True Hooping It Up

Kurt —  December 26, 2007

I’m the guest host over at True Hoop today while Henry goes on a four-day bender spends time with his family. I’ve already got a post up on Andrew Bynum’s coming out party.

No posts here today, we’ll have something tomorrow. No promises on quality, though.

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  1. Kurt, I thought Shaq dunked on Bynum, then Bynum put the move on Shaq for a Dunk. Bynum went down court and slipped Shaq some elbow. Shaq went at him and they ended up w/ two T’s. I could be wrong. Either way it’s on

  2. You are right, and I made the change. Thanks Jason. I remembered it backwards, for whatever reason. Maybe because I’ve been up since 5.

  3. Kurt,

    Excellent job coming off the bench for Abbott.

    Ideas for topics:

    Who are the candidates for the Bulls’ coaching vacancy? Right now it is Pete Myers, but who would you put behind the wheel?

    Is Paxson (the GM) on the hot seat for not trying hard enough to obtain Gasol, Kobe, or a low post scoring presence?

    Why are Houston and Utah firing duds as of late? Coaching, injuries, lack of team chemistry, fatigue (definitely a point on Houston as Adelman tends to over-work his stars)?

    The over-achievers Portland, Indiana, New Orleans, and Atlanta. What are they doing right in comparison to other teams?

  4. Admirable job at TH, Kurt. Also, love the fact that you just couldn’t “resist” showing some AB love; heh, the more attention he gets, the more respect he’ll get from opposing D’s. This seems bad, but it’ll both challenge Andrew to work through it because he’ll see that for the rest of his career and it will free up other guys to score off his passes.


  6. I put my email address in the first TH post, and that has been interesting. As KD knows, Blazers fans expect their love on TH and I’ve gotten a few emails along those lines. Also, apparently, not everyone loves the Lakers. Plus plenty of trade proposals that I “have” to get out there.

  7. Kurt,

    Its good to see you get some run at TH. Thanks for the hard work this year.


  8. “In this situation, everything’s been done to accelerate Andrew’s learning,” Jackson said. “From this organization bending over backward to accommodate him . . . we’re hopeful that it doesn’t change the way he acts as a person. We’ve had people that have not responded well because they’re too young and too pampered. Hopefully, Andrew’s going to be one of those guys that understands what the process is and grows into it.””,0,6709973.story?track=mostviewed-storylevel

    No mind games this time…true words.

  9. Good point anoni. Was he talking about Smush and Kwame (meow, meow)?

  10. 10. More likely…Kareem Rush? Slava? Wafer?

  11. Sorry to double post, but thanks Kurt for posting the additional analysis regarding the coaching vacancy in Chicago.


    Gotta agree on Rush, (not Slava), and maybe on Wafer (he didn’t spend much time with the Lakers or PJ).

    Re-reading deeper into the PJ quote, it is apparent who he is taking a stab at: Kobe. Organization bending over backward, not changing the way he acts as a person, not responded well because they are too young…”
    That’s Kobe to a T.

    All of PJs comments have a double meaning. Kind of like the 3rd quarter interview last night. Where he filibustered and just stated the obvious and the reporter (female, cannot remember her name) got frustrated with him.

  12. Inspired by KD I’ve been playing around with this a little:

    The one thing that’s jumped out to my very unscientific eye-balling: Ronny pops up in an disconcertingly high number of the weak units. Vlad on the other hand seems to do surprisingly well. I could see this being true lately, but over the course of the season, that wouldn’t have matched my intuition.

  13. The guy formerly known as Lamar Odom December 26, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    carter-way, WAY, too much time on your hands. don’t neglect your family!

    Thanks for the great blog and TH, Kurt. I know I give you headaches with my pretending to be Lamar Odom routine, but I’m a prop comic and I use the Lakers for material.

  14. The guy formerly known as Lamar Odom December 26, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    sorry for the double post, but i just checked out the elite team’s blogs (Suns, Spurs, Mavs) and they are awful. Extra thanks to Kurt for providing the good stuff.

    And what’s up with Lamar’s AKA being “The Goods”???
    Since when? And why? He’s not even a consistent player, so he doesn’t even bring the goods every time.

  15. It’s been awesome to see FB&G get props throughout the NBA blogosphere as it’s grown over the last few years, and it’s great to see Kurt get rewarded for all his hard work in building this site and its invaluable community. The True Hoop guest-blogging gig is a big deal, in my eyes at least. Way to go, man!

  16. Guys (and gals), thanks for all the kind words about the site. It really does mean a lot, and I am serious that it is all of you that make this site so much fun to do. The discussions here are fantastic.

    And Lamar, I’ve had far worse headaches. Trust me.

  17. The Goods is that he has the capabilities to be a great NBA player, but…

  18. Some nights we call him “The Bads” and 2-4 times a year, “The Ugly.”

    I just want to know if I should call him a 3 or a 4. I just throw my hands up every time I try to think it through. He’s a 3… but when he plays that position now, it’s appaling. Hey, show me 15 and 10 every night, and I’ll call you whatever you want.

    It’s early, but do you think Bynum deserves an All-Star berth? What Western centers not named Yao are more deserving? According to yahoo fantasy Camby, Stoudamire, Kaman, Yao, …. and Al Jefferson? all rank statistically higher than Drew. Looking at the numbers, I don’t think he’s deserving yet. (grain of salt: yahoo has Bynum ahead of Dwight Howard, due to FT% and TOs)

  19. I think Drew’s scary because we can’t tell what the ceiling will be. What if he really develops that sky hook next off-season? Despite all the new-fangled stats, numbers continue to lie. Howard is further than Drew because you can see how good he can be, whereas you’re not sure with Drew. Stoudamire puts up good numbers because he’s in that high-octane o. To me, he’s just flashy. I think we’re seeing him at his ceiling right now. And his decline might happen really quickly once Nash retires.

    That said, I want to reiterate my appreciation for this site. Kurt, I only started reading this past off-season and have only commented a few times (and always bring up the tail-ends because I’m reading here in Hawai`i…can I really be the only one reading from the 808?), but I got all defensive when I saw you were doing TH and scanned all the comments to make sure no one was ragging on you. It’s great to see the truly dedicated Lakers fans who make this site what it is and I can only hope to emulate y’all.

  20. Kurt, I must say… being handed over the keys to TrueHoop makes me proud I’m a member of your site.

    Everyone has their own identity – be it Craig the Bynum-believer, Drray the Cool-advocator or Warren the TradeMeister. LOL.

  21. Lakers’ Bynum on the rise — and in a big way
    His stock is climbing. And fast. Consider: I asked several scouts, execs and a couple of media types this question in recent days: If you’re the Lakers, would you trade Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom for Amare Stoudemire? The consensus was a resounding no. The best answer: “Two months ago, I would have done that. Today, no way. Bynum has come that far that fast.”

    Anyone who watched Suns-Lakers on Christmas Day would think hard to make a Bynum-for-Amare deal straight up. Of course, that couldn’t happen because of salary restrictions. Bynum is making $2.1 million, Stoudemire $13.7 million.

    No one expects Bynum to continue to improve at this rate — but let’s say he becomes more productive than his more famous teammate? Will Kobe look at Bynum the way he used to look at Shaq? Will Bynum tell some Internet blogger to ship out Kobe? Or will the Lakers have a one-two punch that makes them very serious championship contenders? If Kobe is smart, he’ll stay away from No. 1 to make sure Bynum doesn’t opt for No. 2 and the answer becomes No. 3.

  22. Milestone approaching
    The Lakers’ victory over the Suns gave Jackson his 937th coaching victory and moved him within one win of late, great Boston Celtics coach, general manager and team executive Red Auerbach for seventh place on the NBA’s all-time list. The Lakers play Utah on Friday and Boston on Sunday, so it’s possible Jackson could catch and pass Auerbach with a Lakers’ win over the Celtics.

  23. so is Bynum getting a max extension this summer?

  24. Gr8dunk,
    We shouldn’t even need to have this Kobe-Shaq-AB discussion. I don’t think even a visitor from Mars would say Kobe’s personality and drive are the same as Shaq’s. Kobe idolizes being the best and working insanely hard to get there. Shaq loves being on top and wants to have the most fun while he is there. Shaq has a thin skin and Kobe doesn’t appear to have any skin at all (not true, but you get my drift).

    Kobe is tired of losing when it counts and will feed anyone who will help quench his thirst. Kobe’s personality is so driven and focused that he will always draw more storylines because being good & bad is always more interesting than being all good or all bad.

    Drew — we are learning about, but Kobe sure hasn’t tried to isolate AB like Shaq did in the late 90’s.

    I say we look around for a different comparison.

  25. Yes, AB will get the max extention…..then he’ll demand the Lakers trade Kobe for a player that makes everyone better… Jason Kidd


  26. havent been posting on here in a few months…super busy at work…but I do get to read..Kurt…congrats on the TH gig…hopefully this will lead to bigger and better for you and yours.

  27. I’d actually prefer AB to not develop the sky-hook. That would mean he’d need to have the ball in his hands to be productive. So let’s see, Kobe, Lamar, and now Bynum would need the ball in their hands to be productive.

    3 players needing the ball in their hands, will not work all the time. Denver with 2 players needing the ball, consistently under-achieve.

    However, Boston with 3 play-makers over-achieve. The difference is, Boston uses most of the shot clock, does not shoot wild 3 pointers, and does not attempt crazy passes. If they did, teams would be averaging well over 100 points against them. They have one of the best defenses in the league (if not the best).

    As long as Bynum, Lamar, and Kobe learned how to share the ball, this would work. Currently, Lamar and Kobe need to improve in this area as they hoist 20-22 footers early in the clock.

    Bynum will hopefully sign a $10 mil extension. According to PJ, he understands the concept of team ball and I hope he learned from Al Jefferson who signed less than a max contract to let the Wolves surround him with talent during free agency (unlike Kobe).

  28. 20. I was ragged on a little in the TH comments, but on a site like that if you don’t tick a few people off your just posting milquetoast. Plus, I have a very thick skin for things like that.

  29. 81 witness,

    Unlike Kobe? Are you saying that, somehow Kobe is not allowing the Lakers to attract talent by having a max contract? If so, that is bogus.

  30. you know i agree that kobe could resign for less if he is so bent on winning – but maybe not, I mean the bulls seem to be able to get a lot of high level talent and pay them all near max salaries.

  31. @28: If Bynum signs a $10 Million extension, forget cap space. They’d have Kobe at $20ish, LO @ $12, Bynum at $10, and Radman/Luke @ $6 each. That’s $54 million right there…for 5 players. That doesn’t even take into account the at least $10 million Ariza, Farmar, Critt, and Fisher have between them. Ronny, Sasha, and Kwame are all FA’s too. At least 2 of them, if not 3, will be brought back. Kobe, LO, and AB would all have to sign for $10 Million to have a crack at the FA crop anytime soon.

  32. Wondahblap, see post 32.

    By Kobe taking a $20M contract, the team has $10M less cap space then say Jefferson in Minnesota who signed for about $10M a year. I am thinking Minny can easily afford a 2nd star after this year’s FA.

    Unless Buss has incredibly deep pockets like NY (well over the luxury tax cap), you can forget the Lakers attracting a 2nd star to LA.

    In other news, Chicago finally attracted a new coach:

    The 52-year-old Boylan also has been an assistant in Cleveland under Mike Fratello (1993-97), Vancouver under Brian Hill (1997-2000), Phoenix under Skiles (2000-01) and Atlanta under Terry Stotts (2003-04).

    Sounds like he’s been an assistant on some great winning teams (sarcasm intended).

  33. Boylan is a fine coach, I’m sure, but he is an interim stop gap unless he can make some sort of major turnaround happen. Paxson will (wisely) spend the rest of this season doing a top-to-bottom evaluation of the roster and franchise, then start to make some changes.