Lakers v. Bobcats, and a Lot of Links

Kurt —  October 23, 2008

Getting close to the time of year when we do serious previews, but a preseason rematch against the Bobcats does not inspire one. Instead, what follows is some of the many great things on the Web the last few days worth checking out:

• First, we have the blogger previews for the Northwest Division:

Denver Nuggets
Pickaxe and Roll
The Nugg Doctor

Minnesota Timberwolves
TWolves Blog
Empty the Bench
Canis Hoopus

Oklahoma City
Blue Blitz
The Thunderworld

Portland Trail Blazers
…a stern warning
Blazers Edge
Rip City Project

Utah Jazz
The Utah Jazz
SLC Dunk

Also see links to all the previews at

• I got the chance to have lunch with Kevin Pelton this summer, and he was talking about his plans to revive a PETCOA-style predictor for the NBA. He’s done it. And, when he breaks down the Pacific Division, he says the system really likes the Lakers. Ergo, I think it’s a great system.

• The ESPN Lakers preview is up, where you can she how I answer this question: Lakers down one, 9.2 seconds to play, must-win game. What’s the play?

• Here is the latest (and wrap up) in Little White Statistic’s incredibly detailed breakdown of Kobe’s shooting numbers.

• Who are the Lakers top 10 bench warmers of all time? You have to love any list with Mike Penberthy on it.

• Kurt Streeter did a fantastic Lamar Odom piece for the Los Angeles Times.

• Vote for your favorite NBA blog, by team. (You had better vote for SactownRoyalty.)

• Are the Lakers the logical choice to win the title?