Bynum and Other Thoughts

Kurt —  September 8, 2008

The biggest news for the Lakers recently is that Andrew Bynum sat down with the local media and said that he is 100% healthy and ready to go. A few quotes from the stories:

“I can’t wait, man. I think I’m the only guy who wants the season to start, like, tomorrow, you know what I mean? But I just can’t wait to play with the fellows. I haven’t done it in seven months, so I’m excited.

If I handle my business on the court, the business off the court will be handled. So, we can wait on that. It would be nice to get it done before the season, so I obviously wouldn’t have to think about it, but if not. … I think I’m going to be ready. All I can do is show up and work hard every day. … It would be nice to have that done, but I’m going to be out there either way.”

I have two thoughts here. First, I hope this is true. Mitch Kupchak said it looked like it was when he went to Atlanta to watch the workouts, and Bynum said all the right things. This is good. He is a key to title hopes for the Lakers this season.

Second, if I wanted a max deal, this is exactly the press conference I would hold.

Personally, I think we should wait until we there have been practices and maybe some exhibition games before we decide all is right with the world. But the Lakers need to get his deal worked out before Oct. 31 or then he becomes a restricted free agent next year, and from there bad feelings can start to build because of perceived slights, and you don’t want that with your stars of the future.

A few other thoughts.

• Glad to see Kobe is getting the surgery on his finger (the official date will come out later today and I’ll update here when it happens). This needs to get done, I’d rather have him miss a few games at the beginning of the season than not be right when it matters. That said, I think Ziller said it best at Fanhouse: “Only Kobe could set a date on which he’ll announce which date he’ll have surgery on his pinky.”

• I don’t know what you’re talking about, I thought my Fighting Irish looked fine.

• Great note out of Bruins Nation, taking specifically about the bad ending of the Washington v. BYU game over the weekend, but the sentiment applies to all sports:

The call was simply bad. But, the Pac 10 explanation, after the game, was worse. “We were simply following the rules”.

And, therein lies the problem. It is not simple to follow rules. Rules are applied. They are not “followed”. Rules have no meaning until an official uses JUDGMENT — looks at the PURPOSE of the rule and the CONTEXT or situation, and determines how to apply it to bring about a fair and just result.

• My first pick in fantasy football — Tom Brady (#7 overall). Well, that was a fun season.