Exclusive: Mark Cuban Buys Lakers

Kurt —  April 1, 2009

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Saying “If you can’t beat them, join them,” the very public owner of the Dallas Mavericks has purchased a majority share of the Los Angeles Lakers from Dr. Jerry Buss.

Cuban made the announcement via Twitter.

While the final price was not made public, it is believed to be well more than the $584 million that Forbes estimated the Lakers franchise was worth. Cuban said he was glad to overpay — that it was worth it just to see David Stern’s face when he has to hand him the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

“He dodged that bullet a couple years ago that he had the refs call a foul on my guys (the Mavericks) for even looking at Dwyane Wade,” Cuban said. “Let’s see him stop me now.”

If Cuban cannot win the title with the Lakers this year, he has promised to make lopsided trades that would bring Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and other key Mavericks over to the Lakers to form an unbeatable Überteam that would not only win a title but would also obliterate the current single season wins record.

Traditionally, this would be blocked by Stern, but Cuban says he has photos of the Commissioner “going all Marv Albert” and those will keep him quiet.

When reached for a reaction, Phil Jackson asked if Cuban had any daughters.

Officials from AEG, which owns 30% of the Lakers, could not be reached for comment as they were off buying another soccer team.

When told of the news at practice, Jordan Farmar missed an uncontested jumper. Apparently the news had no affect on him or his game of late.

Buss denied rumors that he was forced to make the sale to cover poker losses to Phil Hellmuth. He hinted the money may more likely be used to put out a hit on the loudmouthed poker player.