Lakers/Celtics Game 3 Chat

Darius Soriano —  June 10, 2008

Obviously this is a must win game for the Lakers. Although fans of Boston sports know that a comeback from 3-0 is possible in a series, Lakers fans would rather not test that and would prefer a home win tonight to get this series back on track. All that said, we must remain confident. We are a great team. We have not lost a home game in months. And while the Celtics performed well on the road against Detroit, they were taken to 7 games against both Atlanta and Cleveland and really showed that they could be rattled on the road. They are not immune from having let downs on the road and tonight they face one of the best home teams in the league. I know the players believe; we should believe too. And on that note here are some keys to tonight’s game from several of the regular contributors to the site, in bullet fashion:



*The Lakers have not performed up to its (lofty) standards on the offensive end so far. A lot (and I mean a lot) of credit must go to the Celtics’ defense, while some of that dropoff can also be attributed to just missing shots and not playing in any type of rhythm for major stretches in both games. While the Lakers have had some early success in both games (and a nice run in the 4th quarter of Game 2) we must find ways to sustain that effort for longer stretches tonight. There are 2 keys to making this happen and they work hand in hand. First is establishing the post. Pau proved that he could score in the post on both KG and Perkins. He was decisive with the ball and attacked with aggression when given the opportunity. The problem was, those opportunities did not materialize in the second half as we continually went away from the post and were very perimeter centric. We need to continue to get the ball inside and let Pau create for himself and for others. He has a quickness advantage on Perkins and has the size to nullify some of KG’s length and athleticism (and as he showed on that baseline drop-step/spin move, he is not scared to challenge KG when it’s there for him). We need more of this in order to establish our half court offense. But, the Lakers can not just rely on half court sets to beat this Celtics team. The Celtics are one of (if not the) best half court defensive teams we have seen all year. When their defense is set, they do a great job of taking away passing angles with ball denials and shutting down driving lanes. So, we need to create more early offensive chances. That means rebounding the ball (something we were a lot better at in Game 2, 37-36 advantage Celtics) and pushing the ball. This is where Lamar can get on track by rebounding and pushing, and this is also where we can get Kobe more chances to work in space and attack where he sees fit. During our comeback run in the 4th quarter in the last game, Kobe basically got the ball in the open court, created for himself or broke down the defense and created good looks for our 3 point shooters. Basically, we need to play faster when we can, and when we can’t push pace, we need to establish the ball in the post.




*On defense, the Lakers need to play a much stronger game than what they’ve played so far. We need to play position defense and quit the reaching, grabbing, swiping, and hacking. The Celtics are a good FT shooting team and we can’t bail them out by getting into the penalty early. That means we need to quit fouling when players are not in a position to score and that means that we need to eliminate the off ball fouling. Also, defensive possessions end with a defensive rebound. We have played strong defense on many possessions, only to have Boston get an offensive rebound and just reset their offense. As I mentioned above, a major key to us being able to get out and run on offense is securing the defensive rebound. Every players focus should be securing the ball. The bigs need to box out and the guards need to close down the FT line. We need all 5 to the glass tonight.




*We need an improved effort from our bench. Traditionally in these playoffs they have played much better at home than on the road. We will need that improved effort from them tonight. One of the big keys to this series so far has been the effort and effectiveness of the Boston bench. The Lakers need to get that same effort, effectiveness, and execution from their bench. In short, we need a Leon Powe game from one of our guys tonight. Remember, this is a bench that has put up huge chunks of points in games throughout the season. They are capable; they must show it. As for a couple of specifics, I hope to see more Turiaf on Powe tonight. Turiaf is a similar player to Leon and I hope Phil uses him in the same way that he used Sasha on Korver/Ginobili in previous rounds. Turiaf can match Powe in energy and can bang with him on the glass and I hope he gets a chance to prove it. And while I hope to see Ariza some tonight for defensive purposes, I think we can only use him while Odom is out of the game. Phil said after Game 2 that he took Trevor out of the game because his presence was stagnating to the offense. With both Trevor and Lamar in the game, Boston is able to sag off of 2 Lakers and further control the paint with its help defense. So while Trevor’s defense can come in handy, Phil will have to be careful with how he dispatches him tonight (and if to at all) because of the impact it can have on the offense. But overall, we need sharp bench play. Our guys are young and should have fresh legs after a pretty quick turnaround and a long trip.



Overall, as I mentioned above this is a must win game. But we have the ingredients to beat this team and it’s a testament to our team that while playing below our usual standard, we have had the chance to win the first 2 games in the closing minutes. For more insight, please read the thoughts of David Thorpe and Mike Moreau over at the WWL.




Commenting Note: Kurt has been out, but he has entrusted this site to us, the community that makes Forum Blue and Gold the great blog that it is. And in that spirit, I ask that we maintain this site in a manner that is respectful to everyone. So respect the guest posters. Respect the commenters. And for those that leave comments that do not show an understanding of the posting guidelines, your comments will be moderated and/or edited/deleted.



Update: Just wanted to mention that I received news from Kurt that Mom, new baby girl, and family are all healthy and happy. -Gatinho

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345 responses to Lakers/Celtics Game 3 Chat

  1. Agree with the post up of Pau. Most successful play we ran in the halfcourt against the Boston D. Can’t get impatient and stray away from it.

    It’s gonna be interesting how this game is reffed early on. Hopefully they just let the teams play. Enough with the tickytack calls. No one came to watch the refs blow whistles.

  2. First of all, congratulations to Kurt and his family.

    I also agree with posting up Pau. He was very successful in game 2 when he had the ball in the post (I think he made his first 6 shots). I remember screaming that aint no “weenie” shot when he dunked on KG. The Lakers need more of that. Hopefully the Lakers play much better tonight I know they are capable of it. The shots should fall a little bit easier for guys like Sasha and Farmar.

  3. I will reiterate what I said in earlier comments. I think that we need to find a way to keep Radmanovich on the floor, as he has done well rebounding and his three point shooting makes it harder for the Celts to clog up the lanes.

    That said, if he is stuck on Pierce it is going to be a challenge for him to stay out of foul trouble so I hope that someone else gets that assignment.

    Celtics deserve ample credit, to be sure, but the Lakers have shown little discipline to stick to their game, and surprisingly, for all of the talk of their ability given their personnel to play different styles, have made few wholesale adjustments, save for abandoning the triangle in Q4 of game two.

    Game three is a nail biter moment.


  4. carter blanchard June 10, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    Just wanted to say that while at first I was very excited to see Ariza early, it became pretty obviously quickly that he has no business on the floor this year. I think Pierce blew by him on 3 straight possessions. It’s easy to forget that he’s only 23, hasn’t played basketball in months, and has no playoff experience to speak of (getting swept with Orlando doesn’t really count for anything). To throw him into a crucial Finals game like this is probably not the best move. I think in the years to come he’ll be a huge help, but he needs to regain his confidence, feel for the game, and trust in his teammates. I’d prefer him not to go through that during this series.

  5. Congratulations are in order for the new daddy, Kurt! Glad to hear everything went well!

    Tonight I’m looking for Pau, Kobe, and hustle–out of their minds desperation hustle. I don’t want to see James Posey running around like a chicken with his head cut off and radmanovic loping around like a dairy cow.

    Carter, good point about Ariza.

    Someone brought up The Truth’s three point shooting percentage before. While 7/8 is ridiculously good, they’ve all been wide wide wide open (did i mention he was wide open). let’s have less of that, shall we? Mmm thanks.

  6. 3 easy steps to winning game 3:
    1) Play defense
    2) Play some more defense (no one should have a lane to the basket from the other court’s 3 point line NO ONE)
    3) Be aggressive, we won’t get calls otherwise

    If we don’t do the above we will get swept. Doesn’t matter where we play, LA, Boston, Mars … whatever

  7. This Little Pinky June 10, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    Seems like when Kobe is aggressive and then dumps the ball off, it creates an open look for the next player or the player after that.

    I remember one play in particular where drove, he seemed to have nowhere to go, threw it back to Radmanovic as a last resort, and then Rad found Fisher for an open look.

  8. Offense: Run the the ball through Pau, let Odom roam in the triangle, get open 3’s for Vlad and Sasha, more pick and rolls for Gasol, less isolation, less midrange jumpers, more Kobe in the paint…

    Defense: stop the entry pass, keep Garnet shooting J’s, defend Pierce closer on the perimeter, give better help in the post, invite Rondo to shoot any jumper he wants, be more physical on Allen.

    Mentality: The Lakers need to remember what they did to the Celtics at the end of the 4th quarter on Sunday. They must push the ball all game, tire the old men out and use their athleticism. If they assert their dominance, Boston will lose their confidence.

    If L.A. can do these things, they will not only win the game, but reset the tone for the entire series. The Celtics have showed their fragility in the past… let the role players know that they aren’t as good as they think they are, and they will lose their edge.

  9. Joey Crawford and Bennett Salvatore tonight.
    Things are looking up.

  10. Congrats Kurt and family! Nothing like a new life to put all this sports hype in perspective. Enjoy the new addition, please don’t name her Paula or Leona even though those performances seemed downright miraculous. Seriously though, congrats to you and yours, look forward to reading your stuff again soon…

  11. The Lakers need to FIGHT and COMPETE!!!! Enough is enough. Either they gut it out or get wiped out. No more excuses.

  12. Congrats Kurt!

    Go Lakers!!!!! I believe in the team. Hopefully, the mindset from the 4th quarter in game 2 can carry them through the series.

  13. Congratulations to Kurt and family! Busy days ahead for you. 🙂

  14. congrats kurt!

    now let’s go lakers!

  15. Come on Lakers, lets give the new daddy a week long father’s day gift.

  16. I can’t agree more with that has been said so far on the blog and the comments. The only idea I have not seen being considered concerns the defensive end.

    Kobe Bryant on Ray Allen is not a great matchup for LA. Not because Kobe can’t guard Ray (he obviously can shut him down if need be), but because it is simply dumb to have your star offensive player constantly chasing a jump shooter through picks – not to mention the cheap fouls he picked up in game 2 due to Allen. This cannot happen again.

    I say the best solution is to switch he and Fisher. Let Kobe roam from the weak side while guarding Rondo. He will give him the jumpshot and do a good enough job of staying in front of Rondo so that he’s not constantly filing through the paint and dumping off 16 assists in one game. He really has been the x-factor for Boston, because of his comfort level. He is playing extremely confident and he’s getting the entire team involved and they’re catching the ball in positions to score. With Kobe blanketing him, it can take him a bit out of his comfort zone. There won’t be much need for help defense even if Rondo beats him off the dribble, because Kobe will be able to recover well enough, seeing as Rondo doesn’t have anything close to an arsenal of moves on offense.

    That leaves Fisher on Allen, which I’m okay with, as long as Ray Ray isn’t letting ’em drain (which i’m optimistic about from an LA fan’s standpoint) like its NBA Live. He can at least get a hand in the face of Allen and keep a body in front of him. Most importantly – keep him off the FT line!

    Its worth a shot – I just know that Kobe on Allen is NOT the best approach to our defensive matchups, and Kobe guarding Rondo allows him room to roam, get loose balls, block shots, and hit the open floor earlier for fast breaks. These are the things we currently are lacking and why we are down 2-0.

    It’s about that time to pull the switcharoo – at least in certain situations when Farmar is not on the court.

    Regardless – Lakers should and will win tonight – Boston is going to shoot poorly (there is a difference in the rims tightness levels between Boston & Staples. If you notice, Boston’s are very bouncy, while LA’s are supertight). And we should get a fair number of trips to the charity stripe – not to mention our Bench stepping up.

    LA 106
    Boston 99

  17. Atown. Your defensive switch makes alot of sense. Also, having Kobe on Rondo neutralizes Rondo’s offensive rebounding ability. Let Ray Allen beat us on the post.

  18. Did you guys hear that Donaghy has officially accused 2 other refs of helping fix at least one playoff series? More gut wrenching is that it was the Lakers/ Kings series of 2002. I’m inclined to believe what he is saying. I don’t see how he could have manipulated a series alone. This is coming right after a very questionable game yesterday. Dark days for our favorite sport.

  19. Lets go Lakers! I still think we can do this, lakers have to win tonight.

  20. Hate to say it – but with the Donaghy story breaking about the 2002 Lakers/Kings Conference Final, and with Joey Crawford as a ref (no call against Fischer vs. Spurs), and all the uproar about game 2 – the Lakers will get screwed again as there would be too much comment and controversy if the Lakers get more calls than the Celtics.

    All this stuff is ruining the NBA. Very sad.

  21. Congratulations Kurt !!!
    I’m still confident that the Lakeshow will perform up to standard tonight… GO LAKERS !!!!

  22. Congrats to Kurt on the new addition. Another Laker fan in the world is a great thing.

    Lakers are gonna sweep at home and make this their series. They’ve come too far this season as a team to just lay down and die without taking this thing back to Boston up a game. Go Lakers!

  23. I’m watching some clips from game 2, alot of their off ball screens killed us, no one has been able to keep up through the 2-3 screens on Allen/Pierce etc. and it lead to alot of easy points. Is it feasible to throw a zone at this? Maybe switch on off-ball screens as well? Their conversion rate on these plays had to have been 3/4+ and I’m hoping PJ figured out a way to stop this

  24. The only series specifically noted in the donaghy article is the Rockets/Mavs in 05. There is mention of another series in 02, but it says that game 7 was “ensured” after two players got ejected in game 6. That wasn’t any Laker series, so which teams was it?

  25. I am picking the Lakers tonight by about 5 or 6. I think the scoring for the Lakers will be in the high 90’s. I expect the defense to pick up tonight.

  26. Vlad and someone else fouled out. I don’t think they were technical fouls, but it was definitely Laker/Kings game 6.

  27. Okay, from the ESPN article about donaghy, they say that Lakers Kings was the only series to go 7 that year… still doesn’t explain who got ejected, but that doesn’t bother our intrepid ESPN folks, does it.

  28. 27. So there it is, a game we were all pointing to as an example of bushleague officiating is now the game that donaghy points to to show the same thing. My initial conclusion is that that means the NBA wanted the Lakers to threepeat… so what do they want now? A long series, where by game 7 the refs finally let the teams decide? A guaranteed ring for the C’s before their window closes, as tough early round matchups showed they might not be as dominant as hoped? A hole for Kobe to heroically climb out of? We’ll find out soon enough, I guess, but it’s sad the players really have no say. I just hope someone brings out a folding chair and does a flying suplex off the top rope or whatever…

  29. Pollard was the other person to foul out in game 6. 6 fouls in 11 minutes of play?? come on now?

  30. Congrats to Kurt.

    A little cultural note:

    I noticed that on C’s blog, they post links to Laker blogs at the top of the thread–with this one first. That and Jeff’s outburst about the “Dark Lord” post may partially explain all the Celtics’ fans coming over here.

    As far as Game 3, a quick recap of what I said earlier:

    –contain Rondo better
    –be physical off the ball
    –attack the rim offensively
    –hope the Celtics, particularly Pierce, miss a few shots. Pierce is 7/8 on 3s so far.

    The Lakers know all this—and much more, of course. It is an issue of “can.” I hope they can, but I am ready for the possibility that the Celtics, an excellent team, are just a bad matchup for the Purple and Gold and adjustments can only go so far.

    Go Lakers.

  31. So now we get confirmation that NBA games are fixed. [sarcasm] Wow, what a relevation. [/sarcasm]

  32. So, if games are fixed. Then Lakers are definitely winning tonight…hahaha. But, will they cover?

  33. Whatever happens, the NBA is in DEEP trouble regardless. This doesn’t even need to be 100% true as NBC just had a poll that had 57% responding that they thought the NBA was fixed. This just gives more fuel to it. And it seems like that’s the case because the NBA just couldn’t help but go to the well one more time in Game 2.

  34. It’s absolutely sickening. If his allegations turn out to be true, which seems pretty likely, the sport is going to be turned upside down. It also means that two NBA refs are still out there doing the same underhanded crap. I don’t know about game 2, but it’s as good a guess as any. They need to restructure next season. It’s funny how the media is kind of dodging the topic right now. I mean you’re talking about a scandal that could completely ruin the relevance of the sport. Unbelievable.

  35. It has been very odd for me to watch these Finals. Neither of the games played in Boston did LA play with any passion or intensity. The Celtics were regularly going hard to the hole while the Lakers were looking to go for layups and jumpers instead of going strong to the hole.

    I haven’t seen a Laker take a hard foul the way I saw Rondo take one in Game 2 and to me that is disconcerting.

    This though I think is born out of the fact that the Western Conference is talented, but not nearly as physical as the Eastern Conference. Some would say that the Jazz played a very physical brand of basketball, but I would say it is NOTHING on the level of what the Celtics/Pistons/Cavs play.

    Boston takes this to another level by basically using every defensive “trick” in the book. This goes from Jersey grabbing to hip bumping to wrist or arm grabbing after a player goes by them. None of it is illegal or will cause a player to fall down (unless they are a flopper) and it really eats at players.

    Boston has been extremely physically with the Lakers and the Lakers have tried to imitate what they believe the Celtics are doing, but I believe this is playing as the Celtics do. Anyone who follows sports knows you don’t come into a series and play reactively to a team or try to counter what they do. You play your game plan and then tweak things that don’t work.

    Up until now I haven’t felt the Lakers made adjustments to what their game plan and making it better, but simply trying to be “physical” with the Celtics since it is being done to them in hopes that this will slow them down.

    The reality…is that the Celtics like it when you play that way with them and due to the now very obvious strength and toughness advantage that the Celtics have (especially in their front line) it’s an uphill climb.

    The Lakeshow cannot continue to try to mirror this type of chippy play the Celtics want to play. LO and Pau HAVE to find Garnett and Brown/Perk and put a body on EVERY defensive board opportunity. In fact, EVERYONE has to get a body on their guy and stop giving up offensive boards. Between Garnett, Perk, and Powe these guys go after offensive rebounds and they must be accounted for. Box out these aggressors and trust your teammates to get boards .

    They need to get back to crisper ball movement (more passing less dribbling) or if there is going to be excessive dribbling take it going north south and not east west. I guess what really boggles me is that I know the Celts have a quick rotating defense to get to open shooters even when they double, but people cannot outrun a ball getting passed around the perimeter 2-3 times. Someone is going to be open.

    As bad as the Lakers have looked in two games so far…I’m still waiting for them to actually mentally make it to the Finals and realize they are two games from elimination. This is as poor as I’ve seen them play and frankly it just looks like everyone is afraid to step up and take the charge/big shot, drive hard to the hoop even if you know a hard foul is coming, box out every time for boards, make the hustle plays and show some fire and pride.

    I commend Kobe for showing that fire, but I feel that the way he shows it really dejects his teammates at times and it is more destructive than constructive. He means well…but man he can seem like a jerk.

    Hopefully, the homestand will get that fire and pride going and the Celts will stop being able to push the Lakers anywhere they want them to go on the court and if they can play to even half of their potential instead of the slop I’ve seen so far…this is going back to Boston 3-2 Lakers.

  36. This Little Pinky June 10, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    The refs for Game 6 of the 2002 playoff Kings-Lakers: Dick Bavetta, Bob Delaney, Ted Bernhardt

  37. Damn Delaney got us during the last game. I guess what goes around comes around.

  38. Hoo boy… Phil just addressed the Donaghy issue. He dodged it for the most part, but you could tell he thought the fix was in. Man… this is really, really bad.

  39. I wrote yesterday about how a lot more was at stake in the NBA than who wins this series. I had no idea there would be this Donaghy bombshell today. The funny part is that it’s obviously calculated on his part. He waited until the NBA did their thing (which he KNEW would happen) and then he struck. He is sticking it to Stern.

    I said it a few nights ago and I’ll say it again. Game 2 of the 2008 Finals is when the NBA as we have known it died. If Stern and the NBA were smart they would have made sure and call this series as clean as humanly possible. No matter if it shortened the series, it would have not compounded the PR DISASTER they have on their hands now.

    Has an NBA game’s officiating EVER been watched as closely as tonight?

  40. I hate the entire abc/espn production. The commentators/hosts say the must dumb things. Its almost like its against their contract to agree with each other. They have to oppose each other even if the argument doesnt make sense….I miss TNT!!

  41. All of the commentators on ABC/ESPN are NBA apologists in my opinion!

  42. Kurt, awesome news, congratulations. Take it all in, ’cause it only happens a few times. Best health to you and your family. Heck of a first father’s day…

    Lost in all the talk about the referees is the fact that we still have to come out and play inspired ball against a very tough Boston team. I hope that Pau really takes it to the rack, his length bothers Garnett. Odom needs to show up with lots of energy and get us some rebounds.

    Luke Walton, where are you?

  43. I agree with everything busterjonez just stated. It’s game time and the players need to do *their* jobs…

    Gotta be in attack mode tonight. Everything has to be done with purpose and energy.

  44. congrats Kurt! I hope the Lakers win this one tonight for you and yours!

  45. WOW!!!!!!! The Lakers are banging!!!!!!!!

  46. Lakers are clearly the aggressors early. The refs are still missing lots of fouls by the celtics. As good a start as we could hope for, but it’s too early to know anything.

  47. keep attacking!

    kobe on rondo, I like it!

  48. I like Kobes mind set. It seems like hes saying that he is going to dunk it every time. I like that. Set the stage for the rest of the team to be aggressive.

  49. 48 – Yeah, what he said.

  50. Congrats Kurt and family!

    Out to a good start! I’m happy to see Kobe starting aggressive instead of hanging back and letting everyone else get involved. Lets hope everyone else keeps themselves involved.

  51. way too many whistles to start the game.

  52. A little hustle for loose balls and rebounding by Radman and we would be up by 10.

  53. Where are Lamar and Pau? Are they still invisible? So far it’s the Kobe show. he’s scored like 80% of the Lakers’s points.

  54. Doesn’t look good…lakers can’t even take advantage of Allen on the bench and Pierce with two fouls. Down 2 pts and Garnett and Pierce hasn’t even scored!

  55. Tie at the end of the 1st quarter with the Celtics big 3 having done nothing.

  56. The Celtics survived the initial surge. The Lakers can’t get disheartened and need to keep pressing.

  57. The 1st quarter result isn’t good, they should be up by at least 7. However, I like the general aggression of the team and if they continue to play like this good things will happen.

  58. what is going on with lamar?

  59. Game progressing as predicted…

  60. Gosh…Can Lamar not be in foul trouble for once? “You’re better than that!” – Mark Jackson

  61. yea, leon… not so superstar ~ish without the calls…

    still gotta give the guy credit for hustling and physical plays out there.

  62. love what you’re doing jordan.

    do not back down lakers!!!

  63. what’s up with KG? And how are we only up 7 when garnett’s 0-6?

  64. Wonder what smack the guy who took half the season off and then tried to piggyback to a championship had to say?

  65. Anyone see that smirk on PJ Brown?

  66. Sasha has more FTs than the entire Celtics squad.

  67. The Lakers have a little attitude tonight. Thats what they’ve been missing. The chip on their shoulder.

  68. Brown should have been given a T for that!

  69. 54 – Lamar and Pau are invisible because Kobe is occupying the ball.

  70. man, as shaky as we look at times, at least we are making some shots finally.

  71. is this pj brown guy a laker?

  72. 71. I find how people critique Kobe quite hillarious at times. If he’s aggressive and is taking shots, then hes being selfish and not getting his team mates involved. If hes getting his teammates involved then hes not being aggressive enough. I see a player who is being aggressive but taking what the defense gives him.

  73. 72. Lamar is invisible because he’s on the bench in foul trouble, doufus.

  74. Kev, both Brown and Farmar got a T for that…

  75. Luke not earning his keep tonight. Let’s get Pau some shots, Kobe can’t do this for 48 minutes.

  76. Walton is really killing us with his misses tonight. Every time he misses it seems the Celtics get a quick score on the other end. C’mon Luke, hit a flippin layup.

  77. Amazing_Happens June 10, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    Luke Walton giveth, and Luke Walton taketh away.

    My question is, when the heck is Kobe going to find time to get some rest? He’s working so hard, but I would be scared to take him out, too.

  78. Pau needs to start stepping up. Only two field goal attempts in 14 minutes? Come on now! You’re better than that!

  79. For every PJ turnover, there’s a Walton miss, i guess…

  80. come on Luke Walton give us something please!

  81. Waltons a boston ringer. Its been ingrained in him from when he was a kid and Bill played for the celts.

  82. Wow, Kobe put on a Vujacic jersey.

  83. It’s been good that Kobe has been ‘occupying the ball’ right now. He’s taking it strong and playing well on the offensive end. If he shots 50 times in a game taking it hard to the hole, that’s fine. I’ll go with that before Paul and Lamars weak shots.

  84. 83. Ok he’s back to wearing #24 instead of #18.

  85. Yay, in the bonus now. Let’s be more aggressive.

  86. wow… deja vu. refs are being too one-sided again.

  87. Did you see Pierce trying to bait kobe to foul him while taking a 3 pointer. Result = airball.

  88. Wow who does “Perkins” think he is?

  89. 87. I agree, they are blowing the whistle too much. Let them play.

  90. 87. But see, now its even. The only difference is that we can’t complain if we lose tonight.

  91. Lopsided officiating? Check. I hate the NBA right now. Granted we’re being more aggressive, but the NBA needs an overhaul.

  92. I think Kob just got away with a defensive foul on Pierce when Pierce cut to the block and Kobe undercut him. Then Kobe looked like he got away with a walk on the offensive end.

    Good night to be home.

  93. As a Lakers fan, more importanty a basketball fan, the freethrow disparity in this game bothers me just as much as Game 2 did. Homecourt should not play -that- big of a role in getting fouls. True, the Lakers are more aggressive, but c’mon.

    I would much rather a whole series called with no disparity as great we’ve seen so far. Lakers fans weren’t mad at how many freethrows the Celtics took in Game 2, rather how inconsistent and how few the Lakers received.

  94. Harvy is cool.

  95. Alright, let’s comment on the game itself, not on conspiracies, david stern, or throwing games. We’ve done a great job so far of being really respectful of each other. So keep that up. If you’re going to say you think the officiating is lopsided, back it up; just like the Celtics fans asked us to after game 2.

  96. Anyone notice that Perkins thinks he has never committed a foul in his life.

  97. Great. We’re finally getting free throws and now we aren’t converting them! 12-20. Ugh.

  98. Lakers might have taken more free throws in this game, they they sure aren’t converting a lot of them. Make your free throws!

  99. What I do see is some frustration from the Celtics, especially Perkins. He’s putting a little bit extra on at the end, if you know what I mean. Both sides need to just keep playing ball.

    I do like Kobe’s aggressiveness. Sasha’s too. We are definitely playing with more effort.

  100. The machine got a tune up yesterday.

  101. Machine loves the Staples Centre.

  102. Oh I think the officiating has been consistent I just think they are calling too many fouls.

  103. 99 – i think it’s because it’s been too long since lakers got to the line in a game. haha.

  104. Aleksandar Saša Vuja?i? June 10, 2008 at 7:14 pm


  105. C’mon Pau, wake up!

  106. Our bench has been very solid tonight in support of Kobe. Farmar, Walton and Vujacic are are very good in +/-

  107. Pau is playing just horrible. Maybe they need to have him come from the weak side cuz he’s not getting anywhere with Perkins guarding him.

  108. “You gotta make a grown man move.” Mark Jackson on Pau….hilarious

  109. 55% 12/22 free throw shooting???

  110. Lakers only up 6 pts at halftime with the boston big 3 doing absoultely nothing? They shot more free throws and they can’t even make them! Horrible!

  111. Wow. Missed free throws are killing us. We should be up about 16 right now. To start the second half we MUST get Pau involved offensively. Kobe and Sasha need some support.

  112. 111. Yeah, Phil forgot to announce that he resigned Shaq to be the designated free throw shooter for the game.

  113. Great halftime interview with Kobe.

  114. good job, kobe. biting hard on that tongue. let that frustration show on the court!

    man, getting to the line is one thing, it means nothing if we can’t convert.

    gotta give celtics credit. even with the disparity, they are only down by 6… and that’s with kg and pp struggling. ugh!

  115. The 3-0 is definitely on! Despite getting nothing from the Big 3, we’re only down 6. Awesome!

  116. [the following rant is solely based on the box score]

    This will be interesting. So many missed FTs. Judging from the box score, this has very great potential to end up being a Celtics win, since I doubt KG and PP will continue their futility in the second quarter, while LO and Pau are likely to be just as ineffective.

    Now if the refs keep this up, we’ll have the entire celtics roster in foul trouble in the 4th, not to mention be in the bonus again in the middle of the 3rd.

  117. bj–Another way to look at it is Lakers missed 10 fts, neither Pau nor Odom have a fg, and they’re still up 6. And it’s only Pierce and KG that are doing nothing, Allen had a great half.

  118. We know Pierce and Garnett are going to get their points in the second half. We need Lamar to stay out of foul trouble and Pau to get his head in the game. Both play better when they’re on the floor at the same time. Come on Lamar and Pau, we need you because Kobe can’t do it alone!

  119. 119 – that’s a good point also. half full / half empty i suppose.

  120. I think this game is going to come down to who wakes up first Garnett or Gasol. Kobe, Sasha, and Farmar are playing great but they need Gasol and Odom to do some work inside the paint.

  121. The Kobe interview got me to thinking… has ABC done a playoff segment on Lamar? He’s been through a LOT to change him from his days with da weed while on the Clips.

  122. no, mr. stern, i think those allegations stuck pretty well.

  123. I hope they do a halftime segment on Lamar cuz it seems like whoever has a segment blows up and has a career game. (i.e. Powe – Game 2, Kobe – Game 3)

  124. The pressure on the Lakers tonight is akin to game 7, explaining why the guys are wound a bit tight., showing up in missed chippies and free throws. The effort is there though.

    Pau’s body language is terrible. Sat hunched on the bench the entire time he was out. Need Cher to slap his cheek and yell “Snap out of it”!

    I think Lamar will come out strong. Don’t know about Pau…

  125. Lamar’s problem is that he doesn’t know how to attack Boston. So whether he comes out strong or not is beside the point. If he can’t knock down some 10-12 footers, he’ll continue to get called for offensive fouls as they sag into the lane. Pau can score over Perkins or KG–he’s shown that. He just needs to get the ball in the right position early on…

  126. Uh oh, it’s time to bring out the wheelchair!!

  127. Pau open for the 15 footer, but decides to pass it up…not good!

  128. Kobe’s 7/12 7/12 in FG and FT at this point.

    Is he the only one doing anything?

  129. 124. Wait, so if Kobe has a career game…

    He has 21 points now, that means another 61 points in the second half, Lakers score well over 100…

  130. – RadMan is playing terrible.

    – Lakers need to run the offense. Even though Kobe is hitting his jumpers, when he goes cold we will struggle.

  131. uh oh here comes rondo. another reed moment?

  132. Introducing, in September 2008, Celtics-brand Magic Tape.

  133. We’re going to see Sasha early

  134. Hate to say it, but I think the Celts have our number. We’re playing better, but we’re playing their tempo.

  135. It’s amazing how hesistant Lakers not named Kobe are being. They need to take the shots they are given and not stand around and watch Kobe go for it.

  136. Pau is playing like he is back in memphis. He is doing the celtics a favor by being so passive.

  137. Man, what is the point of dumping it down low to Pau when the guy just passes it back to the perimeter. Make a move damnit

  138. This is some weird, weird game.

    Lamar and Pau combine for 2 points.

    KG and PP combine for 5 points.

  139. Aleksandar Saša Vujacic June 10, 2008 at 7:54 pm


  140. we need the MACHINE!!!

  141. They called that hip check? Pau playing horribly

  142. wow. so technically we really didn’t have much to say to last game’s free throw disparity. we can’t knock down free throws.

    this is getting very frustrating to watch.

  143. oh jeebus

  144. i’m starting to hate pau.

  145. Like I said, it’s gonna be party time Thursday night!

  146. This is garbage, someone help Kobe please!

  147. Kobe’s futility on the line continues.

    8/14 8/14, FG/FT.

    After this game, the C’s might rethink their defense and just let him shoot FTs, hoping to tag Kobe with more T’s.

  148. KG woke up and pau and lamar have not, thats the difference at the moment…

    this is worrisome

  149. It looks like we are bringing everything we’ve got and the C’s are just doing enough…this is not looking good.

  150. Rondo’s injury has been an unintended blessing. House knocks down a 3 but more importantly, creates more space for Garnett

  151. Laker starters not named Kobe are 2-16.

  152. #150 We are NOT bringing everything we got. That’s the problem. The Lakers are not playing well at all.

  153. I think its Fisher time. He has been too quiet.

  154. wow, we got Trevor shooting 3s now?

  155. Why isnt Vujacic in the game?

  156. brilliant. another kobe foul at the 3.

  157. hate to keep posting, but i’m starting to understand how Spurs fans must have felt with Manu not being Manu. Really.

  158. @157, seriously Kobe must have the lowest contest-foul ration in the league on jump shots.

  159. ratio, sorry

  160. it’s a shame that we don’t have another big to put on kg instead of pau. pau for whatever reason is totally spooked out of his mind.

    he just looks so confused out there, both on offense and defense. whatever demon he’s fighting, he needs to snap out of it.

  161. if this is the best the Lakers can play, then the Lakers deserve to get swept.

  162. Can someone tell me how Pau led his country to a world championship again?

  163. Kobe legendary 4th, i think, is needed

  164. Why is DJ MBenga in civvies and Mihm dressed?

  165. At least Pau finally scored a FG and Lamar looks a little active…all hope is not lost

  166. Lakers just need someone other than Kobe to provide a spark here. It does not matter if its on offense or defense someone just make a couple of plays and we will be fine.

  167. Pau didn’t play the final… That’s how… And he missed the finals (and closest) minutes of the semi…

  168. Grasping at straws here… Ariza looks better. Farmar playing well and Sasha the only othe player with fire in his belly.


  170. dammit, stop putting kobe on allen… kobe doesn’t like chasing down his man.

  171. They need to attack again. This horrible.

  172. Lakers offense is looking horrible.

  173. seriously, wtf is lamar doing?

  174. The Lakers offense looks terribly out of sync. I blame a lot on the refs for the second game. This game I blame the Lakers’ nerves.

  175. man… i think famar will get fined for flopping on that one.

    wake up lakers!

  176. the box score for this game is SAD

  177. i think i’m going to cry

  178. I think the Lakers need to get someone tough in the offseason. A Ron Artest or Shane Battier type of player. We seriously need that more than Vlad Rad.

  179. Finally a hustle play!! Thanks Farmar. Watch, this will get us going defense and rebounding.

  180. Here’s a sad stat. Everyone in the lakers starting five other than kobe has no higher than 4 pts….Lakers will be lucky to pull this one out with that sad stat.

  181. Lakers are getting the calls tonight and are still struggling. That Peirce offensive foul wasn’t close to 50/50.

  182. We need to keep Sasha though.

  183. If we get beat on that baseline hand off one more time I’m going to pull my hair out.

  184. I think Boston’s best defense is to just keep fouling. LA cant hit a FT.

  185. kobe is being a double edged sword tonight. brilliant on offense (not at free throw) and a defensive liability.

    play some d, kobe!

  186. Jesus, I love Van Gundy. Can make me laugh even when we’re losing. Half price haircuts for the rest of his life!

  187. pau has absolutely no strength…..what the heck?

  188. 185 – Hack a Laker would definitely work

  189. has Gosol scored from the field?

  190. Even if the Lakers win this, they have inspired no confidence in their ability to win this series.

  191. i like fish being agressive, and showing the rest of the guys that they shouldnt be afraid and passive

  192. Series ain’t over guys… plus, if Pierce keeps flopping he might convince even himself he’s injured.

  193. This has to be Gasol’s worst game as a Laker.

  194. Gasols worst game in the NBA

  195. jack looks annoyed.

  196. Gasols worst game in the WNBA

  197. Wait, there’s a Pau Gasol in the house tonight???? It’s about time!!

  198. Can someone please get Gasol some HGH please!..j/k

  199. both teams look very tired

  200. Jacks response after Gasol’s put back exactly mirrored mine.

  201. Can we trade Pau for Candace Parker?…hehe

  202. Great point from truehoop chat

    DAVID THORPE: LA will discuss ballscreen offense right now. They are blitzing Kobe, leaving PG open if they make quick passes. He’ll dunk it if they execute.

  203. I think Chris Mihm would have been more effective than Gasol tonight.

  204. hopefully pau will sense our frustration and step up in the last 4:25…we only do this to help him right?

  205. Pierce and Garnett are 5-29…and this is a nailbiter? Scary!

  206. Sasha’s having a career game

  207. Can someone get me a defibrillator?

  208. I wouldn’t want to hijack the Sparks like that.

  209. You guys are hilarious HGH, WNBA, too funny.

  210. see… GASOL

  211. nomuskles, if Gasol posted on here would you give him your nickname??

  212. can we trade Pau for Kwame?

  213. This is going to be the longest 3:22 of my life

  214. since when did Rebecca Lobo become a Laker and grow a beard?

  215. Just curious, whoever just deleted my post, which of the guidelines did I break?

  216. Gasol has gotten two major offensive rebounds and putbacks. I’m not sure this is the time to be criticizing him.

  217. we need Chuck Norris in the game to play center

  218. Laker Pauer, you’re right! What am I thinking, that isn’t an even trade…haha

  219. now, it was hilarious. But I warned everyone earlier in the thread that the conspiracy talk and all that was to stay out of this thread.

  220. there’s only 3 players in double figures between both teams? wow!

  221. We need to protect the defensive glass and not give up any 2nd chances. Boston is too good. We also need to keep scoring or getting to the line, so we need to get the ball into the paint.

  222. Despite its looks, this isn’t nearly as lopsided as Game 2.

    26-22 on PFs, with theirs spread out and ours lobbed on the starters. FT wise, it’s 32-20, which isn’t anywhere CLOSE to 38-10.

    We’re lucky PP and KG picked this game to play horribly, as PG and LO really look like Kwame-Cook.

  223. Thank you Mark Jackson! I have been screaming illeagle screens since game 1!

  224. amazing gasol

  225. Win this game or not, win the championship or not, we need a tougher team next season.

  226. nervous time at the great western forum…

  227. and Sasha needs to start….

  228. now three lakers fighting for the same rebound, that’s what i like to see!

    great shot sasha!

  229. Playing four on three is much easier neh?

  230. Lakers will definitely be a tougher team with Bynum in the middle.

  231. I guess we’ve got our own “Powe” in Vujacic

  232. WOW. We really have two Kobe’s on our team tonight.

    The two combine for 52 pts and 2 assists 😉

  233. big boards by Gasol! a 3 by Sasha! Fish to the line! this is good to see, not Kobe having to force jumpers!!

  234. machine!!!

  235. gasol got a rebound in traffic??

  236. Powe and Vujacic for MVP

  237. Phil might want to consider giving Sasha and Farmar more minutes next game

  238. Personally, I KNOW Pau will play better next game

  239. Bynum will help, but I think Lamar will probably be gone despite his flashes of brilliance.

  240. umm…interesting defense?????

  241. Anyone seen Luke Walton lately?

  242. Deadeye

  243. Ray Allen is getting asked to do much right there.

  244. They dunk, we jump. They hit a three, we hit another j.

    Well, Kobe’s gunning for 40. And we’ll need every single point.

  245. If we win this game it’s because of KB24 and Machine.

  246. watch the 3’s lakers!

  247. Celtic’s best shot is hack-a-Kobe

  248. MVP! MVP! MVP!

  249. Congratulations on the new addition, Kurt. I hope she breaks the jinx pattern 🙂

  250. one ugly game indeed.

  251. game over

  252. The refs need to give Odom a break…

  253. Pauer, I might have to agree with you, I think Lamar needed some great games in this series to prove he belongs on this team. He still hasn’t proven it yet in these finals.

  254. I’m not sure what happened there at the end. boston not fouling and lamar getting called for an offensive foul?

  255. U.G.L.Y.

    but i’ll take the W.

    45 minutes of play for Kobe though…

  256. I have just one question for all the Celtics fans who told their bosses they weren’t coming in on Friday: what are you plans for the day off?

  257. Amazing_Happens June 10, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Wow. I sure hope the Lakers can duplicate that on Thursday night.

    And Sunday night.

  258. My seventeen year old sister wants everyone to know that she thinks kevin garnett looks like the martian manhunter.

  259. Odom tends to vanish in big games. I love his numbers and versatility, but he just is mentally unequipped to play on this stage.

  260. I agree “nomuskles” this game was UGLY but I will take any win at this point.

  261. 259. Looks like the Geico Gecko to me

  262. dafish, i hardly think this win entitles us to any type of right to trash talk. let’s just celebrate the win.

  263. OMG, he DOES look like the Geiko gecko!!! I would never have made that connection myself..

  264. We knew Kobe would bring it tonight, but I wanna give props to Sasha for showing up tonight!

  265. Sasha for president…YES WE CAN!

  266. I will certainly take this win, but it shows the mettle of our 1st time finals players. Pau is a questionmark, but Lamar is gone if he doesn’t get smarter, less tense, and fundamentally sounder for the remainder of this series.

    I think it shows the coaching confidence when Sasha is finishing finals games, especially down 2-0.

  267. I wonder why Doc decided to keep House in there instead of Rondo. Was his ankle sprain that bad?

  268. I’m pretty relieved the Lakers gutted this one out. If you’re a Celtics fan, you’ve got to be kind of pissed off. This was the game to steal, what with the Lakers’ atrocious FT shooting.

    Sasha was excellent tonight. One thing about his game bothers me, though. Has anyone else noticed Sasha’s reluctance to pass into the post? What gives?

  269. Encouraging to see that kind of defensive play by the Lakers, but I don’t even feel too satisfied with the win with the way the offense has been playing these past three games.

  270. Craig W–There’s just no question that Pau is a keeper. He struggled tonight offensively, but did other things to help the team win. Lamar has been a key player throughout the playoffs…but the Celtics are a terrible matchup for him with the type of defense they play. Lamar just isn’t smart enough to make the necessary adjustments. I don’t know the long-term future for Lamar, but let’s wait until Bynum is back in the fold before we pass any judgments, regardless of what happens in the next few games.

  271. Amazing_Happens June 10, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Anyone else notice Trevor Ariza toweling the sweat off of Joey Crawford’s bald head during a timeout?

  272. Machine win game. Kobe Bryant makes Lakers fans collectively pee their pants a little at the FT line before icing it. Much thanks has to go to Doc Rivers for playing Kobe straight up in the final possessions. Gasol and Odom never show up luckily neither does Pierce and Garnett (to some extent).

  273. Who would’ve thought the lakers would win a game while scoring only 87 points. That’s what happens when you play some DEFENSE for once!

  274. Well five in the morning the UK and I just watched the end of what may be the ugliest game the lakers have won all series. Boston lost this one, we didn’t win it but a W is a W all the same and I’d rather that than it be 3-0.

    Work at 4pm is definately going to be interesting at this rate.

  275. Let’s look at the box score…

    29-83 FG 8-18 3P 15-22 FT 45RB 19AS 8STL 8BLK 13 TO 28PF

    30-69 FG 6-143p 21-34FT 44RB 17AS 4STL 6BLK 12TO 23PF

    we shot much better from the field, but not as well from the arc and fts. FT difference was 12, which is, in my opinion, not much. PF difference is even less glaring, 28-23, although this alone doesn’t say much. Everything was fairly close, aided by the non-inspiring performances by KG, PP, LO and PG.

    KG and PP combined for 19 pts, 3 blks, 2 stls, 8 assists, 18 rebounds and 6 TOs

    LO and PG combind for 13 pts, 1 blk, 1 stl, 6 assists, 21 rebounds and 8 TOs.

    I’d say any of those 4 players could have put up such stat lines by themselves on a good night. For PG and KG, even on an average night.

  276. Amazing_Happens June 10, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    What kind of coach doesn’t get the ball out of Kobe Bryant’s hands at the end of the game?

  277. How does Turiaf play 18 minutes and not get a single rebound?

  278. Lakers were trying to give me a heart attack tonight. Great game from Kobe. The Machine was well oiled. Gasol had an aweful game. And Odom looked lost until the last few minutes of the game (the foul trouble helped there). Great D though, particularly on Peirce. No open shots, only got to the basket a few times the whole game (the foul trouble helped out with that though). Loved the deciston to put Kobe on Rondo. This allowed Kobe to play a one man Zone for most of the game which help clog up the paint. Putting House in there prevented that a little bit. My guess is that Doc will do that sooner in the next game on Thursday.

  279. Even though Kobe had a great night scoring wise, Sasha was the difference in this game…he almost outscored the entire Boston bench….20-21.

  280. have the celtics run out of gas in the 4th quarter of the last 2 games?

  281. Doc just took a shot at Phil in the post game conference…Someone asked what Doc thot about Phil saying Garnett ran outta gas…Doc said he is just surprised that Phil didnt whine about foul shots…ouch!

  282. #278 In Game 2, Ronny had 0 rebounds, as well. I haven’t seen energy from Turiaf in a while…

  283. laughing hard June 10, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    282 — I saw that too… them’s fightin’ words.

  284. omfg did you just hear what Doc Rivers said in the post conference? “I am sure glad Phil Jackson didn’t complain about the fouls.”

  285. I dont know about anyone else, but I did not breathe normally until Fisher hit those last 2 freethrows. Lakers really had me on edge tonite.

  286. We all concurr it was Gasol’s worst game as a Laker. But
    he was a major factor in KG’s worst game in the finals; and after 9 12 2, thinking about letting him go anywhere else…

  287. Yeah how man rings does Doc have?

  288. Damn, Sasha looking slick in aftergame interview.

  289. Doc proving he still the idiot we all knew he was before he was handed a great team that would maybe be better off without a team.

    I pray those comments about phil come back to bite him..

  290. what a stupid question about “the machine” and his “rockette” nickname

  291. laughing hard June 10, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    Doc Rivers to his team: At shootaround tomorrow, fix whatever they did!

  292. Good win. I still am looking forward to a dominant showing by the Lakers. Something tells me though that they have to escape from this kind of performance from hereon. Nice game from the Machine and yes, Kobe seems to have found a swagger badly needed to spark the team. I also liked the defense in moments of the game. They have to play good D longer if they are to win more. Boston this time had a sub-par game. I expect a Laker equalizer but I hope they make a statement in Game 4. They have to run and gun and inject so much motion in games. I am not sure about the Celtics losing steam in the 4th but if that is the case, all the more is this attacking mode important. Tempo is everything here.

    Expect a counter-shot from Coach Phil. Added note, I am surprised at how the tone of sports writers change from game to game. I passed by paid cable of relatives from the Philippines and noticed how seemingly biased a particular commentator had against the Lakers. I heard translations of the Lakers having “no hope” and repeating statements like “they’re a step too slow”. I wonder how he covered this game. Cmon, give the teams a break! The officiating needs to be more consistent still. Go Lakers!

  293. We all know it’s a given that Lamar and Pau have to play well in the next game. What I’m worried about is which role player for the lakers will step up in game 4. Sasha will not produce the same amount of points as he did in game 3. We need Fish, Vladman and Luke to step up for game 4.

  294. Hearing that Sasha was “well oiled” tonight just cracks me up.

  295. Good win, it’s a series now. As a celts fan I am still confident. I hate losing the game, but the fact is the Celts didn’t play well enough to win.

    Told you guys to bother Rondo. You keep him out of the lane Celts really struggle offensively. House helps spacing, but he can’t initiate the offense. Cassell is a jumper.

  296. D Fish has been silent in this series so far.

  297. laughing hard June 10, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    292 — I don’t know if that’s a given — we’ve been waiting for Odom to step up this whole series… he did show a lot of aggressiveness in the fourth quarter, which is a good sign. Hopefully that does signify something good for game four!

  298. Amazing_Happens June 10, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    The only guys with gumption on the Lakers: Kobe, Fisher, Vujacic, and Farmar.

    Neutral gumption: Ariza, Turiaf.

    No gumption: Odom, Gasol, Walton, Radmonovic

  299. laughing hard June 10, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Oops, sorry. Misread your post.