March Madness at Forum Blue & Gold

Kurt —  March 16, 2009

Here’s my dilemma: For only the second time ever, my alma mater Cal State Northridge made the tournament. So, I’m obligated to pick them to win a game.

Except, they drew Memphis, a team I want to have going very deep into the tournament. So now, do I pick the Matadors and hope I’m wrong about Memphis, or go with my head and just hope Northridge covers the spread?

This is a year filled with tournament dilemmas.

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The better answer to my dilemma would have been to go to UNC for college….



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  1. Kurt,

    That’s easy. Place a bet on the spread and money line. A bigger amount on the spread.

    Since you’re going to be conflicted either way, this is the way to go. Memphis can win but you can root for Northridge to cover the spread and show they were “disrespected” but really belonged in the dance.

    If somehow Northridge wins, the ML payoff will be huge. The monetary rewards can help alleviate any suffering.

  2. how come I can’t put the Lakers into the final four? i don’t understand this march madness thing… !-.-!

  3. Kurt- Second Round. It’s ON.

  4. J, here’s the real problem in my head:

    Northridge is one of those 15 seeds that stands a chance in the right set up. They play and aggressive defense, jump the passing lanes, break and shoot the three style. If they got a slow-it-down team they could throw off their game, it might work. Memphis though likes that uptempo style of play and are way, way better athletes and players. So Northridge plays right into the Memphis style. Now, Memphis is not the running team (by the numbers) that they were with Rose at the helm last year, so maybe I am reading this wrong from the snipits of the Tigers I’ve seen, but I think this is a bad matchup for the Matadors.

  5. Kurt, I think Northridge drew a bad match up. I like Memphis going all the way to the final 4. I don’t crazier things have happened though. Just pick the upset I am picking Morehead St. to win it all.

  6. The video of the day, Smush Parker talking crap about Kobe:

  7. “a legend in his own right” indeed…

  8. Re: Smush

    Saying playing with the Lakers is an overrated experience???? I am sure he would love to come back and he will ‘rate’ playing with the Lakers much much higher than what he is currently doing.

  9. Kobe expects effort every night, and some smart decisions. These things clearly rub Smush the wrong way.

  10. Bynum update:

    Link to video:,0,5252234.story

    Bynum “I’ll definitely be back this season,” he said.

    “I went to get on the court and see what happens if I start trying to do some moves and things like that,” Bynum said. “I don’t have a [specific] date. I just know in a couple of weeks, hopefully, I’ll be able to participate with the team a little bit more in practice, and a week after that, I should be back in game shape.”

    He wants to start doing drills on the court this week which is good news, but he says that there is still a little pain with lateral movements.

  11. the other Stephen March 16, 2009 at 11:43 am

    with my complete lack of knowledge about ncaa sports, THAT T-SHIRT IS MINE.

  12. If I were going to bet one NBA game tonight: The Nets are on the second night of the LA-to-Denver back-to-back. The Lakers lost that one, the Spurs sat the Big Three in protest. Take the nugs, give the points (I have no idea how many, I haven’t looked it up).

  13. also…Devin Harris got hurt last night…

  14. I will be in Kansas City this weekend cheering for the Matadaors — and all underdogs.

  15. Anybody get the sense that the Lakers, while confident in beating anybody in the West, are a bit nervous about facing Portland in the playoffs? And absolutely praying on a Dallas matchup?

  16. I think my bias shows through the fact that I don’t have a single Big East team losing in the first round. That being said, the conference is rocking three number one seeds and two three seeds, so as long as Marquette and West Virginia don’t stumble… Also, I don’t have my ‘Cuse going further than the Sweet 16…

    Unrelated: Does anybody else like the Bulls over the C’s tomorrow night?

  17. Wow. Smush is funny. I guess playing in the NBA is overrated then. Seeing that our upgrade over him was one of the BIGGEST reasons of our renewed elite status, how could those words even come out of his mouth. Added to the fact that no team wants to give him a job. Bitter, Smush?

  18. Kurt, your ‘dilemma’ is exactly why I’ve always disliked betting on sports. Sure, I’ve enjoyed the occasional work pool over the years, but I HATE having to choose to root for/against a team I want to actually win the game based upon how it will effect my pool. There’s nothing worse, for me, than having my team win a game but lose a bet because they didn’t cover the spread or causing me to lose out in a pool.

    As for your dilemma, what’s the purpose of the pool? To pick who you think is *going* to win, not the team you *want* to win. Easy, pick Memphis.

    PS: I’d never pick my alma mater to win in a pool just because they’re my alma mater. (not that I’ve ever had to face that situation!)

  19. post on actual basketball coming, just having some technical issues.

  20. My advice is to pick Memphis. You’ll be so thrilled if your team gets the upset that you won’t care about the pool. Also, Memphis is ridiculously good. I say that as a Cal alum that is anticipating getting hammered by the Tigers if we get past Maryland.

  21. Kurt,

    Yeah, usually when teams have identical styles, you have to go with the better athletes.

    Spread’s floating around 19 pts. I’ll have to see what the over/under is like. I’ll be in Vegas starting Wed afternoon. Plenty of time to scout out all the lines and see if I get a feel for some of the other games.

    Pro basketball is my favorite sport but March Madness rocks. Spending the first weekend of the tourney in Vegas is not a bad thing. But every year, it’s getting a little tougher bouncing back Monday morning and I’m usually on fumes by the last few games on Sunday.

    Getting old can suck sometimes.

  22. You heard it here:

    In the NCAA Championship game, the USC Trojans will defeat the UCLA Bruins, 68-59.

  23. call me crazy…but I have SU Cuse going all the way

  24. You’re crazy. I just went with Uconn over Gonzaga in the finals, so not sure I feel smart.