Fast Break Thoughts

Kurt —  August 28, 2008

After a few days going through withdrawals without my laptop, time to clear out the inbox in bullet point form.

UPDATED: Great stuff today from the OC Register, talking about Kuchak checking up on Bynum:

“Andrew has dedicated another summer to getting into the best possible shape,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said. “A month ago he was cleared from the knee surgery he had and at that point he began working on conditioning and getting into shape and I thought he looked like he has made progress.”…..

“I could see improvement in his body, his conditioning and mobility,” Kupchak said. “I didn’t see any signs of effects from the surgery.”

• There are now 16 Lakers under contract, although not all are guaranteed (Crawford and Karl, for example). As reported in the OC Register today, Kupchak plans to bring 18 players to camp. So we can expect a couple more guys to be signed, but they most likely will be camp fodder.

• Sun Yue will be in camp and his deal is guaranteed (two years, $1.2 million total).

• Can we stop calling Sun “”The Chinese Magic.” I get the correlation (tall PG) but Magic is a nickname we as Lakers fans just don’t throw around. If you want that moniker, you have to really earn it. Sun did not even start for the Chinese national team (ed. note: yes he did), is raw and is really a two-year project. He’s going to get a lot of run with the D-Fenders this year would be my guess. Save the nickname until we see if he can live up to it.

• By the way, Dwayne Mitchell is also on a non-guaranteed deal, according to Eric Pincus.

• I’m excited about college football is starting up again. Go Irish!

• A five-part breakdown looking at the correlation between the volume of Kobe’s shooting and Laker wins and losses.

• The Monta Ellis injury is just bad news for basketball fans, that is a fun player to watch who now is out for about the first half of the season. I hope his injury pattern is not something that becomes chronic.

Great read on New Orleans, the Hornets, Katrina and Gustav. (Hat tip True Hoop)

• One of my favorite blogs lately has been Eric Mussleman’s (the former Golden State and Sacramento coach).

• As I said before, one of the things coming in the next couple months will be a new look and some other changes to the site. It needs an update. But FB&G is a community at its heart and I want any changes to work well for all of you. So, before things really get rolling (and as was started in an earlier thread), throw out some ideas of what you do or don’t want to see. Or send me an email with your thoughts. From the little things (like fixing the header so it links back to the main page) to potential biggies (a section where readers can make their own posts) I am trying to think about them all. Like I said, my goal is for any changes to work well for the community, so tell me what you want to see.