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Kurt —  December 21, 2007


Commenter and reader JD Hasting’s father had great season seats for the Lakers back in the early 1970s, right under the basket. His father recently scanned a whole series of them and Hastings has put them up on his Web site for all to enjoy.

The photo above, watching Wilt go up for a finger roll over Kareem, is my favorite (and as Hastings points out, notice that Wilt has a weggie). But the rest are worth viewing as well, check them out.

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  1. Nice Sherman and Peabody reference.


  2. Glad somebody picked up on that. Now, working in a Thunderrcats reference will be a little more challenging….


  3. LeBron vs. Kobe

    So, who’s better?

    Neither was confronted with particularly challenging defensive assignments, but LBJ’s defense was appreciably worse. On the other end, LeBron had the upper hand when the Cavs had the ball.

    Anyway, their rivalry cannot be decided on the basis of one game. Still, I’m not impressed with LeBron’s “new and improved jump shot.” And I’m certainly not impressed by his inattentive defensive efforts.

    Sure, he’s a great ball player condemned to unilaterally maintain his less-than-great teammates on life-support. But for now, Kobe is an even greater ball player.

    At least that’s what it says here.


  4. Pack your snarfs, it’s gonna be chilly in philly.


  5. Thanks for the post, Kurt! He got the seats through the firm he was working at and actually had them into the Showtime era (I don’t think he has photos of those though). I was too young to be taken back then unfortunately. It was a nice surprise to see these when I arrived home yesterday. Feel free to use them, everybody. My dad isn’t a stock photo shop 😉