You Can’t Have Too Many Friends

Kurt —  July 24, 2008

We’ve got some new friends here at Forum Blue & Gold, and I think you should meet them.

This site has struck a deal to have most of its content at both Lakers Nation — the meta Lakers site run by the former Get Garnett guys — and with them on the Web site for 570 AM KLAC, the Lakers flagship station and home of the Lakers in Southern California. Lakers Nation is just that — a nation, home to its own blog, its own message boards and its own social-networking system (ala Facebook).

What that means here is that you will see more connections to Lakers Nation and 570, things that will grow as we get closer to next season (and after a redesign of this site planned for later this summer). Both sites offer some interesting things that I think people here will like. And the stories here will be seen both at Lakers Nation and at 570’s Web site.

While this means some growth, there will be no changes to what the core of this site is about. We will do in-depth (hopefully smart) analysis of the Lakers and NBA news. The commenting policies on this site will not be changing. The goal is to expose what we do here to more people, but we are not changing who or what we are.

What makes this site special, what makes the growth possible, is the community here. Bottom line is you people make my day, and make my thought processes about the Lakers far more informed and fun. Protecting the integrity of that community remains goal number one. But I don’t think that precludes growth opportunities.

So go over and meet the new friends at Lakers Nation. They’ve opened up new message board forums today and they are large and growing community with which you all have at least one thing in common — you’re all Lakers fans. And that’s a good place to start a friendship.

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  1. the bigger things get, the harder it is to maintain quality, but we’ll see. hopefully the discussions here stay as well-informed and intelligent as they’ve always been.


  2. Congrats! It will be nice to hear from more Laker fans.


  3. Good for you, Kurt.

    First Josh at RespectKobe becomes a contributor at Hardwood Paroxysm, now you’re growing. Us fans are strong, now only if Pau was like us……hmmm.


  4. great news! sounds like the next logical step in building a community – well done Kurt!


  5. Kurt,
    will your site remain the same? I just went over to this lakernation and it is a bit too intimitading for me. Call me stupid, old whatever, but i like being able to go to your site and EASILY read all of the comments.


  6. Hey everyone! My name is Shane and I am one of the creators of The Lakers Nation (Also known as TLN)

    We are all exited about working with Kurt, and as you come over and visit our site, you will see just how much more you can enhance your Lakers experience.

    Our work together will not change either site, but enhance the traffic to both. Neither of us are changing anything except the addition of our partnership.

    – Shane Bien


  7. azzemoto, this site will remain pretty much as is. While we will be doing a redesign this summer, that is more about look and layout than adding a bunch of new bells and whistles (for example, this site is not getting in the message board business). The idea is to keep it clean and simple and focused on the words and ideas, but just update it and add a few things for people looking for more.

    I promise, no changes are coming to the core of what this site is.


  8. Awesome stuff. I’m a huge fan of Kurt’s website. This has always been one of my most read blogs online. I’m very excited about this new partnership.

    I think if Kurt ever wants an intro video for Forum Blue & Gold, he knows who to ask… 🙂

    Kurt, it’s a pleasure my man.

    – LD2k


  9. The Warriors matched The clippers for Azubuike (sp).


  10. The NBA link for the GS resigning…

    I guess that mean’s Mo is back on the market. Now we need to see how the Sasha issue is settled.


  11. Congratulations Kurt!

    I’m sure that great things will come from your strategic relationship with Lakers Nation and Xtra Sports Radio.


  12. Hehe, I hope the dudes at AM570 pay us a guest visit. That would be fun.


  13. Great Kurt, congratulations, I am curious to see what this will look like after the redesign of the sites.

    Great teams truly are what the individuals of basketball should be striving for. Though great individual stats are fine, it is the success of the team that matters.

    This could be true for: Lakers, Team USA and Laker Blog sites. Lots of threads to read through tonight.


  14. I’m a religious reader of this blog – I hope it stays relatively similar. It’s my only real outlet to un-cluttered Lakers news and reading thoughtful comments on my favorite team. Having listened to streaming 570 doesn’t seem to trend in that direction.

    Sok Dee, continued luck.


  15. Like I said, I have no plans to change the core of what this blog is. What Lakers Nation and 570 do is not for everyone, but this site will remain relatively insulated from what they do. But I hope to bring a little of what we do to them.


  16. This is awesome. Maybe lakersblog at latimes can join in on the fun too? I read all the lakers blogs religiously (or obsessively) because the stuff is just so much better than just news like espn or yahoo.


  17. Hey guys, not good knows from Vujacic’s camp:,0,7797779.story

    Explains that Sasha is threatening to play in Europe..He wants $5 mil a year, apparently – which is steep when we’ve got Vlade and Luke already making that..but I also think Sasha is more vital than both of them to our team.

    I hope Pelinka (sasha’s agent) is using this as leverage and that we can work out a 5 yr $22 million deal or so. I think that’s pretty fair.


  18. Congrats Kurt!