What I Hope To See In The Playoffs

Kurt —  April 15, 2009

• Great, focused defense from the Lakers. Every game. Every quarter.

• For the Lakers to see as little of Deron Williams as possible.

• As joem said in the comments, for San Antonio, Houston and Portland to win tonight so they can all be tied with Denver and the NBA can spend a day explaining its tiebreaker rules to the world.

• More articles like this one.

• Someone having to use a towel to get the gel off their hands after accidentally touching Andrei Kirilenko’s hair.

• Andrew Bynum running and beating other bigs down the floor for early, deep, unstoppable post position.

• The Heat/Hawks series to go seven games.

• Lots of tweets from LakersNation (if you’re on Twitter you should be following).

• More ShanWOW!

• Kobe going jab step, jab step, pull up and when the defense reacts a quick pass into Pau in the post that catches everyone napping and results in an easy bucket with the left hand.

• Less than 1,563,693 TNT promos for their upcoming shows.

• Less than 1,563,693 stupid things said by Charles Barkley.

• The Machine from the corner for the open three. A lot.

• Derrick Rose to virtually single-handedly win a series.

• For the Lakers to see as little of Brandon Roy as possible.

• Derek Fisher to step up and hit a clutch shot in the fourth quarter. Actually, this one is pretty much a given.

• Doug Collins talking about when he coached Jordan. Actually, this one is pretty much a given, too.

• Boston and Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals. That will be an epic series.

• Another title for Tex Winter before he walks away.

• A parade down Figueroa.