Fast Break Thoughts

Kurt —  December 8, 2008

California News - November 18, 2008
It was great to see the Lakers get back to a good defensive game, albeit aided by the fact that the Bucks offense is a pretty sad thing to watch. Redd is a fantastic shooter, but when he ran into the Lakers trap he acted almost like a rookie, with bad passes and dribbling himself into a corner.

Also, when was the last time no starter from one team scored in double digits in an NBA game? The Lakers did that to the Bucks last night.

The team is 17-2. Damn.

• By the way, if you are complaining that the Lakers turned a 27 point lead into a 13 point win because the last 8 minutes of the game the guys at the end of the bench played, my advice to you is to stop betting on basketball. Because seriously, how else could you care that a desperate team decided to press and cut the lead but never threaten the game? So what if the end of the Bucks bench was able to slightly outscore the last guys on the Lakers bench?

• Aside that, what are we going to seriously complain about, the games aren’t entertaining enough?

• Apparently Kevin McHale is getting the Isiah Thomas treatment — you built this crap roster, so you coach it.

• From Ryan O. in the comments, talking about Vladimir Radmanovic:

He’s looked like a different player on the defensive end this year, and Phil has really turned him into 1st quarter specialist. I realize that sounds silly, but I think Vlad is our deadliest player on offense in the 1st quarter.

• I think the problem with talking about the Lakers and 70 wins is it presumes a healthy season. That said, the Lakers’ Pythagorean win rate right now has them heading for 69. By the way, the Cavs are on that same pace, Boston is headed to 65 by that measure.

• By the way, what is clear is those three teams are the elite of the NBA right now.

• Manny Pacquiao looked like a great fighter in his prime. De La Hoya looked like a fighter 10 years past his prime. I just hope Oscar hangs it up now and doesn’t go Holyfield on us.

• I take back anything I said about Iverson maybe fitting in with Detroit.

• Remember when Kurt Rambis was considered the favorite to get the Sacramento head coaching job, only to have some casino owners decide to roll the dice on UNLV’s Reggie Theus? Now, if the rumors about Theus getting canned are true……