Lakers/Celtics Game 6 Chat

Kurt —  June 17, 2008

Let’s be honest: This is the game that scares Lakers fans.

We know that the Celtics fans will come and be loud, expecting a coronation. We know that the Celtics themselves will come out and play like this is their game seven. We know it will be physical and the refs are not going to be as much help as we’d like.

We also know every game in this series has been close, and that the Lakers can win — but to do so they will have play their best game of the series.

Usually by this point in a seven-game series there are no secrets, no big matchup changes that can be sprung to turn the tide. And that is largely true coming into this game, although because of injuries and lack of execution there are some things that can be changed up for the Lakers.

On offense, the Lakers need to get to the basket and finish strong — it would be nice if Kobe could do more of that but the Celtics have worked hard to take that part of his game away. Kwame a. had a one suggestion on what to try to get Kobe going:

I think it imperative to play Kobe OFF the ball more. Whether this means cross-screens on the block to give him good post position, or running him off single-doubles on the baseline like Rip Hamilton and Ray Allen, or off the slice cut in the triangle, getting him a head-start to the basket. No matter what, we cannot stick with this top-of-the-key iso, it is asking Boston to flex its defensive prowess.

It is obvious that Odom and Gasol both need to be forces inside, both getting to the rim and on the offensive boards. They were more aggressive in game five but will have to take that to another level tonight.

Defensively, the Lakers need to play off of Paul Pierce more, make sure he doesn’t get to the rim, something coach Anthony Macri talked about at Basketball Prospectus:

The Lakers were largely successful in defending the Spurs’ side pick-and-pop action in the Western Conference Finals. However, their ability to guard high ball-screen action against an offensive player as big, versatile, and strong as Paul Pierce is has been a bugaboo for Los Angeles during this series. If they have any hope of defeating the Celtics, the Lakers must find an effective method of defending this ball-screen action. Because Garnett is such a capable outside shooter, L.A. cannot afford to trap the ball-handler. Their typical soft-hedge and fight over technique has also proven ineffective. Instead, in Games Six and Seven, expect the Lakers to find a way under the screen, daring Pierce to shoot the long jumper off the dribble but preventing him from wreaking havoc in the lane. Again, defense in the NBA is all about making choices, and at this point, with their proverbial “backs against the wall,” the Lakers have little choice but to attempt the high-risk solution.

Pierce is going to hit jumpers, he’s a great player, but fewer jumpers will fall than lay-ups. The Lakers have to force him into help, they have to be smarter on their defensive rotations. The Lakers need to take advantage of when Rondo is in the game by helping off him — but stop doing that on House.

But after five games, this game is going to come down to execution. So far in this series it is the one area the Celtics have outplayed the Lakers consistently — they have done what they wanted to do while the Lakers have seemed to take some mental vacations.

As fans, all we can do is wear our lucky rally cap, hope the Lakers execute tonight and cheer (and not some creepy government-approved cheer but something from the heart). It’s one game at a time still, for us and the team.

May the best team win tonight.



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  1. Warren Wee Lim June 17, 2008 at 10:39 am

    Hello Lakers! Its a good sign… its a very hopeful one coz i got the very 1st post in a long long while.

    GO LAKERS !!!

  2. Celtics do the same thing Utah does only better,foul every time and dare the refs to call it.Grab wrists,hip checks,moving screens,push in the back,hold players away from the ball so others get open.As long as the league lets this happen the games will resemble train wrecks.No fun to watch.

  3. I was freaking out when I saw The Game 6 Chat up with 2 comments already posted? Did someone already ruin the game for us by not letting Warren post first??


    I click on the comments and there’s Warren at #1.


  4. Good to see Warren!

  5. “1st Post Warren” to the rescue! My friend, you just grabbed us a Game 7 on Thursday! Go Lakers!!!

  6. This from fox sports:

    Celtics coach Doc Rivers expects Ray Allen to play in Game 6 of the NBA finals after the guard skipped the team’s shootaround following his overnight flight from Los Angeles.

    Boston center Kendrick Perkins participated in the workout and is likely to play Tuesday night after missing Game 5 against the Lakers with a shoulder injury.

  7. Does anybody know the vegas odds for this game ?

  8. 7. Lakers are 4.5 pt underdogs. Vegas has been wrong a lot this series though; Lakers were 9.5 pt favorites at home, and the Celtics were only favored by . That being said, 4.5 pts seems about right for this game.

  9. Oops, typo on that last post. second sentences should’ve finished with “Celtics were only favored by 2.5 and 1.5 in games 1 and 2 respectively.”

  10. Warren Wee Lim June 17, 2008 at 11:15 am

    Sal, Vegas odds has a moneyline of:
    Lakers 1:1.1 / Boston 1:0.4

    In terms of spread, its +4 Lakers.

    Amidst all of this, I am so glad Kurt recognized it. Enough with the basketball hoops juju Kurt, we need luck today! And it starts here.

    PS. What did you name your angel?

  11. 11. Nicola Claire. It’s a very British name, even though neither of us are British.

  12. I can’t wait to watch the Wizard of Oz tonight starring the Tin Man Gasol and the Cowardly Lion Odom and the Scarecrow Rodmonovich, with Dorothy Kobe and Aunty Em Phil Jackson, who inevitable will skip on down the yellow and purple road to a massive defeat.

    Celtics in an easy one tonight….no doubt.

  13. Warren Wee Lim June 17, 2008 at 11:27 am

    LOL Kurt. Did I mention mine was Gianna Therese? very Italian and we are not one least bit Italian. Therese is her mom’s name.

  14. This Little Pinky June 17, 2008 at 11:30 am

    Same deal for Game 5 applies : Just win the game, at all costs. No style points. Just do it.

  15. 1) That government cheer was HYSTERICAL (in addition to creepy, but okay.)

    2) The link to “The Painted Area” had Pierce shooting stats for the reg. season and the finals. He’s shooting 27% on long twos and 32% overall for all 2’s not at the rim.

    Go under screens and contest/face guard the 2 as he goes up!

  16. @magiclover…i concur. the celtics play a very grabby brand of defense, on the ball and away from it. pierce impedes kb24’s progress alot, almost locking him up in an mma style clinch away from the ball. then we have “did kobe foul pierce on that last steal in the 4th
    Q”……..paaleeeaaase!! lakers will need to overcome a lot tonite, almost a perfect game will be needed…….

  17. The Chinese cheer thing is creepy. The last couple of years the Tennis Masters Cup has been held in Shanghi and the Chinese fans are proportioned pretty evenly between the players (as fans for players they probably never heard of before), with flags from that players country, etc. The effect is of a contrived multicultral celebration and it’s creepy. Very Orwellian.

    Say what you will about Celtic fans, they don’t have THAT problem.

  18. We have the TALENT, we CAN DO IT.

    GO LAKERS!!!

  19. Ref’s tonight are Ed Rush, Salvatore, and Joey Crawford
    The line for the game moved to -5.5 for Boston I believe

    …I swear I don’t gamble

  20. I just love the Lakers. I can only hope that we play like we know we can and not like we wish that we could. Show some heart LA! And please hit some open 3’s, yes I am talking to you Sasha.

  21. Nothing like an elimination game in enemy territory to bring out the Lakers’ first complete game of the series.

    Come on LA, don’t let the Celtics fans get to you!

  22. Ed Rush kills the Lakers, time after time (or maybe I just notice more on those nights).

    If the Lakers compete hard, play smart and don’t foul too much, they have a real shot. The matchups, and the “chess game” are sometimes overrated – usually the “intangibles” decide big games.

    The Celtics have to really grind to score out of their half-court offense. Pierce is going to score, but if Posey, Rondo and Brown, et al, don’t get easy hoops, the Lakers have a great chance. And, it’s easier to slow them down than it is Pierce. Play Pierce hard but don’t sag off the role players.

    Well, it’s easy to give advice when you are not personally accountable for the outcome ….

  23. That is so true inwit. If House and Posey are shooting wide open 3’s then we are done. Everything needs to be contested. We have to want it more. Farmar needs to be big off the bench. It’s a lot to ask sure, but they have been doing it all year. It’s needed now more than ever.

  24. Lets go Lakers!!! We need to play perfect ball tonight and we can do it… Never say die Lakers!! Force the ball & Force the Action!!

    Lakers in SEVEN!!

  25. Do it like you did it when you won it.

    Take the tempo early and stay ahead of the defense–
    settling in on the possession throws off the rhythm
    of ball movement and shooting.

    Challenge in the paint–
    they will be grabbing anyway, profit from it
    follow through for the And One– both hands
    and Make The Free Throws– focus before shooting.

    Get the lead and build on each possession.
    Go for the high percentage
    rather than settle for perimeter shots.

    ( I’ll do that one too )


    – 5 –

  26. Tonights game is all about heart. I agree that it will take the Lakers best game to win in Boston tonight.

    I still dont think we have seen Kobe’s best game of the Finals. All series long, Doc Rivers has been saying ‘We need to win a game where Kobe is great,’ and I don’t believe that has happened yet.

    Grind out another tough W tonight, then anything can happen in Game 7.

  27. 2nd sentence – best game of the series

  28. DON W. – I knew I was forgetting someone (House).

    If the Lakers make them grind out every hoop, and don’t bail them out by sending them to the line, then Boston has a hard time breaking 90 at the pace they like to play.

    We should be able to tell about effort and heart by seeing which team is diving on the floor for loose balls early on.

  29. The Lakers are overdue for a really good team effort–and Kobe is overdue for a classic. The Lakers finally played a presentable 3rd quarter in game 5. The Celtics didn’t look as hungry as they should have. The Lakers have had 2 games to get used to the Boston crowd (and all the smoke from the explosions). I have a good feeling about this game. I think the Lakers are ready to show the world who they really are, and I think Kobe is ready to have his Magic Johnson moment (ie, will his team to victory by making them all play better–not by going MJ and taking over the game).

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I hope the Lakers chase James Posey this offseason. Dude is a baller.

  31. Championship #17 awaits!!!

  32. Is it bad that my dentist is a Laker fan and I have an appointment at 9AM tomorrow?

  33. I don’t know how much it helps the players, but as a fan I draw a certain amount of consolation from the Suns 1-3 playoff comeback against the Lakers a couple of years ago. (It sucked for the Lakers, of course, but it provided a pretty good roadmap for how to get it done.)

    I think Phil Jackson may be making his substitutions based more on the offense than the defense (which is why we don’t see as much of Ariza or Mbenga as we think we want). I’m hoping that Jackson has been maneuvering for the long run all along, saving his best moves for the final games.

    The Lakers have a hard time stopping Pierce, but I don’t think anyone has much luck stopping super-athletic big men when they get on a role (see James, LeBron). It seems like we went through the same thing earlier with “the Lakers can’t stop [insert-western-conference-point-guard-of your-choice]”. And obviously we’d be better with a big defensive presence in the middle (who wouldn’t?), but I think saying an NBA-finals team “can’t play defense” is an overstatement.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like 80% of Rivers’ “brilliance” is a result of choosing to play the guys that aren’t hurt? (Example 1: pulling Rondo because of the bad wheel for a guard who spreads the floor.)

  34. Alex V- You are right about Doc, but honestly he has more than held his own vs. Phil. It’s going to be more about us than the Celtics I think. We have to take it to them, something we have only done in spurts this series.

  35. Lakers, don’t commit the Pierce fallacy.

    In the last game, Pierce scored 38 and the Leprechauns LOST. Garnett struggled and Ray Allen hit a low percentage. Pierce was “bad Kobe”–almost a Celtic answer to Lebron–with a few extra dirty tricks–and the usual consequences.

    After two great playoff games, Pierce got 4 in game 3, being defended by the same guy who is being roasted today. Pierce is very human–sort of an Odom X factor with some great Leprechaun luck so far.

    Kobe says he won’t be the “bad Kobe” everyone is looking for. He’s proven to me more that he deserves the MVP by game 5 play than anything else he has done in the playoffs.

    Boston is sure to at least explore the 3 point shot more in game 6–so a concentration on stopping Pierce could well get the 3 point shooters started for those Leps. Once the Lakers do some damage down low, they may be able to retaliate at the three–but it must come to them and not be forced or the series is over. It is important that the Lakers get a lead–it is always important–but they need to read and respond to Leprechaun games appropriately as well. They could play even or even be behind and still win under some circumstances.

    I wish I could believe that slight adjustments of matchups, psychic will, or mystical individual performances will be the difference, but I doubt that substitution or matchup changes will matter much. At this point, the Lakers are who they are–and that is awfully good. I continue to believe subjectively that when everything is considered, the Lakers are slightly better.

    I think game 6, like many games in this series, still depends on “home cooking.” There was no “home cooking” in games 4 and 5. Fouls were about even. We should see how things are going before the first quarter is over.

    I’m a little optomistic.

  36. If you take out Game 1, you can make a case that the Lakers have played better in each successive game.

    Game 2 – Outside of the 4th qtr comeback, the Lakers played HORRIBLE

    Game 3 – Lakers surived without anyone outside Kobe and Sasha scoring in double figures.

    Game 4 – Lakers played well for 30 minutes and like crap for the remaining 18.

    Game 5 – Lakers got their big 3 involved for the 1st time and survived a very strong game from Pierce.

    Game 6 – ???

  37. It’s not Father’s day, so I won’t be able to yell at my wife, “why can’t they stop the pick and roll??! You should be out there!” and get away with it.

  38. You are all grasping at straws. C’s in a streamroll.

  39. My (supersize) limerick – for a little luck.

    There once was a team dressed in gold,
    They were often exceedingly bold,
    Inconsistent at times,
    But always dropping dimes,
    [Down but now out,
    Not a second of doubt,]
    In the end Boston would fold.

  40. RE 39 – We do not need that kind of negativity here. Thank you.

  41. 39) Realist, “C’s in a streamroll.”

    What, exactly, is a “streamroll”? Some kind of Massachusetts pastry?

  42. I’ve already deleted some of “realists” baiting comments. I wouldn’t get too suckered in by him.

  43. I think The Lakers are going to win tonight.

    I think the keys to the game is that tHe Lakers must have a good start in the 1st quarter to take out the crowd. Remember in game 2 when the lakers were leading 15-8 then everything went to hell. The lakers need to establish the same lead and be able to maintain it longer than game 2.

    Also Lakers need to stay out of foul trouble. We cant give the Celtics so many freebies becuase they are not a great offensive team and of course they are a great free throw shooting team. We have to make then earn there points.

    Also Kobe needs to have his signature game today of this series. Im talking about 30-35 points, 8-10, rebs, 8-10 asssists. WIth good performances from Gasol and Odom.

    If we can have these three things I believe the Lakers win.

    P.S. If Lakers Are indeed losing by 16-20 pts in the second half and time is running out and the team is not playing good. I would sure like to see Kobe go off and to at least go down swinging unlike that game 7 in the suns series 2 years ago.

  44. What do we think the Lakers are going to do with the Pierce/KG PnR. It seems like they WERE trying to go under the screens, but weren’t getting htem off fast enough for the man covering Pierce to get back over and recover. This left Gasol 30 ft. from the basket shuffling towards the lane as Pierce got by him. If we’re going to do any better, than the cover man must go under the screen.

    I just can’t see Kobe doing it. Unless they DESERT the triangle and go the the only offense that has been working for him (top of the key isos, where he can create going either way to the basket), I don’t see him doing much. The Lakers wont’ go to this, though, as it stagnates everyone else and stops their movement. The Kobe/Pau PnR just isn’t working well because the two defenders are too good, as Garnett is hedging very hard, Pierce is going over and recovering well, and there is good rotation/recovery stopping Pau on the roll. Even when Pau does get it on the roll, he’s been too far away to do any damage.

    I think the only chance we have is that FISHER, FARMAR AND VUJACIC all play good games at the same time–if we can get that, we’ll have a shot. But I have to say, I don’t think we will. Kobe is the only one with the mental toughness in this game, and, unfortunately, there’s nothing he can do about the C’s defense but shoot contested jumpers and get charges.

  45. Good post. Defense the pick and roll or go down in a heap tonight.

    Watch out for Rondo. Don’t think just because he played some of the worst PG play ever that he is done. he is wildly inconsistent, but has been great at home. Stopping Rondo is a must. Just do what the Lakers have been doing.

    I am confident as a C’s fan tonight though. I just don’t think there is a player on the Lakers that can touch PIerce. Kobe is closet, but that’s dangerous because PIerce draws fouls. Also, no Laker big steps up and takes charges. If you don’t do that, Pierce will kill you.

    Imagine Kobe against the Lakers defense?

  46. 39- There hasn’t been a “steamroll” yet in this series. I don’t think it’s going to start tonight. We are much more likely to see yet another competitive game decided in the 4th quarter. But, if I had to be on who had a better chance for a rout (again, I don’t think it’s going to happen), I’d go with the Lakers. The Celtics are overplayed, banged up, sat on a tarmac for hours and lost a member of their big 3 for a couple days to a very unfortunate family issue. The Celts know they gave up a golden opportunity to win game 5 and, for the first time, the Lakers showed them they could match their physical play. Nobody expects the Lakers to win, so all the pressure is on Boston. And, I think we’ve seen how Garnett and Rondo respond to pressure in this playoff.

    Again, it should be another squeaker, but I don’t think anyone is “grasping at straws” by being optimistic. I also don’t see how you’re being “realistic” by assuming that we will see a major divergence from what has happened in the first 5 games of this series.

  47. Kurt-

    Your comment came up while I was posting. Didn’t see it. Feel free to delete my last comment if you want this line of argument to end.

  48. Although Im a lakers fan i have to agree with realist… lakers fans all seem to be grasping at straws… the celtics are clearly the better team….

    i dont see why Kurt is so mad at realist… he is essentially pointout what you seem to allude to… the lakers need alot of luck to win this thing. that is all that “grasping at straws means”

  49. I believe.

    Boston is much more banged up than they let on. Having no (or an ineffective) Perkins changes everything, restricting Garnett from roaming and locking down Odom. Pierce has to bounce back on short rest and long travel from heavy minutes and the burden of carrying his team for two straight games. Phil has totally taken Rondo out of the series. Garnett is buckling. LA has raced out to big leads in each of the last 3 games — Boston can’t keep finding the energy to play from behind when they are so injured and reliant on one player. LA’s young players won’t be as fazed by the stage and crowd as they were in games 1-2, when they were major liabilities. The team responded to the most tragic loss in finals history with grit and determination. Kobe. I believe.

  50. mando, I don’t see how you can call yourself a lakers fan and agree with “realist” who is just a cetics fan trolling around trying to start a fight with someone, it’s more his tone and wild statements with no backup that has him getting some of his comments deleted.

  51. Mando, you didn’t see the comments that never made it up here. The ones that did get through are not that bad (the Oz one at 13 is fairly creative), but the other two were just lame. It is one thing to do what many Celts fans have done during this series and contribute to the conversation with some good thoughts, and another to bait an argument.

  52. I love the Lakers

  53. What do you guys think of my post #44? I would like some feedback good or bad. Thanks

  54. #54

    1. Absolutely, a Celtics crowd is just like a Celtics team–frontrunners. They’ll be absolutely silent and filled with utter and complete (and overblown) doubt if the Lakers run out early.

    2. Sounds like an awesome idea, if we can do it. But none of our interior defenders are savvy enough to get charges instead of fouls…plus they don’t foul hard enough to stop And 1’s.

    3. I’d love for him to do that, but there’s almost no chance he has a game like that in this series. If he would, it would have to be essentially as hot as he was during the “81” game (considering he’s playing a defense that is orders of magnitude better). If he has such a game, nonwithstanding of how Odom/Gasol play, the Lakers win by at least 10.

    I don’t see these things coming together–we’ve been pulling for it to happen, and it just won’t. The only way we win is if Garnett is ice cold from the outside again, we do a WAY better job of defending the Pierce PnR, and Gasol and Odom play aggressively. We haven’t been able to put a whole game together this series, I think a game 5 type win is all we can ask for.

    But a win is a win.

  55. I believe…
    our team is capable of playing excellent for a full game (2 really)…
    we have an excellent coach who will make the right adjustments…
    we have confident role players who will step it up when they are needed (like all friggin game, please?)…
    we have a driven leader who will not let us wilt…
    we have the best player in the game, with the fire in his eye…
    and mostly, that my baby daughter will have a terrific time at the wedding shower, and won’t need to be picked up in the 3rd quarter…

    GO LAKERS!!!

  56. Mbenga is a mballer. He can mbang down low with mBoston’s mbigs and should get some mburn tonight.


  57. Reed those same thoughts have been cycling through my head…I am trying to keep myself level though. Lets hope the Lakers notice those as well and come out swinging. We need to knock the air out of them this game.

  58. They’ll come out swinging, I have no question. The question is whether they can throw the counter-counter-punch mid-game. This teams has proven that (1) they will not get down by a bad loss; they will come out focused and confident to start the next game (see Boston game 5), and (2) if a team hits them hard to start a game, they will stay poised and hit back (see the two big come from behind Spurs game and Boston game 2). What we have not shown is an ability to respond when we hit a team hard and they take it and hit back (game 4 against Boston). That had never happened to us before, and they completely buckled when Boston threw the massive counter-punch in the third quarter. In game 5, the did better at taking the counter and not losing total control, squeaking out the victory.

  59. RE: 50 (Reed)

    I believe.

  60. Hype (some of it already old news) and counterarguments.

    1. “The Lakers haven’t beaten Boston this year”

    contrary evidence: 2 out of three Lakers wins since

    2. “Paul Pierce can’t be stopped”

    contrary evidence: Game 3 stats:

    min fg 3pt ft reb ast stl to pf pt
    Pierce 32 2-14 0-4 2-3 1 5 6 3 1 0 3 5 6

    I said “4” before. I forgot he made 2 free throws

    btw, his game 4 is nothing special either

    12 points plus 8 free throws

    3. “Celtics are better team”

    contrary evidence: Without “home cooking.” it’s all even (games 4-5)

    Looking only at the numbers, the Lakers and the Celtics are a tossup.

    4. “The Lakers have several horrible players who shouldn’t be playing”

    contrary evidence: Every Laker on this team has already proven himself many times this year–made clutch plays–won games.

    It can go bad for anyone.

    Even Jerry West has had games where he couldn’t score. The Showtime Lakers had games when they couldn’t defend. The Lakers have a great team whose members pick each other up. The Laker starters may have not played as well as Paul Pierce individually at his best in this playoffs–nor as badly as Paul Pierce at his worst–yet some have already crowned Pierce the MVP.

    Interesting Leprechaun shenanigans. True Laker fans already know who the MVP is. He doesn’t have to score 45, and if he does, the Lakers will probably lose–just as those Leps did with Pierce’s 38 in game 5.

  61. Hey what do you think is the best game the lakers have played collectively since aquiring Gasol? I would like to know so I can watch youtube clips of it.

  62. I believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Shawn Bradley June 17, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    I don’t think Pau is soft at all.

  64. Hey, will Phil play Kobe for longer stretches? Or do we expect him to bring in Mihm and stick to his ridiculous rotations? This is do or die and I’d like to believe he’d throw the kitchen sink at the Celtics, but he didn’t in game 5. It disturbs me that these young guys aren’t playing more minutes as the bench has let us down a lot this series.


  66. So I was watching clips of Paul Pierce on youtube…and I got called for a foul

  67. i see another boston letdown. this will be just like the new england patriots…they were undefeated and lost to the giants….all boston sports teams know how to do is blow it…. i see kobe coming up big tonight with gasol and odom helping out alot…i just hope the bench will step up at time

  68. The odds are probably against us, but I just want a good effort from the Lakers. An all-out game with effort and intensity. I can….*gulp*….suffer the lost better than if they go down like chumps. In the end, if we played with our hearts out, and the Celtics won, I got to tip the hat off to them…..unfortunately.

    Don’t get me wrong though, my motto this entire season, since the beginning of training camp, is MIracles Will Happen!!!! Come on Lakers!!!! Show me what you guys are really made of!

  69. I concur with kwame a.’s assessment that we should work on Kobe off the ball more. Phil’s strategy (or Kobe’s) it seems, is to pile up defenders and work for that open shot (more than likely a 3 point shot). Could the reason Kobe hasn’t attacked the rim as much as we would want be because he’s afraid a leprechaun will re-injure that finger? Because that would be the only logical explanation as to why Kobe isn’t at the free-throw line 90% of the time.

  70. Final Four BABY!!!! This is ours!!!

  71. 52 – i also thought realist’s allude to wizard of oz was pretty creative, but didn’t dorothy destroy the witches? and weren’t the witches green?

    hmm… something to ponder about.

  72. I hope the Lakers don’t play in their Final Four like we did this year.

  73. I was wondering, will Kobe and Lamar play the whole game if they can? Ray Allen has played all of game 4 and Pierce have played all of game 5. If the bench doesn’t perform, will Phil let the starters play out the game more? This game is do or die. If the bench is not reliable, the starters need to play. It’s the end of the season, screw confidence for the bench in my opinion.

  74. I haven’t seen Bostons interior passing at all… So lets slide to the lanes and either get the charge or force the non-tested interior pass. MOVE THE FEET!

  75. If we win this, I feel good about game 7. The Celtics will be on fumes, Perkins will be a liablility whether or not he’s on the floor, Rondo and Pierce won’t get any better, and their bench will be exposed with increased play time.

    Funny how nothing really has to do with how the Lakers can improve, because honestly our problem is more or less the inability to play 1st quarter ball for the other 3 quarters. Play like the 1st quarter of game 4 and 5, and I don’t care if there are two Paul Pierces on the other team.

    Anyway, if we do win this one (the stars are aligned just right) this may be a dagger Boston will never forget.

  76. I like your idea hasoulfood, but for some reason Phil is strict with his rotations.

    At this point, scrap it, barring foul trouble Odom and Bryant should never get off the court and guys like Walton should never see the court. THis is do or die, you’ve been working your butt off every day for years, and you’re trying to tell me they can’t go out and play a whole game without rest?

  77. I heard that in Vegas you can’t even bet on the Lakers with the points! I don’t know if that means we will win or not but I think it will be a close one!

  78. 76, about some trapping Pierce on some PR’s as well…Celtics haven’t struck me as a team that can execute pinpoint passing and offensive execution

  79. The problem with trapping Pierce is that he can pass well enough to KG, who can hit that open midrange if you are not in his face. That is a difficult trap. I think you have to really mix up your coverages, PP is too good to give one look to many times in a row. You have to mix up the coverages. And rotate.

  80. Great Warren Wee Lim, I am not going to worry about the outcome of the game now, you got the 1st post.


    I wana see lots of ball movement and high percentage shots!
    Perkins is back so Odom has to push the ball whenever he gets the rebound and have a 1 man fastbreak. If he doesnt, theres a strong possibility he will struggle in this game.

  82. wow, didn’t take long for lamar to take a three.

  83. I just want to know why Radman is so uninterested in winning…he just doesnt care…it bugs me

  84. Pau is getting ruined early

  85. 4 to for gasol

  86. It’s been a great year guys, but with the calls like this, it will be impossible to win.

  87. PP is just horrible….

  88. You have got to be kidding. These “fouls” that PP “draws” are a disgrace to the NBA.

  89. Paul Pierce slips and head butts Vlad Rad in the chest and it’s a foul on him? Man…

  90. gasol needs to get better position earlier in the play. otherwise he takes those weenie shots.

  91. i sure hope gasol gets a little more aggressive or this game is over.

  92. Gasol needs to pound it in. Perkins is hurt and won’t be able to take the contact.

  93. 3 less rebounds…. 3 more turnovers….not a good recipe for a win

  94. Glad we’re leading despite taking 6 less shots and 3 less free throws. Can Kobe remain this hot from downtown? We all know he can’t, so something must be done…

  95. haha… Odom just mauled Ray Allen… I guess we got a make up no-call.

  96. Man locker room and tunnel attendants never got so much airtime than in this series…

  97. has there been 1 game where a celtic hasn’t gone back to the lockeroom with an injury?

  98. You cant let rondo to outrebound the entire team…

    Box out!

  99. Thats a good start for Luke, lets hope our bench gives this team a spark somehow down the line…

  100. gasol seems tentative and slow to react

  101. Luke Walton is playing decent?!? About time!

  102. I wonder how much softer my couch would be if Gasol laid down on it?

  103. If the game is close in the 4th quarter, Celtic fatigue could be a key

  104. 3 good possessions by Garnett. Not necessarily bad defense just good plays by Garnett.

  105. I like that Garnett has so much energy and he is giving his all….recipe for getting all tired and passionless at the end….

  106. interesting the luke is getting minutes before ariza…i was hoping for a change

  107. PJ is much more liberal with his timeouts, isn’t he?

  108. PUT IN RONNY TURIAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Does it have to be so obvious that ABC is in the tank for the Celtics?

  110. turnovers are killing us.

  111. I’m looking at the telecast, and it’s not even funny how many X’s are littered close to the Lakers’ basket. They’re getting in the paint at will, just not finishing.

    Really disturbing.

  112. Gasol looks out of it

  113. The Celtics have 10 more FG attempts.

    4 offensive rebounds and 5 turnover differential explains that fairly well, I guess.

    We’re truly we’re only down 4.

  114. Gasol is a Zombie out there. What is he waiting for? He is making Rondo look like an All-Star with all of the TO’s. Let’s go already.

  115. At least they aren’t blowing us out yet.

  116. bad time to revert back to shooting 1 of 2 ft for lamar

  117. pls make both

  118. at least they haven’t ventured into our paint yet.

    How is Pierce looking? the box score says he’s doing too well despite being banged up and having played 48 minutes.

    Thank god he’s missing his threes.

  119. That “foul” was the definition of ticky tac.

  120. i can’t imagine a worst start for a do or die game

  121. oh my god.. they’re killing the team by shooting hurried 3s

  122. stopped taking these 3s

  123. the boston bench isn’t playing that well….the problem is that the laker bench is HORRIBLE

  124. weel let’s hope our lakers can pull it off tonight and steal game 7 as well….hope the machine can help kobe again this time with the exceptional contribution from gasol ang odom too…..go go go lakers!!!!

  125. lakers need a 3-2 zone, with turiaf on kg and we never look back

  126. Not a good start. The Lakers are being sloppy, taking too many 3s and Pau stayed in LA.

  127. More turnovers than FGs well into the second quarter. Embarrassing.

  128. We’re playing intimidated. Too desperate. This is the 2nd friggin quarter and they’re hoisting threes!


  129. offense don’t fail me now, it’s a crucial period of the game.

  130. What is our offensive plan of attack? I see a lot of dribbling and looking for outside shots. We are getting outscored in the paint by quite a bit…we really need Pau to be an inside presence and make quick decisions. I think he holds the ball too long before making his move.

  131. The only positive i can draw from this is that we’re only down 5 after all those turnovers, rebound deficiency, hurried threes and what not.

  132. it’s still too early to make judgement lakers are also known to overcome any pressure :)

  133. rebounds!!!

  134. Rebound the damn ball.

  135. Man oh man. Could our guys possibly look any more like headless chickens?

  136. I’m sorry but the Celts want it more…just sad

  137. Every time i type something positive, it comes back to haunt me. Forgive me, but now i’m only gonna type negative things about the lakers now.

  138. The last minute has been pathetic. Where is the D?

  139. house is the x-factor, we need the 3-2, turiaf can protect the basket. take out odom, gasol and turiaf are enough for the 3-2 to work.

  140. its raining 3s.. blanked 3s by lakers, drained 3s by celtics.. coupled with turnovers..

  141. pj needs to take timeouts sooner

  142. We just are not ready to play defense on every possession. What is up with that?

  143. Kobe needs to be aggressive going to the basket. The Celts are in the penalty, he needs to get the Lakers going by getting to the line.

  144. its been the theme all series long….offensive rebounds turned into second chance points…..its our kiss of death and we will lose if we dont get it together now!!!

  145. Just a couple of 3’s to turn the score against us, there is plenty of time.

  146. look to just play laker ball and we’ll run it.
    good thing vujacic is getting ready

  147. 102 games into the season and we’re still not running the offense or playing transition D.

  148. To the Celtics fans coming in trying to post baiting, classless comments, I’ll tell you now those have been gone and will be gone as fast as I can get to them. We’re going to keep this civil.

  149. man, call me blind, but that looked like house held fisher back.

  150. Think CHICk HEARN !!!!!!!!!

  151. This is hard to watch.

  152. You’re going to lose if you turn the ball over every time you touch it.

  153. Wow.

    Now a closeup of Kobe throwing a fit on his teammates will just about finish the season and make for yet another summer of intrigue.

  154. 3rd quarter explosion one quarter early. sigh

  155. 3-2, r we done bleeding yet Phil Jackson?

  156. Chick Hearn help us see the light!!!

  157. I don’t think zones were legal when Chick was on the mic…

  158. Gasol needs to attack Davis every possession!! Don’t wait, make your move immediately…

    Also, can we please take a charge!!?

  159. Why is VladRad chucking up a three? Ugh.

  160. Not sure what Celtics fans would be gloating about. I felt more ashamed than cocky after the refs practically handed us the series against Utah.

  161. Ahora, Gasol. Ahora, now.

  162. Hahaha… illegal D again!

  163. Our most reliable offensive play – the Technical Free Throw.

  164. Are there a lid on the Laker’s basket?

  165. is there*

  166. Remember when Walton was leading the league in 3P%?

  167. nice brick Luke

  168. kobe go to the rack every time

  169. So what about Arenas to the Celtics? Now that would be interesting.

  170. Damn Luke, fell off, he’d struggle on our D-league.

  171. And another Celtics puff piece…

  172. These guys really need to learn where the paint is. They’re in the penalty, and their frontcourt has two fouls each, while Kobe has 3 FT attempts, most of them technicals and not ones he earned.

    Now 13 pt difference isn’t a big deal in this series, it can go either way, but why on earth not take advantage of the other team being in the penalty like Paul Pierce?!

  173. Lamar should be in the post.

  174. Is it just me or has all of the coverage been about the Celtics this series? I mean, I’ve seen hardly any specials on the Laker players and even the advertisements have a decidedly Celtic slant. It’s always PP or KG holding the trophy. This whole finals has been a total letdown. Even if we miraculously come back and win, I think this has been a crap series. Ugly basketball, horrible officiating and NBA scandals right around the corner. Pathetic.

  175. damn throws, just show where the laker minds are not in the game.

  176. Celtics getting a little too fancy now

  177. i thought we were going to get blown out. but this is still disappointing nevertheless.

  178. if the lakers were playing, we’d here some luv

  179. over? thank you for trying????????:((((

  180. I think we’re intentionally throwing this game away.

    Complete meltdown.

  181. the Celtics really spread us out on defense…its unbelievable how different things look on both sides of the floor…

    holy crap garnett just made a ridiculous shot..


  182. this is UGLY

  183. heads need to roll for this pathetic effort.

  184. 175 – When you are up by 20 in an NBA Finals elimination game you have earned a few puff pieces.

  185. Kobe is doing his best Dirk impersonation.

    Except Kobe’s J’s aren’t falling.

  186. Wow, and give the injured Perkins another Reed-worthy moment for the Celtics.

  187. I’m 1 basket away from turning this garbage off.

  188. What a trainwreck ending of a half…

  189. Maybe we just wanted to get them back for coming back after being 24 pts down.

    We’re down 23, so if we let them score once in the 3rd and storm back, we’ll do them one better.


  190. good night see you next year.

  191. We have no heart. The over play every passing angle. Why can’t we just go back door? Why can’t we do anything right?

  192. 178, it’s fixed. The NBA and it’s advertisers want the Celtics to win. It was probably in the cards ever since they “traded for” (were gifted by McHale) Garnett.

    Although that being said, the Lakers aren’t helping their own cause with a complete failure to execute everything that’s gotten them this far. It’s pretty sad to watch

  193. 26 – 3 run, not good at all.

  194. dang… outside open jumpers gotta go in…

    i mean celtics are pretty much lounging around their basket daring lakers to take the jumpers.

    even when we drive it in, it’s literally 4 or 5 players collapsing on one.

  195. Pierce might have just jinx the celtics?

  196. definitely a disappointing disappointing ending to a promising season. we just didn’t come play. outclassed in every way.

  197. NBA TV has a program on the 85 Lakers right now

  198. @188. You have the causality backward my friend. Haven’t been paying attention?

  199. Would Chick put this game in the refrigerator yet? Please…a better effort. Play the best damn 24 minutes of ball you guys have EVER played.

  200. why are the clippers playing tonite?

  201. I know the Lakers derserve tremendous admiration for the surprisingly wonderful season they gave us, but this is a pathetic embarrassment on every level, every player, every facet of the game. This disgrace has left me speechless. How do you just not show up at all in an NBA Finals elimination game?

  202. Now who thinks the Lakers have an all-star coaching staff? All at once now.

    The players are doing poorly, but Phil has stuck to his rotations and refused to adjust to the game. I really hope people roast his *** for the coaching job he has done in this series. The players lost the games, but the coaching staff didn’t put them in the best position to succeed.

  203. How can a team, that arguably dominated just about every other team on its path to the finals, be this lackluster in the biggest stage?

    The true NBA finals, at this rate, was between Cleveland and Boston. And if I don’t see a monster half from Kobe, I’m going to say that LeBron is the better player, not Kobe.

    And it’s not going to be close, either.

  204. UGH Assists – 5 to 17

  205. Halftime crew, it’s not that the Celtics are totally dominating. The Lakers are playing supremely sloppy, uninspired ball. That’s the huge factor in their first half meltdown.

  206. Zero offensive rebounds? The Lakers have not shown up to play.

  207. HUMILITY leads to hard work on defense, up or down in a game. Lakers are not humble enough to work their asses off, no matter the score.

  208. forget the game..i’m just going to watch the euro 2008 france/italy game on right now

  209. The Lakers are being outhustled, outmaneuvered, and outsmarted. I’m pretty disappointed. The Celtics are the superior team.

  210. We may be one “greatest comeback of the week” short. But I continue to watch. Anybody mention JVG going all “pure”? Made me all warm and fuzzy. Way back then.

  211. Los Angeles is worth giving ur life for, like Pac said; To live and die in LA!!! The laker players don’t listen.

  212. Lamar’s defense in the paint is disappointing….as well as Pau. Those 2 guys don’t have the guts to assert themselves or their games.

    I know they are both good, but Boston’s play in the paint shows that we have NO heart or pride right now.

  213. i agree with you craig….the laker coaching staff have been as much ‘no shows’ as some of the players…

  214. hmmmm….don’t lose hope guys lakers can still pull this off! =)

  215. Defense requires, Sacrifice!!!

  216. Pitiful effort from the Lakers. They should all take their jerseys off and fly the hell home. I didnt think they win tonight, but this is just a sad sorry effort on their part. I aint even watching the second half.

  217. Don’t knock Phil and the coaching staff…it’s not their fault their players don’t have any heart. Everybody not named Kobe or Derek Fisher didn’t come to play. As much as I’d like to try to be optimistic, Andrew Bynum doesn’t mean a whole lot if your players don’t have the heart to show up in Game 6 of the Finals.

  218. That should be “Andrew Bynum coming back next year doesn’t mean a whole lot if your players don’t have the heart to show up in Game 6 of the Finals.”

  219. Lakerpauer and lakersfan88 are cracking me up. Lakers fans who think the league is biased…against the Lakers? Now that is hilarious.

    The Lake show is being exposed for what it is tonight. A great, but flawed system. Anybody that likes defense and team basketball should be happy with a Lakers defeat in this series. Until the Lakers learn to play better D and until Kobe learns to play team ball in times of adversity they are going to have a hard time winning it all, let alone winning the West against improving teams like Utah, Portland, Houston, etc. Kobe is the “greatest player on earth” when things are going well, but when things start to go south–like in the Q2 tonight–the guy feels his rep being threatened and starts launching anything and everything, which often just makes things worse

    Despite the likely 4-2 outcome, this series really hasn’t been close. And no the refs aren’t the reason for that…

  220. As a lakers fan… hate to admit that but the celtics are the better team and deserve to win. It hurts so bad… especially if you are in italy and it’s 4.34 a.m. and you are going to face a tough work day but let me hug all the laker nation and send a sweet kiss to everyone. I’ll be waiting a long year to get our revenge with Drew in the mix.

  221. My cable went out……what a blessing!!

  222. Well, it took Boston 3 all stars to bring Kobe down… so don’t pat yourself too hard on the back Boston. Although you will probably win, I can only take solace in the fact that this will be your last title for another 18 years.

  223. Despite the likely 4-2 outcome, this series really hasn’t been close. And no the refs aren’t the reason for that…
    Take it to Celtics blog. Don’t need that here right now.

  224. As disappointed I am about the Lakers, I think the series was actually fairly close.

    Barring that monumental collapse in game 4, it’d be 3-2 the other way and counting the games where both teams almost came back from big deficits, it could’ve been over in 5 games either way.

  225. …and in reality some of our losses have been very winnable. And right now, Kobe is doing anything but chucking up shots.

  226. The Celtics D is really the best I have seen, maybe ever. But the Lakers are playing with supreme stupidity. That’s what it comes down to. They continue to make the wrong choices on offense AND defense.

  227. As disappointed I am about the Lakers, I think the series was actually fairly close.


    If they show up for the 2nd half.

  228. Rondo makes a jumper. GREAT. Now can please something go right for the Lakers?

  229. i guess someboy placed that lid on this side of the basket.

    let’s go lakers!

  230. paydawg, 7:28PM.

    I totally agree with you. I’m just going to watch the Italy vS France on ESPN2 even though I already watched it this afternoon.

    What a sad effort from the Lakers. From the coaching staff to the players, this is what defines the Kobe Bryant-led Lakers era. Failure after failure in the post season. We blow a 3-1 series lead in 2006, and we blow a 24 point lead in an NBA Finals game. I know I’m being irrational in the heat of the moment, but I’m sick and tired of trying to believe in Kobe when he jacks up jumpshots in the middle of the Celt’s run and does nothing to inspire his teammates to keep fighting. This game is eerily similar to that of Game 7 in 2006 against the Suns.

    We’ll see how we are when Bynum returns. But there was much talk about the Lakers having Phil, Kobe, Fish as people with much championship experience, yet it matters zip on the court. And I really hate the first defense when it comes to these Lakers that they are “young.” Pllleassssee. I wonder how long we’ll keep making that excuse since it’s lease expired last year.

  231. I’m sorry for the repost, but

    Game 7 in Phoenix in 2006??

  232. At this rate, the C’s will be in the penalty around the 8 minute mark. If we don’t take advantage, I’ll be furious.

  233. I agree that this season has shattered all expectations I had. Even after we got Pau, I never expected us to make the Finals.

    But this series has been an embarrassment of epic proportions.

  234. A-Hole Carolla June 17, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    I just don’t want it to end this way.

    Let’s hope they make a game out of it again.


  236. I get the need to vent watching this level of performance, but lets keep some level of perspective. This season is not a failure. If back in October I had said the Lakers would make it to the NBA finals and lost in six games I would have been 1) mocked; 2) everyone would have taken that result in a heartbeat.

    Tonight has been frustrating, but that is a long way from year-long failure.

  237. The lakers lack of mental toughness lost this series. Tell me why in EVERY GAME (besides Game 1), the Celtics went on an extended (15+) run during the game, while he Lakers sat idly.

    ALl their players fold. They turn over the ball, they give up, they’re lazy. THis falls squarely on Phil and Kobe. Phil calls a timeout–does he draw up a nice inbounds play to stop the bleeding? No. ANd Kobe….maybe he’s just not good enough, but he should be stopping runs at 10-1 instead of hoisting up bad shots at 20-1. Pathetic.

  238. man, maybe it’s just me, but seems like celtics is getting all the lucky bounces around the basket.

    let’s play some d now lakers!

  239. gasol is out of it! he’s just watching the game from on court. body language says that he’s given up.

  240. Plus, we still don’t have an offensive rebound in this game. THats indicative of EFFORT. We lacked it.

  241. Exactly what Kurt said in 238. We’ll be back!

  242. I do not mind losing these Finals, because we have almost no chance of coming back.
    But why do we have to get down by 27 in the first place? Does this game mean nothing to these players? I agree that we have made great strides this season, but now that we’re here, is this the best we can do?

  243. 222. I think the Lakers are losing all by themselves. I just don’t understand why all the coverage up to this point has been mostly about the Celtics. The only adds I see are Kevin Garnett screaming and pounding gatorade. I would have liked to see more Lakers media.

  244. It seems like Odom gets stripped on the way to the hoop about 80% of the time.

  245. ads*

  246. gasol just looks like he wants to go home.

    not feeling the lakers body languages. they look tired and beat.

  247. Fall away j’s, not what the doctor ordered.

  248. Just pathetic. No heart. None

  249. I don’t mind us losing.

    I just mind us not showing up.

  250. this is an embarrassment. no defense, terrible shot selection, and just all around lack of effort. boston shooters aren’t even being contested at all. phil was totally outcoached this entire series. i know we’re not even supposed to be here, but now that we are, this just makes me want to throw up.

  251. I seriously want to shed tears looking at the look on Mitch’s face.

  252. timeout! get gasol out of the game. he’s not doing anything but turning in the knife.

  253. Rondo has more steals and offensive rebounds than the Lakers’ team as a whole. In an elimination game, this has got to be one of the saddest excuse of a so-called “team” in the history of the NBA Finals.

  254. they are playing like it’s a regular season game where they get blown out and give up. this is a finals elimination game. they need to at least make an effort and attempt to come back to at least redeem their dignity.

  255. i hope kobe plans on taking a good shot sometime soon.

  256. This was the kind of a game I expected from the Lakers in game 4 and 5.

    Near double-score outing.

    Wow, this has to rank among the biggest collapse ever in the finals, and I think Kobe will have a hard time recovering from this.


    I’m inclined to motion for the removal of him from the Olympics. Well not really, but something in him is just not wired right since the series against the Spurs.

  257. every possession is a punch in the stomach

  258. ok…now there’s a demonstration of “soft” gasol. weak.

  259. Rondo is going to have a triple double consisting of points, offensive rebounds and steals.


  260. what is worse? Lakers effort or los wisedom’s posts?


  261. man… it just shows. celtics had tough road to the finals seriously fighting through adversities as they arose. i mean granted, some were unwarranted but still, having gone through those, it shows that they are more ready.

    lakers just had it too easy… everything clicked too easy for the lakers. celtics does look like they have been playing with each other for many seasons.

    hey that layup by kobe might have been the easiest basket lakers had the whole night.

  262. Now the refs are piling it on by calling some phenomenally weak fouls on the Lakers. But seriously, the Lakers haven’t earned ANY sympathy from anyone.

  263. None of your posts make sense los wisedom, the Lakers were brought down by their own mistakes, and their uncanny ability to absolutely quit when the other team is making a run. They turned over the ball like it was their job, got completely outhussled on the boards, and crumbled under the least bit of pressure.

    I’m not upset they lost the series–Celtics were supposed to win the championship from the day they got the Big 3 together, and throughout the entire regular season theyw ere heads and shoulders above everyone else. But the way the Lakers went out has to give you pause–the only worry is we’ll have no idea if these guys learned anything until NEXT YEAR’S postseason, because the regular season doesn’t mean squat when you’re talking about winning championships. I hope they learned from getting flat out outworked and embarrassed in this game.

  264. 253. I can delete wisdom’s all-cap posts (and have been) but we’re stuck with this game, sadly.

  265. this is really really embarassing.

  266. Kurt, I’d vote to give you mod rights over this game…

  267. dang it rad. not on the elbows. shoot from the corners!!!!

  268. i hope they lose by 40 so that wholesale changes will be made. this is a fundamentally flawed team with suspect coaching.

    we need to move some pieces and get a legitimate second guy to take the load off kobe. this playoffs has made it clear that pau is a third banana.


  269. it’s like these guys are playing together for the first time… man, this is painful to watch…

  270. The way we’re playing, i’d think that it’s us who are up 30.

  271. Pao first big rebound. Welcome to Game 6

  272. A-Hole Carolla June 17, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    I don’t know how much perspective should be used to look at this. After all, the Pao trade changed all expectations.

    Our toughness and intelligence definitely have to be questioned in the offseason, in terms of whether we make any moves.

    I loved the ride, it was better than I even imagined, and I knew it would be a good one.

    This ending definitely should not be swept under the rug.

  273. i think it’s time for a phil experiment and get the bench in there…anything.

  274. If the Celtics can make a 26-6 run in the matter of 7 minutes, I don’t know why the Lakers can’t.

    Oh, thats right, the Celtics would never bend over and let that happen to them.

  275. wholesale changes??? we crushed the west and just had terrible match up problems against a team w/ 3 elite players and a host of veterans…

    i want to punch boston in the face right now but come on that is a little unfair

  276. The old +/- stat is all negatives for us and all positives for them, makes sence huh.

  277. is it me or most of these “actual” netflix clients look slightly overweight?

    sorry totally unrelated topic.

  278. Jerry Buss should make this team walk back to L.A.

  279. I guess it’s more time this week for my ps3 and MGS4…..I hate this week.

  280. i’m feeling kobe, sasha and farmar.

    but mostly kobe.

    i mean… i’d rather have the team play as a team, but since they won’te I’m ok with kobe shooting every time he touches it.

  281. put bynum in.

  282. I think boston could play their 10-15 and it won’t make a difference.

  283. sweet flop Garnett

  284. how about dj? mihm?

  285. Just an insurance comment:
    If Kobe fuels a comeback, i’ve never said anything that doubted him.

  286. kev, 8:06pm.

    that’s the best idea i’ve heard tonight.

  287. Kobe, go out with guns blazing…

  288. put mitch in.

  289. What happend? Back to back 3s by House and Posey, and we have not recovered since. No way the Celtics are this good. this reminds me of how good we made the Pistons look in 2004

  290. 282.LOL MGS4 rocks….. It’s the only reason I haven’t slit my wrists this week.

  291. This sucks, but it was one hell of a year of Laker basketball. I had a great time watching this team grow into a contender.

  292. We haven’t won a single quarter in this game.

    -4, -19, -6.

    i think we’re due a -21 fourth.

  293. I can’t wait to have bynum back. pau needs a big brother. dude is not a 5.

  294. This game seems so surreal to me. It’s like we don’t even belong in the playoffs, let alone the finals. When Denver had their meltdown, it wasn’t even in the same level of disasterous as this game.

  295. does the term “pretty boys” come to anyone else’s mind every so often w/ these lakers? these guys know how to win when they’re allowed to play clean, fluid basketball. they’re gonna have to learn how to win playing rough, disjointed basketball if they’re gonna win a championship…

  296. At Lakerpauer – Ya without MGS4…I don’t know if I could live this day.

  297. Ok… this is it. I want someone on the Lakers to commit a flagrant the next time a Celtics player waltzes into the lane.