This Feels Longer Than The Wait For A New Episode Of 24

Kurt —  October 26, 2008

UPDATE: Had to get this in here, the Lakers on Monday morning waived Coby Karl, who is now a free agent. The Laker roster is down to 14. I think this says that: 1) Sasha is feeling fine; 2) The Lakers want to keep their options open for potential mid-season roster moves. I like Karl, I hope someone picks him up.

Now, back to the post…

Is anyone else ready for the season to just start?

I am, and I’m tired of bouncing around the Web looking for good, new Lakers info.

But I think I found something interesting. One of my favorite stats Web sites for statistics is Doug’s Stats, where the raw numbers people love to crunch can be found. The site is also is one of the few spots where you can find the stats for the preseason.

Now, preseason stats mean about as much as Ralph Nader in this election, but I still took a look at the Lakers numbers, and here is what jumped off the page.

• The Lakers two best players were Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmar. At least according to the Tendex players rating system. (For those unfamiliar, think of it like a cumulative stat, sort of a different version of Hollinger’s PER, not perfect by any means but it provides a good snapshot of what has been happening.) Bynum had the highest number on the team, and he averaged 12 points and 7.4 rebounds per game in just 23 minutes. Farmar averaged 13 points per game in 22 minutes.

By the way, the Tendex rating sort of backs up our eyes on that, although Gasol also would have been in the mix for me.

• Jordan Farmar shot 44.4% from three in the preseason (on 18 attempts). Radmanovic took the most threes, 29, and hit 37.9%, showing why Phil Jackson has him in with the starting unit. He is going to get a lot of looks in the season.

• The only other Laker shooting above 33% from three was Odom. Fisher, even Coby Karl, were below that threshold.

• Pau Gasol shot 66.7% for the preseason. Think he likes playing the four and getting to do a little face up?

• Who got to the free throw line the most for the Lakers? Bynum. Followed by Gasol and Ariza.

• Four Lakers averaged almost two steals per 48 minutes — Farmar, Ariza, Kobe and Walton. It’s a sign of how much more confident this team is with Bynum behind them that they take a few more risks.