25 Random Things About The Lakers

Kurt —  February 23, 2009

You know something like “25 Things” has jumped the shark when it has made it to a basketball blog….

1) Sunday in Minnesota was only the third time in the last 13 seasons that three Lakers players scored at least 25 points in the same game (Kobe, Gasol and Odom).

2) In the last 10 games, with Andrew Bynum down, Pau Gasol is averaging 42.2 minutes on the court.

3) The Lakers are one of three teams with three players who have a PER of 20 or higher: Kobe, Gasol and Bynum. (Spurs big three and the Suns with Shaq, Amare and Barbosa. No not Nash.)

4) Pau Gasol has the highest three point shooting percentage on the team (1 of 2). Of the guys actually taking them (and still on the team) it’s Fisher at 41.8%.

5) Highest free throw percentage on the team this season? Sasha Vujacic at 90.2%.

6) In the 1951—52 season, the NBA changed the rules and widened the lane to its current width in an effort to slow down legendary Laker George Mikan, who was unstoppable near the basket. His scoring average dropped five points per game to 23.8.

7) The one area the Lakers are below average this season is defensive rebounding. Opponents get the offensive board on 26.6% of their misses, making the Lakers 17th in the league in that statistic.

8 ) Kobe Bryant uses 30.5% of the Lakers possessions, third highest percentage in the league (LeBron and Wade).

9) Bud Grant, who went on to coach the Minnesota Vikings to four Super Bowls (losing them all), was a member of the Lakers 1949-50 NBA championship team.

10) Elgin Baylor averaged 24.9 points and 15 rebounds per game in his rookie season.

11) For the season, Pau Gasol’s 36.8 minutes per game leads the Lakers but is 33rd in the Association. However, his pace in the last 10 games would have him leading the league.

12) Lamar Odom turns the ball over on 12.9% of his possessions, the highest percentage on the Lakers but 44th in the league.

13) Jerry West was the #2 pick overall in 1960. The guy ahead of him? Oscar Robertson. (Pretty hard to go wrong with the top two picks in that draft.)

14) Kobe Bryant moved past Elgin Baylor on the all time scoring list with his 28 points in Minnesota last night.

15) In 1965, Jack Kent Cooke purchased the Lakers for $5 million.

16) In 1979, Jerry Buss bought the Lakers, the Kings and the Forum for $67.5 million.

17) Current estimated worth of the Lakers: $534 million.

18) FIBA just named Pau Gasol the European Player of the year, even though he played almost no games on that continent last year.

19) In the 83-84 season, Magic Johnson missed a month of play with a dislocated finger. Not comparing that to Kobe, just saying…

20) Lawrence Tanter, the Lakers in-arena voice since 1982, played college basketball on scholarship at the University of Dubuque.

21) The Laker record holder for blocks in a game is Elmore Smith, who had 17 against Portland in a 1973 contest.

22) Kwame Brown shot 52.6% from the floor in the 05-06 season, the highest FG% on the Lakers that season.

23) The hardest part about taking the escalator up to the 300 level seats at Staples Center is being able to see the guy carving fresh roast beef for the people on the suites level.

24) The Lakers have had three-peat titles twice — in 1952-54 with the Mikan Lakers and the Kobe/Shaq era team.

25) Former Laker Samaki Walker’s first name means fish in Swahili.