Some Morning Reading, Including Previews

Kurt —  October 15, 2008

The Lakers are slogging through long practices in a long preseason. To give you some interesting reading options, Bloggers from around the NBA are previewing their teams, and recently it was the guys in the Southwest Division (look for my formal Laker preview close to the end of the month).

Dallas Mavericks
Mavs Moneyball

Houston Rockets
The Dream Shake

Memphis Grizzlies
3 Shades of Blue

New Orleans Hornets
At the Hive
Hornets Hype

San Antonio Spurs
48 Minutes of Hell

Also see links to all the previews at

Here are a couple other things worth checking out:

• Tom Ziller at Fanhouse ranks Kobe as the third best player in the NBA

One of the greatest crimes against Kobe’s legacy is that his otherworldly scoring ability isn’t sufficiently credited. Eighty-one points gets headlines, and a streak of 40-point nights the same. But for reasons unknown, Kobe’s singular ability to explode for massive scoring games carries a heavy discount in our consciousness. We credit Kobe for his all-around game, or his steady consistency, or his heart, or his passion, or his clutch ability, or his touch from unfathomable ranges. But no one ever makes the case for Kobe as simply the most fantastic scorer of our time. It’s really that simple.

• Roland Lazenby talks about Jerry Krause and his role in the Bulls dynasty (it was more than just breaking it up).