the Lakers Sooting Guard Rudy Fernandez and the youngster sensation (17 years old, 6-3) Point Guard Ricky Rubio. Both Rudy and Ricky (the R&R conection as they are known in Spain) play for DKV Joventut, leader of the ACB.
    All three of them are the top players of the League in EFF and will make the All-ACB team if nothing strange happens.

    not going to talk about them and explain how good they are because you are suposed to know something about them.
    Anyway, if you ask for any report from european players i’ll be pleased to work on it.

    have a look at this R&R clip on website.


  9. I know this is way off topic, but when I read this it reminded me of a constant source of frustration for me last year-

    it’s about Smush and the Heat thinking of trading him, (good luck!).
    I just can’t get over this guys attitude, he thinks he’s entitled to greatness, but he doesn’t have the mindset or work ethic for it.
    I always used to say that he needed to spend a day or two working with a roofing crew on a hot summer day, then he’d appreciate that he gets paid to play basketball, (but for how much longer, I have to wonder)


  10. kwame a.,
    The problem with adding up the positives and subtracting the negatives is that you don’t get a true idea of what the player contributes – it is not a statistical evaluation. Some players can really score, but are a detriment to a team and some, like Walton, don’t seem to do much, but the team runs better when they are on the floor.

    The Lakers need Walton – like Fish – as a glue guy. This is a nebulous term, but all successful teams have at least one, who will play where ever needed and keep the team focus off the individual. Kobe is such a dominant personality that it is probably lucky that the Lakers have two of these people.


  11. I hate to continue this off-topic conversation but I wanted to put in my two cents on the Walton topic.

    I think he was very useful to us the last two years because he help gives us a second play maker who knew the triangle. After the team was blown up the only players who really understood the triangle and can create plays were Luke and Kobe. Lamar never really fully grasped the triangle, Smush was well Smush, and Kwame didn’t have the ball in the low post often enough to create anything. So we really needed Walton in that transition to this team.

    Now we have Fisher back who knows the triangle and Farmar who create also create in the triangle. Bynum also is an underrated passer in the triangle and Radman still needs improvement but isn’t as lost as he used to be.

    All the adds up to not needing Walton as much and needing Ariza’s defense more or Radman’s outside shot.

    So unfortunately we signed Luke to a long term deal and now we have to eat it. That money would have allowed us to stay well underneath that dreaded luxury tax line.

    So yeah, I love Walton but his role and need has diminished greatly.


  12. Xavier,

    Thanks for the Gasol reposts, keep up the good work. Seems like he may really develop into a solid NBA player.

    I agree with Brian’s Walton analysis. He was much more helpful the last couple years. Vlad Rad and Ariza fill two important role. My hope is Luke get traded or learns to make strong contributions off the bench in limited minutes.


  13. 10/11-I agree with both of you. Walton defintley was a key reason the team won 45 games in 05-06. However, looking at the roster this summer, after already knowing Vlad is gonna be here another 5 yrs (including this one) and knowing Lamar can play some 3, I think the FO should have known that what was needed was a player that can defend at the 3.

    Going forward, Phil loves Walton, and the only thing I’m scared of is that Trevor won’t see too much court time when Luke is healthy. At this point, Trevor brings more of what the lakers need than Luke on a night to night basis


  14. We really don’t know Trevor yet. I did follow him for his 1 yr at UCLA, but not since he entered the NBA, so I know he can score around the basket.

    I am most intrigued by his defense, as this was not his specialty at UCLA – he must have learned something from Ben Howland. At 6’8″, I think he will get minutes if he can shut down other 3’s on the perimeter. Phil desperately needs this as Kobe tends to wander and we need somebody to stay at home and still have enough athleticism to recover. I doubt Trevor will lose minutes to Walton when there is an athletic 3 on the other team (read Ginobli). He could become our Bowen without the 3pt shot, but with more ability to rebound and score inside.


  15. 14- I agree. Ariza already has seemed to have a defined role, and it’s good, our team is getting identity

    fish- veteran leadership, great shooting, smart d
    bynum- post presence, rebounder, shot blocker
    vlad- floor spacer, shooter
    brown- defensive big
    turiaf- energy defense, mid-range offense
    farmar- uptempo offense, creator, leader of 2nd unit
    sasha- shooter, can defend some PGs
    critt- rookie minutes
    ariza- defensive 3

    There are 3 players who don’t have/haven’t performed their roles yet. Luke, Lamar and Mihm. They’re gonna have to fit into what is going on with the team to get minutes


  16. Kurt, where the heck to you get off not posting for a day!! Who do you think you are???? Don’t you know we need your posts like Shaq needs hamburgers…common on man, give us some fast break thoughts, give us something…..I’m dying here.

    OK, not really. Enjoy the time off b/c you’ll be blog busy the next couple weeks 🙂


  17. 12. Bobby
    You should know that here in spain they are already compearing Pau and Marc and considering that Marc might catch Pau’s potential as an overall (pau is more versatile ofensively than marc but the young boy is more of a true center)


  18. 16. There is a new post up today. Not my typical stuff, but new.


  19. Kwame a.

    I concur with your analysis of the current setup of the team. Although, I have to admit that I’m pulling for Luke and Lamar. Having said that, for the future…….I think the Lakers should upgrade/improve on the following players (via trade or free agency):

    1. Kwame (only b/c he is good trade bait now)
    2. Sasha (not needed once Critt gets in the fold next year)
    3. Mihm (I’d rather have Marc Gasol)
    4. Lamar (expirement over?? – need a legit 2)
    5. Luke (needs to wake up and add value)

    Now of course, if we end up picking up a great free agent….then some of these parts can stay with the lakers b/c they will only make us more solid and stronger. But to me, if it requires sacrificing these players to aquire a legit 2nd scorer, a PF, or a defensive 3 (i.e. Artest), then I’d pull the trigger.


  20. @adb The Lakers have the defensive 3 in Ariza and Bynum looks to be ready to fill the #2 scorer very soon (I wonder how much he’ll elevate his game in the playoffs). Getting a legit PF is a big deal though because we haven’t had one in a long time.


  21. The key to getting a PF is not to overpay. This team is bulging with potential and if only a couple pan out there will be no cap space for an overpaid PF. Kwame and Lamar will have to accept pay cuts to stay, but Bynum, Farmar, and possibly Crit will need some money over the next 3 yrs. Also, Kobe.