No Surgery For Kobe

Kurt —  September 9, 2008 — 72 Comments

Straight from Kobe’s Web Site:

After seeking numerous opinions from hand specialists, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has decided to forgo surgery on his right pinkie. Fresh off his Olympic Gold Medal performance in Beijing, Bryant expressed that he did not want to miss any time on the court when Lakers training camp opens later this month.

“I have always felt that I can still focus and play at a high level even through various injuries. That’s really just part of the game. When the doctors told me recovery from a procedure could be 12 weeks, I just decided now was not the time to have surgery. What it really came down to for me is that I just didn’t want to miss any time ‘punching the clock’ for the Lakers, given all we are trying to accomplish as a team this NBA season. I am just really excited and looking forward to being there with the guys when camp opens in a few weeks. That is a real bonding process and if I can avoid being on the sidelines for that, God willing, I will,” said Bryant.

UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive — from Reed here are the pre- and post-injury stats on Kobe:

Kobe pre-injury:
46 games, 45.9% FG, 83.6% FT, 35.6% 3P, 8.8 FTA/gm, 5.1 3PA/gm

Kobe post-injury (including playoffs):
57 games: 46.5% FG, 83.1% FT, 34.4% 3P, 9.4 FTA/gm, 5.0 3PA/gm

Reed’s comment: Basically: the injury had absolutely zero effect on his shooting accuracy, how often he tried to get to the line, or how often he shot 3s. He also missed zero games because of it.



72 responses to No Surgery For Kobe

  1. Let the conspiracy theories begin.

  2. Kind of worries me. Obviously you worry about what will happen over the course of an 82-game season.

    But at the same time, I understand Kobe’s thought process. He knows training camp is going to be extremely important, incorporating Bynum and figuring out the rotations. If he’s out, it could throw the team balance off, and then if they learn to play without him, him coming back in December might throw things off again.

    On top of all that, he remembers how competitive the West was last year. Missing that much time might put us in a hole in the standings.

    IMHO, an extremely unselfish decision. Eat that, Kobe haters.

  3. Kobe pre-injury:

    46 games, 45.9% FG, 83.6% FT, 35.6% 3P, 8.8 FTA/gm, 5.1 3PA/gm

    Kobe post-injury (including playoffs):

    57 games: 46.5% FG, 83.1% FT, 34.4% 3P, 9.4 FTA/gm, 5.0 3PA/gm

    Basically: the injury had absolutely zero effect — not on his shooting accuracy, how often he tried to get to the line, or how often he shot 3s. He also missed zero games because of it. Maybe it’s not a big deal.


    While I (selfishly) want him out there every game, I think his decision to not get surgery is great in terms of getting a training camp with the full team together, I really think this is a short sided move.

    While I do not have shooting percentages to back this up off hand (being at work limits my ability to do this), watching Kobe on a game to game basis, year by year, I do have a pretty good understanding of his game. I think the most telling side effect of his finger is his free throw shooting. He missed more free throws in the 2nd half of the season than I have ever seen him miss. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it definitely looked like he missed a lot more free throws and jumpers than I ever saw him miss. Olympics included.

    Anyone find any stats on that one? Or am I nuts?

  5. According to Reed, you’re nuts.

  6. So be it.

  7. I’m not trying to advocate for or against getting the surgery, but given the statistics and the fact that we don’t have Kobe’s or his doctor’s understanding of the situation, we probably aren’t in a position to judge or worry too much about it.

  8. Hey, let’s not get personal with the attacks. I don’t want to have to start deleting comments.

  9. Um, Kurt, it was a joke.

  10. Was the quote I just didn’t want to miss any time ‘punching the clock’ for the Lakers a knock aganist Shaq when he missed the beginning of the season saying “i got hurt on company time i’ll recover on company time?

  11. Here is the one thing that bothers me about this decision: What if Kobe gets hit on the finger in such a way during the season that he has no choice but to get surgery? I think the call is his, but that is my one concern.

  12. WeaselD,

    Your thinking is shortsided. He didn’t decide this just on a whim. He played with it for months, it didn’t affect him, saw specialists about it, and knows that the geling of this team in training camp is too important. He’s the one player that has to be there, because they can all play nice together without him, but if Kobe missed camp, everyone would have to change to adjust to the Alpha dog. So it would be a complete waste. He knows what is on the line, and obviously he knows the risks, and you are more worried than you should be.

  13. I have no idea the medical implications of what’s happened to kobe’s fingers, whether or not it hurts like hell to play with or anything and without the stats provided (thanks Reed, makes a big difference with making an opinion on this, only on FBG can I wonder something aloud whilst reading ESPN and instantly find the answer). But what I like about this is the heart of it and I think it shows just how into this Lakers team Kobe is and just how much he wants them to succeed.

    Whilst this might seem maybe a little foolhardy to some or perhaps a little dangerous you can’t ignore the fact that even if he’s only avoiding minor surgery he’s still doing it to have the absolute most time on the court with his team mates before the new season so he can make a success of it. It’s inspiration for his team mates that their leader will do this and that goes a long way over a long season.

    With that kind of hypothetical reasoning (that might only be the way I’m thinking I dunno…) aside he’s apparently gotten advice on it and clearly they’ve said it’s a viable option to skip it.

    October is taking way too long to come around too…

    (p.s: off topic I know but can’t help myself, just saw Million Dollar Baby for the first time, what a film)

  14. Kurt,

    i think Kobe may have considered that, and my guess would be that doctors probably told him, that if he got hit in a way that would most certainly require surgery, that same hit would require surgery again, if he did proceed with it the first time.

  15. Re getting hit in season — I thought the consensus was that he could not injure it worse. It’s completely torn off. So there’s no way to hit it such that he suddenly needs surgery worse than he needs it right now. That’s just what I remember, so correct me if I’m wrong.

  16. Reed (#15),
    I think you’re right about that…that was my understanding of it as well.

    And in this case, I think the numbers tell the entire story here. Statistically, he’s not bothered by the bad finger, so I would think he’s really okay. Also, since stats can always be countered by the “what do your eyes see” sentiment, my eyes told me that he was fine with the finger. I mean, how many thunderous dunks did we see after the injury? How many times did he lose his dribble? How many times did we see Kobe shaking his hand or acting like it bothered him? In order, that would be plenty, no more than usual, and none/never. So, I’m fine with this and if he hurts it during the season, I’ll chalk it up to bad luck like any other random injury. Counting the games he played for the Lakers after he hurt it, and then adding those to the Olympic pre-qualifying and Beijing games, he basically played a full NBA season with his hand injured with no reaggrivations and no setbacks. Ultimately, while I understand Kurt’s point about the potential pitfalls, I’m okay with him making the decision that he’s made.

  17. I would have liked for Kobe to go through with it, but considering the doctors said it would take Bynum only 8 weeks to recover, I don’t want to have to go though that again.

  18. All I can say is wow. Kobe is all heart. Just about every veteran wants to miss training camp, well except Kobe. I remember a few years back, Shaq had his surgery just before camp so he wouldn’t have to play in camp. And his reason was because Dirk did that the year before. Just about anyone else would have had the surgery. Kobe has a real love for the game. He should get all the credit for taking on such a decision. Now thats clutch and being a leader. Add to the fact that Bynum can’t wait for training camp and I am really excited about this up coming season, whether we win or not, I am a proud Laker fan.

  19. On both a jump shot/set shot and a pass, the ball comes off the index and middle finger. The pinky doesn’t have any impact on the ball because it doesn’t touch the ball. I think what we will likely see is the problem Kobe faced last year which was a loosening of his handles. Ball handling is really the only area of the game that can be impacted by this injury and, since Kobe will likely have to go it alone far less, it shouldn’t be significant. I will say, however, that we should probably expect a higher number of (seemingly) careless turnovers where Kobe just loses control of the ball.

  20. Stats are stats, his shot looked flat the last half of the season and after, the finger is imprtant on the follow through.

    But Kobe knows better than all of us how he was affected and what the doctors said.

  21. The finger isn’t important on the follow through… if it is, you’re shooting wrong and need a coach.

  22. Stats are stats, his shot looked flat the last half of the season and after, the finger is imprtant on the follow through.

    the pinkie is not used to follow through, however is does help control the ball while dribbling etc.

  23. I’m not worried about Kobe, he’s a prety calculating guy, this isn’t a snap decision. I just want to see what Bynum looks like, we already saw Kobe play half a season and an olympic tourney with the injury, Bynum is another story.

  24. Although I don’t think Kobe is a wise person in any sense of the word, and sometimes doubt his maturity, there’s one area where I take his word for what they are, and that’s his game.

    Besides, there’s a lot more than just Kobe resting on his pinky; so a LOT of people must have given him advice and this is probably the end result of it.

    At any rate, I think it sends a great message to the rest of the team which may be shaken with the departure of Ronny, our glue guy, and with Odom and Bynum’s contracts hanging, etc.

    It tells the team that the top dog thinks summer camp, and the ensuing camaraderie, is important. Man, i don’t know, but if the best guy on my team, whom i begrdugingly respect, leads by example and takes summer camp seriously, I’d be motivated too.

    Sure there are risks, but this is LA people, we live for drama that involves personal sacrifice for greater glory.

  25. This team has a significant number of differences from last season –
    Ariza, and Gasol have not had a preseason and training camp to help learn all the nuances of the triangle. Powell has never played in that system at all. Bynum, Walton, Mihm, and Fisher are coming off of injuries. Bynum, Vujacic, and Farmar are still fairly inexperienced. Odom and Gasol will likely be playing a different position than last season.

    If there is a choince, they can’t afford to have Kobe miss training camp, preseason, and the first part of the season, and miss out on the team developing the on-court chemistry that is a significant part of making a title run.

  26. the other Stephen September 9, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    i’d rather that he got surgery. the logic about the injury having no effects should make us lean in favor of surgery, not against it. it’s still an injury, and not just some ugly blemish that can be covered up or ignored. if the injury requires surgery, rather than just some ice packs and R&R, then i don’t see how anyone could be comfortable with just living with it for an entire extra year. i think kobe, of all people, can afford the risk of missing practice.

  27. the other Stephen September 9, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    and i do agree about the chemistry, but c’mon. if he doesn’t have it now, he’s going to have to wait for a long time.

  28. 26) “i think kobe, of all people, can afford the risk of missing practice.”

    Kobe can miss practice, but the other players need to learn how to mesh their games with his. Playing without him for 2 months, and then trying to re-learn to play with him “on the fly” is not easy.

  29. I feel that he is not exposed to any additional chance of injury to the pinkie. In fact with it taped up the way it is, how could it be injured any further. I mean, the tape would have to be torn off to have any additional injury to it, I would think. He is much better off, with it all taped up.

    Kobe is showing a real ;not me first; attitude here, he has changed from the way he was at one time.

  30. Exhelodrvr,

    I agree. I said in an earlier post something to that effect. Kobe is the one player who changes everything when he’s on the court. Meshing without him is like not meshing at all. Everyone else needs to fall in line AFTER Kobe.

  31. Kobe needs to take the surgery and watch this team grow. This team is talented enough to play without him for two months. Plus he could use the rest after playing in the finals in the playoffs and getting that gold metal.
    As for the chemistry, most of this team has played with him for a few years already they know what he brings to the table. I really want to see what this team can do without him….maybe that’s what Kobe is afraid of….I hope not, that would mean he’s really egotistic.

  32. Also,

    How about that dig at Shaq?

    “…What it really came down to for me is that I just didn’t want to miss any time ‘punching the clock’ for the Lakers, given all we are trying to accomplish as a team this NBA season.”

    These two will be at it forever.

  33. Anonymous,

    That’s a bit naive. This team has to gel. It can;t without Kobe. it would disrupt the dynamic having a player who plays such huge role both offensively and defensively reinsert himself after others get cozy in theirs, ESPECIALLY when the team has Championship hopes. Look at what it did to the Wizards. Gil dominates the ball, but it was too late in the season to mold, and they were not contenders.

  34. Hey guys,

    Its been a while since I posted, but I agree with the other Stephen and a few of you. Kobe is a weird guy. I don’t see the logic of not getting surgery. He is 30 years old with a mileage of a 34 year old vet. Granted he is still one of the premier players in the game, but I’ve noticed he is a tad slower and less springy (if that is a word). Personally, I think Kobe got a bit winded toward the end of the season and given the fact that he played his arse off this summer, I think it would be prudent for him to get some rest in Oct and Nov and let his body (and pinkie) recuperate. Come on…….all of the main characters have played with Kobe for awhile now and it actually might be better for them to play without Kobe so that it will force them to not rely on him so much (ala the Finals).

    I just don’t get him sometimes. Is he afraid that Bynum is going to blowup (which he will along with my starting SF Ariza) and steal his “darling” status? If so, that is utterly retarded. I hope this is not the case and I don’t like to think that way but it does make me go……hmm.

    I just know that the later in the season, the schedule is going to wear on him and that in itself could lead to another injury whereby he would HAVE to miss time. As he gets older…….he needs more rest and less stress on his body. When Kobe is rested and rejuvenated…..he looks like the unstoppable 2006 Kobe.

    Hopefully, I’m wrong.

  35. Changes everything. Kobe is the master of his decisions and I’m with him. Besides, he is more worried of the championship than us peeps so let it be.

    I think its a very nice gesture for your leader to “sacrifice” some personal conveniences in favor of his teammates. Its an act of selflessness that motivates the younger ones to push themselves as well. This is where we differentiate the men from the boys… LeBron would have missed a lot more games on an in-grown toe nail for all I care.

    As for the rotation, we all know Phil likes to play some uncanny rotations on the fly. Coming back with a relatively new squad because Bynum and Pau have never shared a court minute together, Kobe saw the opportunity to build something here. Training Camp comes once a year and we have the whole year to “test” how good we bonded.

    So now the question I raise is: do we really think that our guard rotation is set? Farmar will most probably get the 25/23 share of the minutes this year as Fish freshens himself up for the playoffs. But will he be enough?

    KOBE WAS PROBABLY ON THE FENCE ABOUT THIS FOR ALL THE REASONS YOU SAY HERE, BUT I BET THE FINAL DECISION INCLUDED input from PJ (sorry about the all caps, my mistake, but in a rush and too lazy to retype it…I am NOT yelling here!)

  37. Justin,
    I think you have it just right when you say, “I am really excited about this up coming season, whether we win or not, I am a proud Laker fan.” This is the essence of a team coming together.

    Many of us are busy trying to diagnose Kobe’s decision and whether he is heroic or selfish or manipulated. Good grief! We can argue about the decision itself, but let’s leave all Kobe’s motivations out of this. He is an extremely strong willed individual who cares very much about basketball – we can all agree about that. That probably eliminates the being manipulated part. The heroic or selfish part just seems to expose the bias of the blogger toward Kobe (hater or lover) and we all know there are practically no people in between.

    I say we just argue about the effect this might have on the team and leave out the motivation part.

  38. For the eyes vs stats argument,don’t forget the Gasol trade. W/Gasol,defenses couldn’t concentrate on Kobe the way they did before trade. W/a skilled passing big man,a “looser” defense and no longer having to force shots because the offense was more balanced,it’s possible that any ill effects from the finger were offset by better looks.

    The one factor I’d be worried about is Kobe living w/minor pain for another 9-10 months. As anyone who’s had a minor ache that lasted a while knows,you tend to get much more irritable,esp litte things will really bug you that you would normally ignore.

  39. Exelhdorv hit it on the head along with Wondahap, Kobe doesn’t need to be there, but he is too disruptive of a player to just interject a quarter of the season in. This is for the other players benefit, because as stated, any success achieved without Bryant will be moot upon his return, and we would be at square one in December.

  40. #31 How is that a dig at Shaq? I mean, yes, the complaint about Shaq was always that he was injured all the time and didn’t want to get in shape, etc., but do you think Kobe said that with Shaq in mind?

  41. One thing I always thought about the injury was that it was made a big deal because Kobe didn’t want to play in the All-Star game.

    He hurt his hand made it seems like he really needed to get Surgery on it and then when Stern didn’t bite, he said after the All-star break that he would wait till the off-season for the surgery he really needed.

    I think most of the injury was made to seem worse than it really was just to get out of the All-Star game and that is how somebody can go play half a year of basketball with a “pinkie that is falling off.”

    I do think he did hurt it but it is not as serious as it was made to seem. Anyways Kobe always loves to play the angle that he is tough.

  42. I don’t understand some of yall logic, in Kobe wanting to come back, because he is scared some of the players like Ariza and Bynum will become on star status with him. Really think about what yall are saying. Kobe just played on Team USA and actually took a back seat, but still was the most popular player in China, but also has the number one selling jersey in America, if Lebron calling himself the team leader, could not take away shine from Kobe, how can some unproven players to me do that. Kobe wants to play to keep the team gelling in the right direction. For Kobe its Championship or bust. I think some people get caught up in Kobe being different articles, because I bet some of us are weird to people we know, but if a man could have went to Duke off of his SAT score, speaks different languages, studies film to be better and started his career on the bench behind Eddie Jones and made himself a superstar, not annointed a superstar. Please give the guy credit for wanting to start camp right with his teammates. I think its a smart move to wait and have the surgery this summer.

  43. The best explanation to me is that KB have some Darwin’s evolution theory classes and realizes that the pinkie is one of the first things human race will lose in a evolution process, so he is no longer worried about it.

  44. The thing that worries me the most about the pinky is Kobes ball handling ability. Did anyone else notice how much less control hes had since the injury? Perhaps the most telling sign was when he had an over and back violation in the closing minutes of the hawks game when no one was gaurding him. I think this injury is hampering one of his greatest strengths (ball handling). This being said Kobe will still be Kobe.

  45. Not trying to compare Kobe to CWeb or kings to lakers, but does anyone here remember how injecting webber back into a successful kings team worked that year after webber finally recovered fully from the microfracture?

    Injecting Kobe mid season to a laker team would be as disruptive if not more, since w/out kobe, the team would probably develop different plays and players would become comfortable w/ higher usage rates and once kobe comes back everyone will have to adjust to his style the lower usage rates and redistribution of shots, etc. All in all, the lakers would probably have a very hard time re-making it to the finals…


    Apprarently Walton has not been working on his quickness or his jump shot. Hope he can get in shape before the season starts, he has to brng something to the table.

  47. Man, Oct 1 can’t come soon enough. Walton had an injury for the entire year last year. If he is cleared to play, I suspect he will be far more capable this year than last. The rest of the the practice work would be nice, if he were healthy. Me, I will settle for all our players – Luke and Chris Mihm included – being completely healthy at the start of training camp. Minus Kobe’s somewhat useless little finger, of course.

  48. I have to second that notion that I can’t wait for basketball to start. I am really excited to see this team play together.

  49. Yeah, I’m dying to see this season unfold. This is nearly as exciting as the offseason where we acquired GP and Malone, and in some ways more exciting considering that this team is practically home-grown (other than that Gasol dude).

    As for people thinking about Kobe worrying that Bynum will steal his spotlight… urgh… c’mon. If anything I’d say he’s worried about Bynum overextending in his absence and injure himself worse. Not because he’s a great teammate and cares for Bynum, but just because his chances are much better with a healthier, more confident Bynum.

    Not sure how Pau will fare at the 4, not sure how Odom will do at the 3 (or 1), not quite sure how Ariza will fit into all this, but that’s exactly why the season is going to be sooooo exciting.

    Just imagining them clicking just right gives me shivers.

  50. 21, 22

    Actually pick up a basketball and go through the mechanics of shooting.

    The pinky helps balance the ball while shooting. When the ball is properly balanced, it can be released at the appropriate release point with the correct back spin and arc. Although the pinky comes off the ball slightly before the other fingers, it plays a critical function which allows a proper release and follow through.

  51. I’m in the same camp with #34, that Kobe needs to have the surgery done. Real season starts in April. Besides he’s not young anymore, I’ve noticed Kobe’s lack of lift on his jumpers; not a good sign if you’re a shooting guard with so much mileage. Moreover, IF the team is not good enough to make the playoffs w/out Kobe, then don’t think the team can win the title with Kobe. Simple as that.

  52. Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…

  53. If Kobe took time off to have the surgery and the Lakers did not gel the way many of you think, Kobe would be considered selfish for not waiting to have the surgery. He decides to not have the surgery and many of you say he’s afraid that the team will look better without him.

    Kobe just played with some of the best basketball players in the world, against some of the best basketball players in the world and do you really believe that without him they would have won a gold medal? Yet, you feel that the Lakers will fair just fine without him for 8-12 weeks!

    32 and 10) Shaq? Shaq! In Kobe’s entire career no one and I do mean no one has ever accused him of calling in sick with a hangnail. This has nothing to do with Shaq, it has everything to do with his father, mother and the man Kobe Bryant, himself.

    I would think that it has more to do with the Laker legacy that he will leave behind long after his last shower. A message to the young players on how to be a consummate pro exhibit a: Luke Walton playing the entire season with an injury.

    Why can’t Kobe feel like many of us on this board and be excited about the upcoming season? Why can’t Kobe be giddy about the Lakers chance to assault all records while they pursue the ultimate, a championship?

    This is his team so why should he do anything to damage their chances?

  54. #40 Emma,

    Do you remember when Shaq said, “if you get hurt on company time, then you should heal on company time”, or something to that effect, after waiting until training camp to get surgery instead of during the summer? Then there’s the “I just didn’t want to miss any time ‘punching the clock’ for the Lakers” comment.

    You don’t think that;’a slight dig at Shaq? C’mon.

  55. Is there any reason why Kobe shouldn’t be able to average close to 8-10 assists a game now that he all these weapons at his disposal? Instead of chasing scoring titles, why not accept the challenge of leading the league in assists?

    It would behoove PJ to try to motivate Kobe to play D and be the great passer that he already is since the tandem of Bynum and Gasol should produce at least 35-40 points per game.

  56. Sorry for the down time this morning. Server issues at the host.

  57. There is only one other NBA player, besides Kobe, who has garnered so many love/hate responses without anything in the middle…Wilt Chamberlain.

    What do they have in common? Well they both were very dominant people, both work(ed) hard to be the best they could be, and they both had relatively little use for the media.

    Any lightbulbs going on among the readers/fans out there???

  58. #54 I dont quite agree with you. Kobe aint subtle and if he wanted to dig at Shaq he would have been more explicit. Plus, he also learned this summer that the best approach with Shaq is to remain quiet and let the Big Dummie stick his own foot in his mouth.

    I think that this demonstrates that Kobe is focused on winning NOW and not down the road. I also suspect that he wants to be in training camp to get his guys fired up and to make sure no time is wasted. The season is long and every game counts toward home court advantage in the Finals.

  59. @ 54. Why is it that when Kobe makes a comment people try to read more into it. To me, this is how the Kobe vs Shaq saga continues to live on. Do we need to fan the flames? There are enough people out there besides ESPN who are constantly trying to create drama around Kobe, especially when it involves Shaq. Do we need to add to that? I simply interpret that comment by Kobe as being part of his determination to not waste the opportunity to win a championship, especially since the team could be dramatically different next season.

  60. Lakers signed a new guard. Another one, really? Apparently he’s the alltime leading scorer in San Diego State History. Sounds like a D-Leaguer, but you never know. Kupchak’s found gems before.

  61. 60. You need about at least 18 guys to run a good training camp. That means a few guys who are not going to make the roster are brought in to fill out the drills and what have you. This is one of those signings. He will not be a Laker come Oct. 28.

  62. 61 – Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up.

    Here’s an interesting article I was just looking at on Bynum (Kurt, feel free to delete this if you feel it’s inappropriate, but mostly it’s just facts). I used to be the biggest Shaq fan (even after he went to MIA) until I really understood his arrogance.

    Unfortunately, it looks like our new center of the future might have a similar ego problem:

    I realize it’s not a big deal, if he can play, he can play. I just like rooting for more likeable people though.

    I miss the days of class acts like the Dream. We need more old-school guys.

  63. 58 & 59,

    No one is disputing his statements about wanting to get ready. Kobe would make digs subtley if that was his intent, because he is taking the high road in the “feud.” Shaq and Kobe add to it. Not us. Not ESPN. ESPN just magnifies it. Kobe is too media savvy to not know how a comment like that, in quotations, would be perceived. Especially following the Shaq rap. He knew. Don’t agree with me. You don’t have to. It’s there to see. Plain as day.

  64. 60) They signed Brandon Heath – he was a decent player at SDSU (I watched a bunch of their games) but I will be surprised if he makes the team.

  65. Off topic, but, why wouldn’t the Lakers look at Elton Brown? All I’ve been hearing is he looks good every time he works out, played well in summer league, and yet, no team has signed him yet. Wasn’t he a camp invite last year or the year before? He could be the back-up/bruiser type big we need. He’s at least worth a look (apparently 3 teams and 2 overseas teams are currently weighing whether to sign him).

  66. It is pretty presumptuous of us to say what he should do one way or the other considering we only have a fracton of the information that Kobe has. What it basically comes down to is whether you trust Kobe to make the right decision based on the facts he has been given and the situation he has gone through with actually living with it. I, for one, trust Kobe to have decided for the best for him and for the team.

  67. this just came to me, but maybe, just maybe Kobe’s saving the surgery for the all-star break.

  68. @ 67 Why on earth would he do that? So he can spend the rest of the regular season recovering from the surgery?

  69. October 1st, October 1st; where arte thou?

  70. New post up… esp. for those longing for Oct. !st…

  71. thought it was 1-2 weeks not 12, my bad

  72. I think kobe is thinking about the team more than anything. I don’t want to be a jinx, but 82 games is a long season and anything can happen. If he opts for sugery now and waits 12 weeks, what’s to guarantee any member of the team will be healthy the whole season. I guess I’m analogizing his thinking to a car. If your car took a hit, but it could still take you to any place you wanted to go. Would you fix it ? Or would you wait? Fixing it would leave you without a car and maybe even worst, lose a Championship!!
    If it was my decision, I would hold off on the sugery, because the current Lakers team does not come around every season.

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