Jerry West

Kurt —  November 22, 2008

Just a look back for the weekend.

to Jerry West

  1. Jerry West was a great ball player and an even better class act. I love having him as a Laker icon.


  2. hey Darius,
    thanks for the link to nba broadband, just finished watching my first game, … this morning! because i’m in the eastern tme zone, games start at 10:30, and go til 1am. a nice feature is the site allows 1 or 2 days of archives so i can watch the game the next morning.
    i get joel and stu as well, so it’s almost like being at home. (except i’m on a computer screen, not my 70″ HD TV, and the tivo at home is ideal, on the pC, the ability to skip commercials is not as good).
    but hey, I can still watch every game and that’s great, this is going to be a great season, and I’m happy to be a part of this Laker family enjoying it at fb&g.
    thanks again!


  3. Zero titles since he left the organization, right?


  4. 3-The last 3 peat title was with Mitch if I remember correct, although Jerry may have been a “consultant” at the time.


  5. Jerry was not the beat all and end of of GMs, but he was probably as close as we will ever get. He had his problems and his picks 97-2000 were not well received, but that was also a time of increasing conflict with Jerry Buss and, of course, Phil Jackson at the end.

    I have a hard time placing Jerry any lower that #1 on the all-time Laker list. Of course Kareem and Magic were certainly deserving, Jerry did more for the organization in more capacities and over a longer period of time than anyone.


  6. Pretty tough to win a title in Memphis. But he made them into a playoff team (first round fodder, but still…) which no other man had done before or since.

    Also, he was still running the show in the first year of the Lakers Three-Peat with Kobe/Shaq when they beat the Pacers. That year, he brought in Ron Harper and Brian Shaw as personnel additions. Technically, he also hired Phil. After that first title season, though, he resigned.

    No one will ever forget the Logo. Besides Magic, to me, he is the greatest Laker (player) ever. He may not have the rings (as a player) or the MVP awards, but Jerry West was simply amazing. Plus he’s got the best nickname ever….who wouldn’t love to be known as Mr. Clutch?


  7. The Logo ain’t a bad nick name either. He has his old school name and then the new school honors him.


  8. The man was a beast.


  9. The NBA could hardly have picked a better player to base their logo on. Also, this video reminds me of just how very much I hate the Celtics, and hope that Kobe and his boys grind them into the floor this Finals.

    –Go Lakers–


  10. Off-topic, but the Kings preview will be up in a few hours: When do you think the next Laker loss would be? (not that I am giddy to see this) but it would be interesting what you guys think.

    Sun, Nov 23 Sacramento
    Tue, Nov 25 New Jersey
    Fri, Nov 28 Dallas
    Sun, Nov 30 Toronto

    14-1 heading into December?

    Tue, Dec 2 @ Indiana
    Wed, Dec 3 @ Philadelphia
    Fri, Dec 5 @ Washington
    Sun, Dec 7 Milwaukee
    Tue, Dec 9 @ Sacramento
    Wed, Dec 10 Phoenix
    Fri, Dec 12 Sacramento
    Sun, Dec 14 Minnesota
    Tue, Dec 16 NY Knicks
    Fri, Dec 19 @ Miami
    Sat, Dec 20 @ Orlando
    Mon, Dec 22 @ Memphis
    Tue, Dec 23 @ New Orleans
    Thu, Dec 25 Boston
    Sun, Dec 28 Golden State

    26-4 by the end of December?

    I foresee that game against Philly as a toughie being at the back end of a back-to-back on an East coast mini-road trip.

    I must be high right now I cannot see us losing until possibly the 20’s of December.


  11. Hey, if you are an old time Lakers fan from the 1960s or 70s and you have a memory of Jerry West’s playing career, or from meeting or knowing West, I would love to interview you.
    My name is Roland Lazenby, and I am writing a biography of Jerry West for Random House.
    You can reach me at my personal email:

    Thanks Kurt for such a great site.