Paying My Debt

Kurt —  March 1, 2008

As was mentioned yesterday, with the Blazers win I had to write a “why we should fear the Blazers in the coming years” post for the Blazers Edge. Here it is.

to Paying My Debt

  1. Can someone please tell me why fisher was in the game so long last night? Farmar tied and beat his previous career high in consecutive games before friday and played only 17 min, opposed to 24 in the previous games. Fisher is shooting like crap right now, he can’t create for other teammates, nor can he play defense consistently. What was phil thinking? i know you had to be screaming at the tv like i was yesterday. The blazers were shooting the lights out but the lakers didn’t have to lose. phil is so stubborn sometimes!!!! arghhh!!!!


  2. you done good, my friend. now let’s get ready for dallas


  3. Thanks for the shout out Kurt. You held up your end of the bargain for Dave…although I think we all can agree that we would have liked to have had Dave gracing this page with his take on the Lakers. Oh well. Now like bend just said, let’s get ready for Dallas.


  4. Loving the post, considered posting over there but got too lazy. Anyways, they are young, intelligent, and athletic but if they become too risk-averse they could have a potential Bulls situation on their hands. But if there’s any truth to the Kidd rumors and potential trades of guys like Webster/Outlaw they won’t need to worry about that I suppose


  5. Good read and well done Kurt!

    You tell it like it is when you said “…I may not feel that same love, but the respect for how it was done and the quality of the game will remain.” Blazers are looking to gain my respect as well as they go forward to the same respect that I have with the spurs right now. I feel the changing of the guards is happening right before our very eyes and for the west and for years to come… it will be us Lakers, Blazers and the Hornets matchups that will keep us at the edge of our seats.

    Lets Go Lakers!!!


  6. sorry that you lost the bet, kirk, but that was a fine piece you wrote on their blog.
    san antonio won tonight, time for the Lakers to respond tomorrow.


  7. The comments on their blog seem arrogant and, well, idiotic. I was definitely not expecting them to try to rub it in our face and trash-talking.

    Portland fans, you can have your glory of the game. We still have two more match-ups, likely with Bynum in our roster. Let’s see how much you gloat, then.


  8. Warren Wee Lim March 1, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    I think it was a very sound and proud message Kurt, and it shows the fanaaticism does not have to include haterism – as I do. While we may feel some “hate” for teams like Phoenix or Boston (with all the tradition), I feel like I owe it to the game to not show hate.

    Let it be said: “Let bias show first before hate.”

    Class Act Kurt.


  9. Remember, this is a Blazer franchise that dubbed the first matchup with the Lakers in the 2001 regular season “Game Eight”.

    Can’t remember too many of the details of “game eight”, but I do remember what happened when LA & Portland met in the 2000 & 2001 playoffs.


  10. Jimmy (7),

    Which comments?

    This one: “Bravo Kurt”?

    Or this one: “and that my friends is why the Lakers have the smartest fans in the NBA”?

    Or perhaps this one: “Gawrsh … Ah, shucks, you shouldn’t have …”?

    Maybe this one: “Remarkable candor! I really appreciate the honest analysis of our team and its future. I also really enjoyed your input regarding Rudy Fernandez, the more I see video of him, and read what people write about him, the more excited I get about what he IS going to be able to do for the Blazers. Thanks for the write up.”?

    Or how about: “Class act all the way through I loved the intensity of the game last night, and here’s to more of that in the years to come.”

    Or could it be: “Thanks Kurt, you’re swell!”?

    Maybe: “ah, Kurt’s a good sport, I appreciate that.”?

    Or maybe you were offended by: “Even though I still strongly dislike the L*kers…I applaud the class you just showed. I’d wish your team luck, but that would be disingenious, so I’ll just wish you (personally) the best.” ?

    Or was it my claim on this very site that the Lakers are going to be contenders this year while the Blazers would be in the lottery again? Personally I think we’ll have a hard time winning another from you this year with or without Bynum.

    Yup…we’re just dripping with arrogance up north. And trash-talking. And gloating. That’s what we do until the rain stops…well, between drinking flavored coffee and running from hairy-legged women.



  11. well done Kurt. Way to represent LA fans.


  12. Well done, give Portland credit while shooting down their hopes!! They are a great young team, it was extremely impressive to see them challenge us yesterday. I’m looking forward to plenty of great battles in the future.


  13. Dave- to be absolutely fair, there was that one comment you didn’t quote (Kobe Bryant is scum, the Lakers won’t be stiff competition for the Blazers, etc.).

    I’ll admit that while most of the comments were quite polite and gracious, that one will rub on any fan’s nerves, if only because we would want to start a giant debate about the viability of the Laker frontline, Oden-vs-Bynum, etc.

    Anyhow- I like the post, Kurt; you paid your debt with class. Though I do agree with the couple who mentioned Roy was their go-to guy 😛


  14. Acquiring Roy, Aldrige and Oden in back to back drafts is pretty remarkable. I give GM Kevin Pritchard a lot of credit for the Randy Foye for Brandon Roy trade as well as the Tyrus Thomas for LaMarcus Aldrige trade, although Greg Oden was just pure luck.

    I think given where our draft picks were the last few years (10th, 19th, 26th, 37th and 48th) you have to give Kupchak a lot of respect for drafting Bynum, Farmar and Turiaf in 2005 and 2006. Not to mention picking up Crittenton and Marc Gasol before this season, which proved to be vital pieces to the Pau trade. I personally believe this is the best trade since Jerry West shipped out Divac for Kobe. This is the first season I have ever praised Mitch Kupchak, but I now believe he should be considered for the NBA office executive of the year.

    I was at game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals and it was the greatest game I have ever witnessed. I expect many more excellent playoff games between the two teams in the future. Hopefully with the same results as our 3 peat, because we are looking for a lot more rings. Go Lakers!

    Very insightful and well written post by Kurt.


  15. The only irritating comment from Blazer fans was the argument about LO and Gasol not being able to play together when they move up position numbers to let Drew in. The assumption that Oden will be better then Drew is forced. One is a proven NBA player the other is a proven injury magnet. Oden didn’t dominate in college. Thats not saying that Oden is a bust or will be one. I just think he has many more questions to answer then Bynum does and Bynum has just as much upside as any center playing or waiting to play in the NBA.

    As for Outlaw, I live in Portland. I watch the kid play. He’s been off and on my fantasy league teams for two seasons now. I like his game allot but he cannot finish in traffic. I think its a strength issue that he may solve but, in terms of who the Lakers have to match him, someone named Kobe seems to at least match Outlaw’s contribution and Ariza would match him well on defense.