Bynum Injury Update (and a little Super Bowl)

Kurt —  February 1, 2009

UPDATE: Bynum has had the MRI, but results are not expected until later tonight according the all-knowing Mike Trudell at the official Lakers blog. (Should have asked him who was going to win the Super Bowl.)


It’s a different knee than last year but it still was hard not to freak out a little when Bynum went down against Memphis (again, same as last year).

But after the game Bynum was actually putting some pressure on his leg, a very good sign. The words coming out of Bynum and the Laker locker room this season are a lot more optimistic than last year.

““It just felt like he hit me on the side of the leg. No pops, I didn’t hear any pops. Basically, it just hurt the inside of the knee. It’s much better than last year, last year I couldn’t put any pressure on it or walk or anything like that. I really don’t need this crutch, they just want me to keep the weight off (the knee). No pops, no giving. It sucks to be injured again, but I can walk … I have to be optimistic. I definitely want to return and get back to the things I was doing out there. I have no idea (about time of return), we have to wait for the MRI. It feels a little bit better from (before), but that might be because of the ice.”

In my mind, here are the two most important things for the Lakers to win the NBA title this year, IN ORDER:

1) Every key player is healthy.
2) Home court advantage.

The Lakers can overcome road games much easier than being without Bynum or another key cog, so what we want to see is him come back as soon as he can comfortably. The Lakers should not lose a lot of ground — the starting lineup they throw out now reached the NBA Finals last season. It’s not bad.

I’ll put any updates on Bynum at the top of this page.


Who is everyone rooting for Sunday afternoon? If I were a betting man, I’d go with the under. As for the game, I’m torn — I like to root for the underdog, but as my wife has an affinity for the Steelers, that would be the smart place for me to place my allegiance. I’m open to suggestions here.