You Like Me

Kurt —  April 24, 2008

You really, really like me.

Seriously, I am touched to have won the “Sixth Blogger of the Year” (best team-focused blog) in the Hardwood Paroxysm recent NBA blogger voting. Especially when I think of all the fantastic blogs I read and think, “Man, I wish I was that good.”

This little site has grown into a fantastic community, where I serve as caretaker and conversation starter. But it is the community that keeps me (and I think many of you) interested. So, thanks for voting for me.

PS. I am so going to rub this in Ziller’s face.




26 responses to You Like Me

  1. congratumalations!

  2. Woo hoo! Well deserved! Best Sports Blog I have ever read (Kurt’s posts and readers’ comments both included.)

  3. carter blanchrd April 24, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    very well deserved.

  4. congratulations!

  5. congrats, I am glad my vote went to good use =)

  6. BP,
    it overruled Fred Hickman’s abstention.

    Much props, K.

    – 5 –

  7. Congrats Kurt vand everybody else here who is doing a great job.. ForumB&G has been a great team effort and pleasure – Just like the ball game!!

  8. Red 5- Good to see you post again, do so more often. Funny you bring up Fred Hickman, I can’t believe he didn’t vote for Shaq in 99-00.

  9. Congrats Kurt. Glad to see you and Henry cleaning up with the awards. Keep up the great work and everyone here will try to live up to the standard that you set with all your insight.

  10. Well deserved award. The quality of your posts and that of the commenters are almost unmatched by any fan site, let alone a paid blog.

  11. congrats. the award’s design is truly rub-it-in worthy, colors blazing and all.

  12. I totally voted for you for Sixth Blogger. But they may have thrown my vote out, as I think I voted for you for every category you were up for. Stuffing the ballot box? Maybe, but I did only vote once. In the internet age, that’s like waiting for marriage.

  13. I hate to double-post, but…who’s “The Logo” for the blogger award? I really hope it’s Jerry West’s nerdy great nephew.

  14. Congradulations!
    For me,I drop in several times a day because the comments are just as interesting as your posts.
    Thank you all for putting a little light in my day.

  15. Well deserved.

  16. I have reduced the number of other blogs I go to for information of a general nature because this blog is so good at giving me what I want. I use the links here and about 8-9 other sites, but always start here. You deserve the award.

  17. Muchos Congratialones! (Yes I just made that up.)

    I’m only disappointed you only won one.

  18. 13. I know it’s not me, that logo has a lot of hair.

  19. Congrats Kurt – this remains the only blog where I feel it is worth while to join the discussion. You and everyone else here do a great job saying interesting, thoughtful things.

  20. 18 – i thought it kinda looked like a beanie cap, the type worn by LEON in the movie Natalie Portman debuted.

    But the logo DOES seem to resemble those who blog at work. Sitting upright, looking all serious, big chunky monitor on an outdated system (i haven’t had a horizontal desktop since the 80s).

  21. I’m pretty sure plenty of us here use a laptop. I hope next year, when Kurt wins again, that the logo uses a laptop. Congrats Kurt, I am honored to be a part of this blog. Though someone mentioned I was the Luke Walton of this site =/

  22. 21- sounding more and more like a compliment, eh?

    I think i’ll assume the mask of … Vlad? :p

  23. Then that makes me the DJ Mbenga of the site. Don’t leave many fingerprints, but I enjoy soaking up all the greatness that this site has to offer.


  24. I would agree with all that this is the first site I go to and the best one to follow the Lakers. Everybody who comments seems to know what they are talking about at the right time.

    Congratulations Kurt and please keep it up.

  25. Congratulations from Spain!!

    This is the one and only blog I read every day, because of you and all the people arround here, far away to be blind fanatics.

    Go Lakers!

  26. Parabéns! (Congratulations)

    Kurt, are you hanging a banner in your living room? That would be awesome…