Weekend Reading

Kurt —  October 26, 2008

Just a few things to read over the weekend, before we start talking Monday about the season. We’ll start with the blogger previews for the interesting (if not all that great) teams in the Southwest Division:

Atlanta Hawks
Peachtree Hoops

Charlotte Bobcats
Queen City Hoops

Miami Heat
The Peninsula is Mightier

Orlando Magic
Third Quarter Collapse

Washington Wizards
Hoops Addict
Bullets Forever
Truth About It Dot Net

• Lamar Odom is saying all the right things about being a sixth man. As long as he gets good minutes and the team is winning, I don’t think this will be an issue.

• I like that the Lakers aren’t afraid to say they want Boston again in the Finals. (Also good to see friend of the site Nate Jones back at Fanhouse).

• A great read on the NBA coming to Oklahoma City (via Fanhouse).

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  1. what has been amazing and a joy to behold is that this years team, the way Pj is using the rotations of LO coming in (first off the bench, so he’s got some time with the starters) then followed by Trevor and Farmar, (speedy gonzalez time) there is just no let up with the second unit.
    it also appears that PJ will try t keep either pau or ‘drew out there is the second unit. at least until Mihm plays himself into some kind of game shape, or Dj starts showing us something other than muscle, (not that I mind muscle, I want to see him knock around Kendrik Perkins a bit).
    and we haven’t even seen anything close to a Sasha we saw last season, so he could be coming in for Kobe.
    and the new and improved Luke, good to see him plying at this level, he brings some smarts to the 2nd unit.
    with a team this deep, isn’t it interesting that we will probably never hear the words, “foul trouble”?


  2. To answer a question from Hassan (but for everyone to read), the changes I talked about will be coming soon. Right now I’m not really at liberty to explain what it is, but a little kink got thrown into the redesign, but the new look and other change around here will be public soon.


  3. Im really starting to like LO coming off the bench because i have always thought he was more effecive when he played without Kobe going back to the 2004/2005 season when Kobe sprainked his anlkle and was out for 20 games. The ball is in Lamar’s hands a lot more and he is less of a spot up shooter.


  4. FB&G, BROUGHT TO YOU BY WALT DISNEY’S NEWEST FEATURE, IT’S DONALD DUCK TIME! Or should we expect something more sober from the reinvigorated look. Kurt, you do a great job with this site, and I can’t wait for the changes. You’re amassing quite a formidable staff of writers: Darius and Reed, and the occasional guest. Keep it up guys.


  5. Hey I got a question,

    everyone is saying how this team is big, is long…etc. However, if you look at the boards in preseason, the Lakers either got outrebounded, or submitted A LOT of offensive rebounds. What’s up with that? Even during the 5-game winning streak, this pattern continues. Why is it happening…
    Also, the lakers keep submitting around 24 TOs a game, more than most of their components, even when they won the game…


  6. Here’s a preview of a post that I have going up tomorrow for FanHouse. All about the Machine’s irritating ways:



  7. Turnovers and rebounds are mostly timing problems. One can expect that with players that are returning from injuries and combinations of players that have not logged game minutes together. Turnovers will occur anytime that you play an up tempo game. Even in the best of times i.e., with Magic playing point you got up to 10 t/o’s a game.

    That being said the Lakers need to be more cognizant of rebounds and positioning their bodies in the proper place to retrieve missed shots. Minimize turnovers by smarter, crisper passing. I expect these changes to occur within the first 10 games of the season.


  8. Lakers always turn the ball over a ton in preseason and the beginning of the season. They usually clean it up though, I wouldn’t worry too much about that.


  9. 4. Fixed, thanks.

    5. My plans for “Forum Blue & Gold brought to you by Lehman Brothers” fell apart (they wanted to pay me in stock). Maybe I should go with Donald Duck, although my 4-year-old daughter would want it to be from Ariel (or one of the other Disney princesses).