The TrueHoop Mothership Has Landed

Kurt —  January 20, 2009

I tend to join things about as often as Phil Jackson calls a timeout during an opponent’s run.

But sometimes there are offers you can’t say no to, like the Shamwow. Or the chance to join the TrueHoop basketball blogging network.

As of today Forum Blue & Gold is part of the TrueHoop Network, joining some of the best hoops bloggers on the planet — starting with Henry Abbott himself — under the umbrella of ESPN. Get the whole story from Henry himself. Check out the list of bloggers in the pulldown at the top of the page. That is an impressive group.

Regulars here will notice a handful of changes, like that banner at the top where as you can read this site is now an ESPN affiliate. The most obvious change is the video player to the right — you’ll have the chance to check out all of ESPN’s NBA videos (highlights, interviews and analysis) without ever leaving this site. There also is a new advertiser in StubHub, and if are looking for tickets to an upcoming Laker game at Staples just use the pulldown.

What is not changing is what his site is about — that is why I wanted to be part of the TrueHoop Network. It brings together top quality bloggers and what they have created then has them just keep dong what they do. No big changes, just a few little additions — which is the way I want it, I like this site as it is.

This site is a community, a group of smart hoops fans discussing their favorite sport, and it will stay that way. You are all a part of this. There will be no change in the content, no change in how things are run. We are not going to start speculating about trades or have polls about our favorite Laker girls.

Those of you that are new here, you’ll find we’re about basketball — Laker basketball, on the court. We don’t talk soap opera around the team, we break down the team and its past and future. To get an idea of some of the best stuff around here, check out the Kobe vs. LeBron part of this post from yesterday, or this breakdown of Andrew Bynum from the Orlando game.

And before you email and ask, there is a tab at the top explaining the name of the site (as well as the commenting guidelines and more about FB&G). We want to make you newcomers welcome — if we could get a wet bar in here, we would.

Now, on with the basketball and blogging. As you’ll see with the next post (coming in a few hours), the new affiliation does bring with it some big advantages.



58 responses to The TrueHoop Mothership Has Landed

  1. Congrats Kurt, you are moving up inn the world.

  2. I feel proud to be a FBG regular before it went “mainstream”. Congratulations, Kurt!

  3. As an old-school blogger, congratulations Kurt!

  4. About time. We knew it’d happen eventually, nice to see the day finally arrive. Congrats.

    Just promise we’ll still get the same great insight and content from you and our great contributors like nomuskles, Reed, Darius, Kwame A., Gatinho, and all the other great board participants.

  5. congrats.. can’t wait for the ‘new features’… anyway also like to point out the formatting on the page seems to have been messed up..

  6. I found this Fabulous Forum Blue and Gold from TrueHoop in the first place. This is a very exciting bit of news, and honestly, I am fascinated by the possiblities.

    Nice to be on the cutting edge, yes?


  7. Congrats, I’ve been coming here for the last couple years on and off and it’s been great to see the evolution of the site. Nothing much has changed, other than the much higher profile you deserve (and now get). Thanks again for hosting a great forum where I can rant about my favorite sports franchise.

  8. 5. What formatting issues? I am fine on Firefox and Safari, save for the pulldown in the StubHub add that is partially cutoff (but still works). I’m working on that.

    I know there are problems viewing in Google’s Chrome. I’ve asked about how to fix that, but I’m not sure what the answers will be. Or why it isn’t working.

  9. As one of the older readers here, all I can say is that it’s impressive how much this site has grown over the years…

    From 6 comments per post to 200+. And now, TrueHoop…

    Congrats Kurt, really… I’m proud to be a regular here.

    Also, one thing I can tell you… I like ALL the Laker girl and I know you too, so that’s the reason why we don’t have any poll… C’mon, come clean…

    Keep it up!!!!

  10. Congrats Kurt. Well deserved

  11. Kurt,

    I got my tee shirt. Looks great. I’m going to rock it at the game on 2/5. Maybe meet up with some folks from CelticsBlog and show off my FB & G goods. haha…

  12. 4. I promise that there will be a space for all the regular contributors here as long as they want to write.

    Without trying to sound too noble, I’ve had multiple chances to sell this blog for good money over the last couple years. I never did. And the reason was that those sales would have brought big changes in not only the look but how things operate on a core level. And I just like this blog the way it is. It’s never been about the money, it’s about me and some other smart hoops people talking Lakers (and the occasional Laker girl, Renato). I didn’t want to change things.

    Now, with the TrueHoop deal, nothing changes at the core. But some doors do open up, and it will be fun to see what’s inside them.

  13. And I’m trying to test Henry from the start, by comparing him to the Shamwow.

  14. Congrats, Kurt.

    I found this blog about a year and a half ago, and I have made it part of my daily routine ever since. Love the insights and the non-shrilly, name-calling aspect of the site.

  15. Congrats, Kurt. I’ve been a longtime reader and this is a great site. Just make sure we never see you on TV arguing with Skip Bayless. lol

  16. Nice! I look forward to all the trashtalking from the various forum-tourists!

    How come there are no affiliated Celtic blogs?

  17. Congrats Kurt, very well deserved.

  18. Congrats Kurt, but I have to be honest. I don’t like the idea that much. I don’t need any new features. I liked it the way it was.

  19. I’ve been coming to this site for over two years. The growth has been amazing.

    It is nice to see quality work being rewarded. Congratulations!

  20. 18-Don’t worry azzemoto, Kurt would never commit to anything where the integrity of the blog would be compromised. Everything you enjoy about the blog will remain status quo, and Kurt will be able to inject a few new and exciting elements to the blog as well. Its really a win-win, like getting Pau, and keeping Bynum.

  21. My only fear is that some of the trolls from the ESPN boards will try to flood this site, but I count on the moderation to keep the comments running smoothly.

    Congrats, Kurt, well-deserved.

  22. Kurt,

    Well deserved congratulations. While I think Henry Abbott is a bit anti-Laker, I trust that you and others will keep this site up to the pre-ESPN (aka Big Sports Brother) standards. Keep up the great job. For those of us many Laker fans who don’t live in LA, this is as good as home and it’s good to know it will stay that way.

  23. i think it is fantastic that we have all lost sight of everything and congratulated kurt for “making it.” TrueHoop Celebrity status is all we’ve ever wanted!!! hehehe. Oh right, congrats kurt for building such a wonderful community! Of course, the ride isn’t over, it’s only going to get better and badder!

  24. Kurt-
    You asked about formatting issues, in I.E 6 (I know, I know, but I don’t have a choice at work) the blog posts load fine, but the video player/links/etc get pushed to the bottom of the page and don’t display till after the last blog post.

  25. Congrats on the new gig.

  26. I tend to agree w/ Snop2006, some of the trolls from the ESPN boards will try to flood it. While I like Kurts post, its the bloggers that keep making me come back. To name just a few, wondahbap, nomuskles, kwame a. , Mappyp13, if I have to scroll thur 1,000’s now to find you guys, well…thats what I don’t like about it.

  27. Gr8 Scott,

    Henry is a Blazer fan. That being said, he probably hates the Lakers more than he lets on, so I give him credit for that.

  28. Quite the inauguration Kurt. Change is inevitable and should be embraced.

    Congrats and continue the great work. It’s been a pleasure reading and commenting on your blog the past few years and I look forward to many more great years to come.

  29. Azzemoto, thank for the compliment.

    Also, I don’t think the site will be infected with trolls too much more than usual. Henry always posts links to FB & G.

    Now, hopefully not too many of LeBron’s disciples read Reed’s “better than Kobe ever was” comment, or else we might never hear the end of it….haha. Just playing.

  30. Kurt,

    Any links to other work by you? I saw TrueHoop said you were a journalist.

  31. Congrats to Kurt and to everyone who’s made this site so special.

    On the formatting front, I noticed starting yesterday (on Safari) that the site would load, and then quickly refresh, showing nothing other than the banner at top. This is still the case, but as I subscribe to the RSS feed, I can for whatever reason click through from there.

  32. I think I know what the formatting issue is and how to fix it. But it will be later this afternoon before I can get to it.

  33. Congrats Kurt.

    I too will now have to wade through longer threads, but I do really love the variety and depth of the comments here. I haven’t found any other blog that is quite like it and only browse the others, while lingering here repeatedly during the day.

  34. Sellout. Just kidding. Congratulations! You’re one of the best and most thorough basketball blogs out there and it’s nice to see your work recognized.

  35. definitely the highest quality laker blog out there. congrats.

  36. Wow, what an amazing 24 hours! First Kobe serves up Lebron with a dislocated finger (he must have read the post from yesterday), then Obama becomes our 44th president, and now this, FB&G makes the big time! I’m not sure which event is more epic! Kidding of course, but it still makes me feel like everything is going to be OK…

  37. Congratulations Kurt.
    I discovered your site during round 1 of the 2006 playoffs, and I’ve been returning ever since. Your site’s been invaluable to me ever since I left the LA area. Certainly my favorite source for Lakers’ analysis and fandom.

    Good work, keep it up!

  38. congradulations kurt

    does this mean kurts the man now?:)

  39. I feel like my favorite beach spot was just put on the map… Hope it stays as clean and beautiful as when I stepped on the sand for the first time.

    With that said, congrats Kurt, great site. Keep up the good work.

  40. the other Stephen January 20, 2009 at 2:01 pm


  41. 38- No, Kurt has always been the man.

    Thanks for taking care of us and the community in the face of profit Kurt. A noblier man would have taken the money and run.

    It has always been a matter of time before you blew up. Just glad that you maintain artistic control of the content.

    Thanks again for everything, everyone. This is one of my favorite blogs (about any subject) because of the awesome quality of posts and comments.

  42. Er, make that a less noble man (doh).

  43. Congratulations Kurt! You got a wonderful shout out by Abbott in the NBA Daily Podcast. I love the community around this blog and your strict rules leading to some of the best Lakers content and discussion on the net.

    And you got an lol out of me with the Shamwow comment.

  44. Wondahbap,

    Sorry about that – I thought my comment might be a bit too subtle. I’m aware of Henry’s affection for the Blazers (and thus, his dislike of our team). What I meant to say was that I hope we don’t see a flood of anti-Laker sentiment on this site from those who just want to rain on our parade (especially through the ESPN/Big Brother connection). One of the best things about this site is that it is a close-knit group who enjoy talking all things Laker.

  45. Congrats Kurt, I’ve been coming here for a few years now and it feels great to know that your extremely incredible work is more available to the world.

  46. I love this site first timer here I will most definitely be stopping by in the future

  47. 44 – haters/huggers never seem to last long in this forum. other posters start engaging them intellectually and they seem to disappear pretty quickly. pretty great spectacle to behold, actually (main reason why i feel the comments here far surpass those on most other team blogs).

  48. Hey Kurt,

    I am also having the same issues with Safari. I think I remember the same thing happening when you rolled out the look site a few months back.

  49. Right now I know there are some problems with IE6, Chrome and older versions of Safari. I may have a fix, but I need the time to get to it and it may be an hour or so.

  50. Bravo, brother, it’s well deserved. We should have a live chat next game to celebrate, ha.

  51. i love this blog…and I usually read just about every comment posted under the article. There are a lot, but never too overwhelming (500+)

    Is there a chance that now the comments on each page will be in the thousands? Will the people who moderate the comments be overwhelmed with the types of comments that troll other forums? (i.e. Kobe rulez, lebron blows, MJ 4-eva)

  52. Let’s get back to talking basketball. New post up.

  53. kurt

    regarding the formatting theres a huge gap between the FB&G banner and the text.. like huge scroll-down-for-2-mins kind of gap. im on safari.. noticed the same thing on my iphone.. hopefully its just me. 🙂

  54. just double checked.. im on the latest version of safari.. works fine on ff n camino for mac… incidentally it only shows up on the main page.. if u click the individual blog posts u don’t get this problem. hope that helps w/the debugging.. and gr8 work once agian!

  55. Kurt,

    Congratulations to you, this has been an FB&G day for sure. I’m listening to my ESPN NBA Today Podcast and I hear Forum Blue and Gold and Kurt mentioned as a great basketball blog. Then I come home and do my daily web look at FB&G and see all of this, wonderful day indeed. I’ve only been around a year, but I get so much basketball information from this site it is just great.

    We never know what any day well bring.

  56. Kurt,

    We’ll be around when you need us. Just be sure that you are always having fun.

  57. 56. That’s why I wanted to keep things the way they have been (and why this works for me), I have been having fun. In large part due to people like yourself, who have made the discussions around here so interesting.

  58. I´ve been following this site for months now, and it makes me feel close to the great lakers and the real and honest fanbase. As a german, it is pretty hard for me to get proper informations (besides mainstream media opinions) and even harder to find real basketball experts to listen to.
    I really enjoy this site as a source of information and a “home from home”, so to say. i think this co-operation with true hoop is just right and the future of sports media will most likely lie in networks such as this. you made the right decision, kurt. keep up the great work!